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The Ferguson “Race War”

Ferguson MO

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch’s presentation on how the jury system works, the evidence gathered, the conflicting witness statements, the number of witnesses who gave testimony that conflicted with the physical evidence and the jury deliberations should have reassured everyone in America, and the world, that the investigation of Michael Brown’s death was fair and that justice had been done.

But it didn’t, because justice in the English common law sense that is shared by most Americans isn’t really what the riots in Ferguson are all about.

McCulloch did a masterful presentation on the grand jury’s deliberations and decision not to indict Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown.

The grand jury McCulloch said, “put their heart and soul” into the process. They met 25 times and heard from 60 witnesses  – and made the decision of “no true bill,” meaning no indictment of Wilson for charges ranging from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter.

But the rioters weren’t and aren’t interested in facts – they are interested in payback for what they believe is years of “institutional racism” in Ferguson and more generally in America.

Monday night on MSNBC's "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell," Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadali (D) said of the riots after the grand jury announcement, "I have to tell you that there has been systematic racism, institutionally in state government for decades, including my own state party. So what we are looking at right now is a symptom of racism that has been swept under the rug for decades, and I am so glad now that the truth is out, and I'm very grateful to your network for telling the truth in reporting the truth of what's going to go down in the coming days."

Sen. Chappelle-Nadali went on to tell O’Donnell, "As it was said earlier today, and because of the systematic racism that we have in our state government, and our state party, and we do not bring the truth to bear, then we will not recover from what we are going on. What we are experiencing right now, and I have to tell you, this is St. Louis's race war…”

If there was ever an unlikely and unsympathetic martyr upon which to start a “race war” Michael Brown is it.

An apparent thief, according to the video tape evidence. 

A bully, according to the video tape evidence.

And, according to what we now know from the witnesses and physical evidence, a young man bent on a confrontation with authority after smoking marijuana.

What Sen. Chappelle-Nadali is calling a “race war” might seem to be about race because that’s the story that the far Left has been peddling to the establishment media, but race is simply a cover for the real agenda – a war by the far Left to politicize crime and prosecutions.

What the Left wants to do under cover of “racial fairness” is create a system of so-called justice where those who are designated as “victims,” even if they are the actual perpetrators or instigators of a crime, get special status and cannot be held accountable for their acts, while those who are part of the “oppressive power structure” are always to blame.

This is not a “race war” it is a war against constitutional government and a war against the concept of justice that is fundamental to American civil society and especially to the English common law and constitutional concepts of equality before the law upon which our justice system is based. 

What the Left, and those who share the notion that justice must be tailored to the special political circumstances of each case, want is a war to establish a system of “justice” based on the politics of race, economics and ideology, not law.

That is not “justice” but a bizarre form of mob rule in which the criminal is automatically assumed to be the victim. Sen Chappelle-Nadali’s threats of a “race war” should be taken seriously, but not as a sign of a lack of racial harmony in America, but as evidence of how far the Left will go to undermine and corrupt the processes of civil society to breakdown constitutional order and achieve power.

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race riots

I watch and read about all the problems in Ferguson, Mo. and other cities around the country. For the police to have to agree to rules of engagement with the protesters is insanity. The burning, looting thugs should be given the message that if "you burn and loot we shoot". There is no "justice" in what they are doing. The fact is these "people" are not the least bit interested in justice. Put the officer on trial and then execute him. If any black person is killed by any police officer, this person is portrayed as a altar boy, a honor student,a loving father, a church or community leader. They only want their version of "justice", in other words,leave us alone let us soil our own nests and you rich tax payers clean it up.


The truth is that most blacks will support the action of all other blacks, right or wrong, if there is any circumstance between a white person and a black person! It makes no difference if the black person committed a crime or did something wrong. They expect a special standard to be applied to their wrong doing and anti social behavior and speech. Their basis for expecting special treatment is because of how they were treated during slavery conditions, They need to get over that and put it behind them just like all other races and nationalities that were picked upon at some time in the past in this Country.
Today, if there are two equally qualified applications for school or employment and one is black and one is white....the black person can be expected to be the one that gets favored. It gets even worse when the black person is less qualified and gets chosen just because of the skin color.

White people need to rise up and be heard because we have had enough of black behavior and lawlessness!