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GOP Leaders Complicit In Other Bad Stuff Going On In Washington


While the public’s eyes are rightly focused on the battle against Obama’s unconstitutional plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens there is a lot of other bad stuff going on in DC that is passing below the establishment media radar.

We’ve already told you about the cronyism and green energy boondoggles in the tax extenders bill, but even worse than that $450 billion raid on the Treasury is the addition of public lands provisions to the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA.

The NDAA has now turned into Santa’s gift bag for retiring and defeated members of Congress and has swept-in any number of provisions which deal with public lands that would likely never pass in the about-to-be-sworn-in 114th Congress.

The public land provisions are included in the text of the NDAA for fiscal 2015 under "TITLE XXX—NATURAL RESOURCES RELATED GENERAL PROVISIONS."  There is a link is to a list of everything in the entire federal lands title at the end of this article.

According to one conservative Senate aide, Senators Inhofe and Levin, who are supporters of the land grab “emailed around this huge detailed memo about the NDAA and at the very, very, very bottom is this about the 60+ lands bills… ‘Includes various provisions related to land conveyances, land withdrawals, public lands, National Parks, and related matters that were negotiated on a bipartisan and bicameral basis by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee’.”

Among the land grab provisions identified by Breitbart’s Edwin Mora are:

  • 275,000 acres designated as new Wilderness Areas;
  • A Women’s History Museum;
  • Four new National Parks seven National Park studies for new parks to be;
  • 16 National Heritage extensions;
  • Three new Wild and Scenic River (WSR) designations and three new WSR studies that are expected to become new designations; and
  • Land entitlement for Sealaska, an Alaska Native Regional Corporation

Conservatives in and outside of Congress have begun organizing to stop the land grab. "We Can Stop the Federal Lands Package in the Senate," read the subject line of an email alert sent out yesterday from Myron Ebell at the Competitive Enterprise Institute that implored recipients to call sympathetic senators.

Ebell told E&E News PM that chances are dim that the bill will be changed before passing the House, but he's confident that opponents of the lands package, including Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), can throw procedural wrenches in the upper chamber, potentially coaxing NDAA proponents to remove the lands package to ensure the underlying "must pass" bill reaches the president's desk.

There may be enough opposition to "gum it up" in the short window left in the lame duck, Ebell said.

Coburn will be joined by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in opposing the package.

"The decision to attach an extreme land grab to the NDAA is a disservice to members of the armed forces," Cruz said in a press statement today. "With the military's shrinking budget, it is offensive that this bill would be used to fund congressional pork. And, at a time where jobs are scarce and the federal government has removed billions of acres of land from productive use, Congress should not be restricting more than a half-million new acres."

Heritage Action for America, the political arm of the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, is canvassing Capitol Hill urging opposition to the bill.

"This legislative practice -- tying together unrelated provisions to secure votes for bad policy -- is so frequent that Washington has a nickname for it: logrolling," said Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham and the Heritage Foundation's Steven Bucci in a blog post. "These measures have no place in a defense authorization bill and serve only to politicize and muddle the debate over the most important constitutional role that the federal government has: providing for the common defense."

Here’s the list of everything in the entire federal lands title of the NDAA as of 6:30 a.m. on 12/04/2014 

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GOP Betrayal

You expected different? We keep reelecting the same SOBs who screwed us before and expect different results. When Boehner so handily won his Ohio primary, I knew the ballgame was over. Voters consistently agree that the incumbents must go, except THEIR incumbent who fights so mightily for pork for his or her district/State. And then we wonder why nothing has changed!

DOD Funding

I would like to see a 1-2% federal sales tax on everything except food and medicine. This would be a dedicated DOD funding tax, untouchable by any politicians and only subject to change by a 4/5 majority of both Houses. This takes it out of the pols hands and away from funding other programs.