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Part One: The PIG Gobbles Thanksgiving Bounty

federal spending chart

On November 6th a TEA Party fueled election continued its beat down of the high visibility, elected representatives of the Progressive Infrastructure and Governing State, which we affectionately acronym-ize and identify as the “PIG.”

The PIG (allusions to Animal Farm are deliberate) has been under construction from 1913 to around 1976 by Democrats and progressive Republicans. Progressive Republicans are typically referred to as Republicans in name only, or RINOs. Note, RINOs are not easily domesticated or work well with people. Just as in Animal Farm, the PIG of today is not the “good guy” nor does it take action to support and maintain our Constitutional Republic.

Barack Obama is correctly perceived as a threat to our nation’s Constitutional order. However, he is merely the “out-product” of a system that has been built for 100 years by the progressive movement in America. He personifies the progressive movement’s effort to undermine the Constitution of James Madison.

Focusing on a particular progressive personality does little to restore our constitutional order. Structure matters. No structure and no successful progressive personality. Madison constructed a constitutional structure to dilute political power and separate authority and responsibility to federal, state, and local governments. Readers of the Fairfax Free Citizen already know and understand Madison’s achievement.

The PIG is the infrastructure of interlocking administrative and regulatory bureaucracies and their taxpayer-funded support groups. They seek to concentrate power, undoing Madison’s dilution of power. These entities work in conjunction with progressive legislatures to concentrate political power in centralized, federal bureaucracies staffed by “educated technocratic elites.”  The foundational elements of PIG construction are the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution which gave us the income tax and IRS and took the States control lever on the federal government away.

Additional foundational components are court rulings made by progressive judges selected by progressive elected representatives and Presidents. Rulings made by progressive courts further concentrate power in the federal government, as written by Mark Levin in his book Liberty and Tyranny.

The most consequential court ruling for PIG construction is Wickard vs. Filburn, where the court enabled federal bureaucracies to make rulings regarding activity that takes place within state boundaries. This gave enormous power to coercive federal agencies.  Today that power is misused by most agencies and egregiously so by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Education, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

These agencies disperse numerous grants and contracts which are taxpayer funded to groups sympathetic to the mission goals of discrete Federal agencies that are part of the PIG. The PIG is designed to have enormous control of our lives by controlling the taxation and subsequent allocation (spending) of collected funds.

Federal, state, and local budgets used to administer and defend our country and states totals about $6.1 Trillion. Of these funds, approximately $700B is spent at the federal level on grants and contracts. Of that, $400B is spent on grants. The Federal government bureaucracy leans progressive, and with a progressive president becomes more progressive.

The PIG can operate independently of who is elected to Congress, the Senate, or the Presidency. The PIG seeks to concentrate the political power of the nation, its commensurate use of force, and ability to redistribute wealth through taxation and revenue allocation.

Laws passed over the last 40 years have eroded Congress’s power of the purse by vesting so much power in the executive and administrative offices of our government at the federal level.  See the Weekly Standard for examples of this. This behavior has seeped down to the state level where it is felt predominantly in environmental regulations, highway construction, and education made worse by Common Core.

The PIG continually works to undermine separation of political power described by our Constitution, as designed by James Madison. Yet, James Madison keeps winning. We’ve now gone more than 200 years without a tyrant, and the demagogue we have as president stepped into James Madison’s federalism tyrant trap. We’re not likely to get a tyrant in the next 100 years.

In 2010, a majority of progressive legislatures at the state and local level were swept from office and replaced by legislators and governors who value liberty and our republic.  In 2012, despite losing the presidency, progressives failed to re-take Congress or dislodge the gains made in 2010 at the state and local level.

James Madison’s design (structure) of a large number of states spread over a continent checked the singular achievement of Progressive Obama.  Progressives shoved nationalized healthcare, Obamacare, through the federal government.  Yet they need states to implement it.  By NOT complying with Obamacare and establishing state exchanges states stymied national healthcare.

States further hampered the PIG by working against the PIG at the local and state level. States enacted voter ID. States rolled back taxes, stymied federal agencies in court, and made illegals uncomfortable – driving them to Progressive states. Progressive’s own crony capitalism favoring identity (donors and supplicants) over results (doers) led to government debacles in 1) Healthcare, 2) Veterans Affairs, 3) lost cases before the Supreme Court (12 decisions 9-0), and 4) significant losses to the progressive farm team of leaders at the local and state levels.

President Obama failed to heed the immediate lesson of the Clinton Presidency and the writings of the Founding Fathers on the design of the government. The Federalist Papers are many things. It’s instructive to view them as a political tool chest to fight the tyranny of an out-of-control federal government.  It’s a tool box more powerful than Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  And while both need to be read and absorbed, and have been by millions of Americans, it’s the founder’s vision dictating the terms of battle. 

Our Founders battled and beat tyrants, so will we. 

Tomorrow Part Two: RINOS Feed the PIG after 2014 Electoral Harvest

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