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Part Two: RINOS Feed the PIG after 2014 Electoral Harvest

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2014 continued the political beat-down started in 2010. In 2014, the progressive machine lost electoral ground in EVERY state. Numerous articles chronicled the amount of electoral ground gained by TEA-driven constitutionalists and lost by progressive-supported Dem Donkeys. In the Senate, the Tea Party added Ben Sasse, Joni Ernst, Tim Scott (full term), and Tom Cotton while defeating Republican in Name Only (RINO)-supported candidates.

RINO candidates were challenged throughout the country, and all had to disavow support for Amnesty and Common Core.  They had to commit to repealing Obamacare.  They had to commit to fighting the progressive policy prescriptions across the board.

Governor Scott Walker set the example in Wisconsin for how to aggressively use state elective offices to break-down the PIG infrastructure.  By breaking union-progressive control of member dues and public education, Governor Walker deprived the PIG of money and platform. He successfully beat them personally three times in four years and lead members of his coalition to beat them five other times in state legislative and judicial elections. Governor Kasich did the same in Ohio. Governor Snyder did the same in Michigan.

President Obama took three days to acknowledge the electoral beat down. President Obama’s response has been to again defy the will of the people expressed in an election, and create Obama’s Amnesty (Omnesty) by official decree. Many are commenting that President Obama has egregiously overstepped his Constitutional boundaries. 

Quite frankly, that river was crossed in 2009 when Obama, by decree, stole from Chrysler and GM bondholders and gave those companies to the unions. After that was done, dealerships were closed based on political considerations and degree of progressive support. This contributed to the political rage driving 2010 elections.  After Obamacare was passed, President Obama broke the Constitutional bounds of his office again with implementation of the healthcare law.

These changes are in substance no different from the Amnesty decrees. Obama and his progressive technocrats are making changes without Congressional, statutory authority.

For all the senior RINOs in leadership now, you are as culpable as Obama in destroying Constitutional governance. You approved the auto bailout.  You approved Eric Holder.  You approved World War II veteran-attacking Sylvia Burwell. You gave up the power of the purse early. You advocated for the very same amnesty that Obama has instituted.

It’s WE the People who have been retaking political ground with the intent to stop this and restore our Republic.

The progressives have been working 100 years to achieve the apex of their political power in 2008.  Since then, it’s been a rapid decline. We the people have not even been working 100 months to defeat the PIG. In the 60 months we have been working, we have reduced the progressive leadership of government to its lowest level since 1928.  Republicans control more legislative and executive offices than at any time in the modern era. The Eternal question when working with a progressive Republican is, “Will they scale back the PIG or not?”

President Barack Obama successfully shifted the focus from the American Citizen’s electoral beat-down of the PIG to himself on Thursday night, the 20th of November. Obama’s Amnesty – Omnesty is the latest distraction tossed to the citizenry to shift focus away from the progressive infrastructure. Numerous progressive strategists have openly discussed and stressed the demographic destiny of the ascendency of the progressive political view.  From this heap of political analysis, the progressives see Omnesty as a clear winner for them. Hispanics are a growing population with a decidedly democratic voting pattern.

RINOs have signaled in word and deed they support the Omnesty and the progressive hoped for outcome, although they would prefer a law by Congress. As many Republicans were leaving town, they signaled their verbal disapproval and immediately surrendered using the power of the purse to oppose Omnesty.

It won’t matter, We the People are going to starve the PIG; the RINO’s will become extinct and the Dem Donkey herd will be culled.

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Anybody voting for this traitorous bill instantly loses my support and my vote, as well as my friends and family. LOL