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Conservatives: Let's Primary Every GOP Boneless Wonder Who Votes For The CRomnibus

omnibus cartoon

There’s only one way to stop Obama’s destructive policies, especially the ruinous spending that has pushed America into a national debt of over $18 trillion, and that is for Republicans to stop voting “YES” on spending bills like the “CRomnibus.”

However, the policies that are funded by the “CRomnibus” represent practically everything that conservatives who volunteered, donated and voted in the 2014 midterm election thought they had just defeated.

But what is the deepest betrayal by the House Republican leaders behind the bill is that it is not something that was forced upon a reluctant Republican majority in the House by Harry Reid and the just defeated Senate Democrats – this is a deal Republican leaders negotiated on behalf of themselves and the House Republican Conference.

Giving Social Security to illegal aliens? Yes, House GOP leaders give your Social Security to illegal aliens in the “CRomnibus.”

A return to the legalized bribery of earmarks Republicans promised to abandon years ago? Earmarks are back in the “CRomnibus.”

Obama’s war on coal? There’s $250 million more than Obama requested for the Environmental Protection Agency in the "CRomnibus," and no policy rider to stop the destruction of America’s coal industry and restrain the resulting increase in consumer electricity costs.

Busting the spending caps that Republicans already broke in the Ryan – Murray spending deal? The “CRomnibus” busts through them again.

Restraining Obama's pro-abortion policies? The “CRomnibus” has some $575 million for international “family planning” and does nothing to force Obama to follow the existing right-to-life protections Congress passed and that he has ignored.

I could go on, but you get the point – any one of those policies in a standalone bill would have most likely withered and died in the House under conservative opposition.

Can you imagine a Republican Member of Congress who voted for a standalone bill to give your Social Security money to an illegal alien surviving the next Republican Primary election?

Neither can I.

And that is why we can’t let the “boneless wonders” that negotiated and support this “abomination of a bill” as Senator Rand Paul called it, hide behind false claims, such as the bill must pass to avoid a government shutdown or that the “good” in the bill outweighs the bad.

We’ve already identified House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas as one of the principle architects of the “CRomnibus” and a top primary target for 2016. Conservatives should add Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who has already been chastised for his support of the bill by his principled conservative Governor Bobby Jindal and Senator David Vitter, and truth-challenged House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers of Kentucky to the list of 2016 primary targets.

But we shouldn’t stop with those three arrogant and out-of-touch House GOP leaders.

If any Republican member of Congress votes "YES" on the “CRomnibus,” then they own everything in the bill, including Social Security for illegal aliens, Obama’s pro-abortion policies, and busting the spending caps. 

Conservatives must stop giving betrayals such as these a free pass in the Republican primary -- any Republican who votes for the CR - Omnibus package should be considered a ripe target for a primary challenge.

I urge CHQ readers to pick-up the phone (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives who have committed to melt the phone lines to Capitol Hill with this simple message: If you fund it, you own it. Vote “NO” on the CR – Omnibus spending plan or face the fury of the conservative movement in 2016.

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D. Turner Givens

Let’s take over the Republican Party! Richard A. Viguerie can do this. First we need to get rid of the RINOs. To do this we need to start by taking over the Speakership and the Majority Leader positions. Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner have demonstrated that they are unable to negotiate effectively — even from a position of overwhelming strength! Viguerie and Rep. Paul Ryan should make an appointment with each Republican in the House who is not a member of the Tea Party Caucus. Show him the numbers of people in the Conservative HQ, Tea Party and like-minded groups in his district. If he was supported by these groups he owes his election to us. If he was not supported in the primary by the these groups in 2014, ask him if he thinks he could have been elected if all these groups had actively opposed him and voted for the Democrat. Even if we supported a different primary contender, the overwhelming majority of us voted Republican in the general election. So he, too, owes his election to us. What if we had all voted for the Democrat? Tell him that if he wants to get re-elected, he must join and follow the Tea Party Caucus. At the same meeting, get him to sign a letter asking Rep. John Boehner to resign as Speaker of the House. Then put in someone with testicles who will demand a return to fiscal sanity. I suggest Ryan. Ask Sen. Ted Cruz and or Sen. Mike Lee to do the same in the Senate.

The TRUTH about the CR

I think a HUGE segment of the voting population realize that a government shutdown of the sort we saw a few months ago is a complete farce. In other words, congress will come back after the fact and pay everybody for their troubles, the troubles of NOT having to work during a PURPORTED shut down. With that sort of behavior, what is the difference between a shut down and what we have NOW? In other words, who needs a CR? If enough representatives say "I'm not voting for that", then the TRUTH is this. All we really get out of the bargain is another phony, pretend, shutdown. Let the party begin. Go home without a CR. Punish congress by making them stay in DC with their gridlock and do (effectively) nothing.

CRomnibus bill

Looks like the GOP owns it. So, I will hang on to the number here so I can be sure in AZ we bring candidates to the front to challenge Flake and McCain, part of the good old boys Rino GOP. They have to go and we need some good candidates to replace them both. At this point even a dem looks as good as they do, same ilk.

Primary Challenge to Scalise

Doesn't Col. Rob Maness reside in Scalise's district?

Col. Rob Maness

Yes, indeed he does and many conservatives are already talking about what a great candidate, and principled conservative contrast, he would be to take on Scalise...