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Will You Fire The First Shot In The Battle To Govern America According To Conservative Principles?

Cruz Fight for Principles

Grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters who thought that the Republican establishment would change its Big Government ways after the 2014 midterm election got a big shock last night – Speaker Boehner and his House Republican leadership team allied themselves with President Obama to pass the hated “CRomnibus” spending plan 219 to 206.

That’s the bad news – the good news is that we conservatives now have a list of targets for the 2016 Republican primary elections – starting with House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas, truth-challenged House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers of Kentucky and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

To start the ball rolling on the 2016 primaries we conservatives must let our fellow voters know exactly what Republicans voted for in the “CRomnibus.”

To that end we have drafted a model letter to the editor and invite you to submit it (or your own revision of it) to your local paper, especially if your Republican Representative voted in favor of the “CRomnibus.”

Dear Editor:

Recently, Representative (name here) voted in favor of the Obama – Boehner spending plan, or “CRomnibus.”

I think taxpayers and voters in our District should know exactly what Rep. (name here) supported by voting in favor of the “CRomnibus.”

The “CRomnibus” gives our Social Security to illegal aliens.

The “CRomnibus” returns to the legalized bribery of earmarks that Republicans promised to abandon years ago.

The “CRomnibus” further busts the spending caps that Republicans already broke in the Ryan – Murray budget deal.

The “CRomnibus” funds Obama’s war on farmers and energy producers by giving $250 million more than Obama requested to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The “CRomnibus” gives $4 million to the Department of Justice to process the amnesty applications of illegal aliens.

The “CRomnibus” gives millions of dollars for job training and education grants to train illegal aliens to compete with American workers for jobs.

If anyone of these policies had come before Congress as a standalone bill the voters of this District would have melted the phone lines in opposition to it. Why would Rep. (name here) vote for a bill that contains all of these destructive policies, and more?

The only way that we will eliminate the deficit spending that brought us to a $18 trillion debt and stop destructive policies like amnesty for illegal aliens is if we elect a Representative and Senators who will vote “NO” on legislation like the “CRomnibus.”

Based on (his/her) vote in favor of the “CRomnibus,” the limited government constitutional conservative voters of our District should begin looking for a candidate to oppose Rep. (name here) in the 2016 Republican primary election – someone who will actually vote the principles Rep. (name here) deceived us into thinking (he/she) stands for.


Your name

That the “CRomnibus” garnered 162 Republican votes proves once again the truth and wisdom of Chairman Richard Viguerie’s dictum that the greatest impediment to conservative governance is not the liberal Democrats, but the Big Government establishment Republicans like Speaker John Boehner, Majority Whip Steve Scalise, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers and House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions.

The “CRomnibus” is not the end, but the beginning of the fight to govern America according to conservative principles. Finding a primary opponent for any Republican who voted in favor of it is an important step toward victory in that battle. You can make an important contribution to winning that battle by sending the letter above, or your iteration of it, to the editor of your local newspaper and helping to recruit a primary opponent for any Republican who betrayed conservative principles and voted for the “CRomnibus.”

Click this link to go to the roll call on the "CRomnibus" to see if your Representative abandoned conservative principles and voted for the "CRomnibus."

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Maybe it's time for a 3rd Party

All I can say is if the Republican Party continues down this road by 2016 I will no longer be voting Republican because I am tired of a party that turns around and stabs you in the back. I will be voting strictly for 3rd Party candidates.

new congress/old congress

The new congress of the people of our Republic should not be hampered by such as the continuing resolution just passed by the seditionists of the present congress. This is egregiousness in going against the vote of the electorate and the perjurious oath of office taken by the politicians who had no intention of fealty to their SWORN ON A BIBLE oath to the Constitution of our Republic.

BAU in congress for both parties

Cruz is definitely shining the light on all of the things done in the dark by this current batch of elected officials including the new ones. Actions do have to follow words otherwise their words are just lies. Surprised by any of this BAU and Pork Barrel in Congress anyone? It is time for a recall and for some serious challengers to the current two party system. It is obviously too bloated with corruption to function correctly. Looks like the BAU is going to continue without a pause. GOP and Dems are all showing their true colors and intentions. So, let's talk about some serious alternatives. Can anyone explain what a recall action for senators involves? I would be exceeding interested in that first. Then what about another party getting started? This needs to be moving soon if the 2016 elections are going to be anything but another BAU dynasty event. You know, one of the Bushes, or a Clinton or the other good old boy big business candidates.