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Florida Pete Chickens Out

Pete Sessions

Congressman Pete Sessions, who spends most of his time at a ritzy condo in Florida with his new wife, but by some strange coincidence represents Texas District 32 in the U.S. House of Representatives Chairs the powerful House Committee on Rules.

As Chairman of the Rules Committee, Pete Sessions (not to be confused with conservative hero Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama) was, along with House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers the principle architect of the hated and just passed “CRomnibus.”

However, when the Rule for the “CRomnibus” came to the Floor for debate and a vote Pete Sessions was nowhere to be found.

That’s right: Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions was AWOL for the debate and passage of the Rule that he had just authored.

Under House tradition and procedure Chairman Sessions would have been the principle spokesman for the Rule through which the “CRomnibus” came to the House Floor, championing the bill on the floor and debating against the Rules Committee’s ranking member, Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York.

Slaughter showed up for the debate, but as our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart put it, “since Sessions disappeared amid massive criticism for his role in enabling this bill’s passage,” Republicans fielded Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma —a staunch ally of Boehner’s—to debate Slaughter.

Cole, perhaps the most likeable Big Spender in Congress, is a Member of the House Appropriations Committeeand the Rules Committee, and as such is one of Speaker Boehner’s most reliable allies on spending and legislating in smoke-filled rooms in the middle of the night.

But the strangeness of Pete Sessions’ disappearance hasn’t been fully explained – particularly given his combative and antagonistic response to conservative criticism of his role in the passage of the hated “CRomnibus.”

At least one conservative leader who criticized Pete Sessions received a personal call from the Rules Committee Chairman demanding to know why that leader was trying to destroy Pete’s “good name.”

Of course when the reply was “tell us where we were wrong and we will correct it” the conversation came to an abrupt conclusion.

While there are many explanations for Pete Sessions’ disappearance at such a critical juncture in the passage of the “CRomnibus,” including speculation that he was somehow too impaired to take to the Floor, the bottom line is that when it came time to defend his dark-of-the-night handiwork on the “CRomnibus” Pete Sessions chickened out and just plain didn’t have the guts to stand-up in public to defend a bill that contained so many things – like Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty – that he had disingenuously opposed in the past.

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