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Is A Stab In The Back On Amnesty Coming From Capitol Hill GOP?


It is the kind of irony that only politics in the Obama era can deliver that on the same day a group of over 50 conservative leaders and organizations released a document called “THE CITIZENS MANDATE FROM THE NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTION,” Rep. Jeff Denham, the GOP’s most outspoken advocate of amnesty for illegal aliens, revealed that the House leadership is “committed” to ignoring the mandate voters gave them in the 2016 midterm election by bringing amnesty to the Floor of the House.

The California Republican says he is part of a working group laying the ground work to bring forward comprehensive immigration reform, and that top-ranking Republicans are supportive of addressing the full gamut of immigration topics in legislation in 2015.

“I think leadership’s commitment is not only to bring up immigration reform, but to bring it up in multiple different bills. The question is the timing of that and the sequence of those bills,” Denham said in an interview with Breitbart.

“We’ve gotta be able to discuss the DREAMers, the 11.5 million that are here today, as well as a Guest Worker program, in the overall discussion of border security,” Denham said, later adding, “We’ve had a working group for quite some time on the various pieces of immigration on doing everything from a comprehensive bill to a step-by-step approach, but finding out who in our conference is actually open to debate and discussion.”

The Breitbart interview with Denham also offered this interesting insight:

…shortly after the election, Speaker John Boehner warned Obama that moving ahead on executive actions called unconstitutional by Republicans, including Denham, would kill all chance of immigration reform.

Privately, some Republicans say the remarks were bluster for the camera, and even this week Boehner announced to members the House would soon be considering a border security bill, perhaps the first in a series of stand-alone measures.

One GOP aide said senior Republicans are anxious to move forward, but whether fierce opponents including Rep. Steve King (IA-4) may defeat their efforts is still to be determined.

“Most of the grown-ups around here realize you can’t just do nothing, but how do you bring up reform when part of your conference refuses to support anything?” the aide asked.

This kind of calculated betrayal of the principles and views of the vast majority of the voters who support the Republican Party is exactly why the “Mandate” document was drafted and released – to remind Republican Members of Congress exactly what voters sent them to Washington to do, and it wasn’t to give amnesty and the right to compete for American jobs to millions of illegal aliens or otherwise compromise with Obama and the Democrats.

Here’s what the “THE CITIZENS MANDATE FROM THE NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTION,” says about amnesty for illegal aliens:

“Focus upon stopping the President’s politically motivated illegal immigration policies that harm the wage earning potential of America’s workforce. The populist storm of the last election was the natural backlash to an abiding and correct sense that hard work pays less today than in the past. Andrew Cherlin of Johns Hopkins reports that in 1996, the average 30-year-old man with a high school degree earned 20% less than a comparable man in 1979. Every American’s opportunity to achieve the dream of prosperity is being shattered as a sense that those who work are being played for fools by those who have found ways to manipulate the system to their benefit. The belief that the economic system is relatively fair underlies the American ethos that if you work hard enough, you can get ahead. The current failed government manipulated system, including allowing millions of illegal entrants into the country to compete for jobs and artificially lower wages, tears at the fabric of this principle and must be prevented. It is incumbent on this Congress to defund President Obama’s illegal granting of amnesty.”

We urge you to take a few minutes to read “THE CITIZENS MANDATE FROM THE NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTION,” if you agree that voters gave the new Republican majority a mandate, and that mandate was to work for We the People, not the cheap labor lobby of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, then please sign our petition to stop Obama’s fundamental transformation of America and forward it to your friends and contacts.

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Congress is now dominated by a bunch of stupid linguini-spined conservative Republicans and stupid cowardly liberal RINOs. They were selected by and support rich Republican donors — stupid rich Republican donors. They want to “regularize” the status of illegal aliens which will keep them working at substandard wages in Republican-owned businesses. But it won’t! If we “regularize” their status they are no longer illegal. They don’t have to work for substandard wages. They will demand what the traffic will bear to do the work. To maintain the cheap labor the Republicans want they will have to bring in a whole new bunch of invaders. This, of course, is their plan and it’s a stupid plan. We can see from the experience of Europe the results of importing large numbers of unassimilated aliens. “Stupid is as stupid does.” These rich Republican donors and their Republican flunkies are stupid! The overwhelming majority of Americans — liberals, moderates and conservatives; Democrats, independents and Republicans — want this stopped. Any Republican who wants my support will stop this.