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Clawson’s Tea Party Response To Obama’s SOTU Versus GOP Establishment Response

Curt Clawson

Two of the Republican Party’s rising stars, Florida Congressman Curt Clawson and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, were on display last night delivering responses to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Clawson was delivering the Tea Party response and Ernst was responding as the “official” Capitol Hill Republican – and the contrast couldn’t have been greater.

While Ernst said “We heard the message you sent in November,” she didn’t mention Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty,” or amnesty for illegal aliens, not once.

And Ernst never used the words “radical Islam,” not once, referring instead to “Al Qaeda, ISIL, and those radicalized by them,” as though “radicalized” by what or to what end was irrelevant and the word “Islam” or “Islamic” was not in the acronym “ISIL.” This linguistic contortion was almost as bad as those in which Obama has engaged to avoid naming the enemy in the war radical Islam has declared on us.

And finally there was the issue of oversight and the culture of lies lawlessness and corruption with which Obama has infected our government; from Benghazi, to Operation Fast and Furious, to Solyndra and other “green energy” crony government boondoggles, the outrage over this accumulation of scandals was a significant issue in the 2014 election, yet none of them or even the issue of oversight in general got a word in Ernst’s remarks.

With eleven paragraphs of her speech devoted to herself, instead of actually talking about how Republicans planned to address the issues that really motivated voters to vote GOP last November, what Joni Ernst gave us was not so much a speech on Republican policy and legislative goals, but an extended campaign commercial about Joni Ernst.

We make this point not to personally criticize Senator Ernst, whom we would like to like, but to contrast her role as a spokesman for the emptiness of the establishment Republican agenda, with that of Rep. Curt Clawson and the limited government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party.

Clawson spoke directly about the threat of radical Islam saying: “Finally, we must unite against the global terrorist threat of radical Islam. We must not shy away from calling this threat by its name.  We must join with our partners in Muslim nations, our friends in Israel, and a coalition of freedom-loving nations around the world.

“America must lead this coalition, but we must end the disproportionate sacrifice of American blood and treasure. Our allies must step up and contribute more in this fight.  We have got to stop getting into bad wars.”

No contortions there: We must not shy away from calling this threat by its name. 

Likewise on amnesty and border security Clawson said “As we respect our immigration laws – we’ve also got to be fair to the more than 10 million Americans currently struggling to find good jobs!  We all know who they are.  They are our friends, family, and neighbors.  To do this, we need to secure our borders first.  This is important for fairness, and security, for all Americans.”

We think that could have been stronger, but it hit the important points and made it clear which side Clawson and the Tea Party are on in the debate over Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty – the side of the 10 million Americans looking for work whose prospects would be made worse by “executive amnesty,” and the other unconstitutional unilateral actions Obama has undertaken.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Clawson had some very specific limited government constitutional conservative ideas about how to get the American economy moving again.

“Restore the voice of ‘we the people,’ we need to grow the private sector, and shrink the size and reach of our federal government,” said Congressman Clawson.

“…liberty is the great equalizer.  Economic liberty will bring America back to its destiny as the world’s beacon of light and opportunity.  Economic liberty is the foundation of the American Dream.  We can never compromise these conservative values.  Dividing us, or punishing success in the name of fairness, will not unite Americans.”

Begin by cutting the small business and corporate tax rates in half – to 17.5%, said Clawson,  and take out the loopholes, lift the economic shackles of ObamaCare and replace ObamaCare with a fair, patient-focused, market-based system.

“We cannot expect to move America ahead by heaping higher taxes on achievement, or by the government printing or borrowing money and piling debt onto future generations. I say ‘no’!  We cannot spend our way to prosperity with more entitlements or more government handouts,” said Clawson.

We wish Clawson would have said something about oversight and ending the culture Obama’s lies, lawlessness and the corruption of crony government, but we will take a commitment to cut taxes in half, “restore the voice of We the People” and call the enemy of radical Islam by its real name and defeat it as a good start and  bold contrast to the vague generalities offered by the Republican establishment.

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