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Is The GOP's 2014 Midterm Coalition Gone Forever?

 GOP Cartoon

Grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives turned-out in their millions to provide the votes that gave the GOP a historic victory in the 2014 midterm election voted Republican in the expectation that Republicans would fight radical Islam and Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, and act to end Obama’s cronyism, corruption and lawlessness.

But so far Capitol Hill Republican leaders have done little and produced even less in the way of legislation that actually reins-in Obama’s lawlessness or fights radical Islam and Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.

But the problem isn’t lack of opportunity, it is lack of will.

The recent comments of Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee flip-flopping on imposing sanctions against Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program are unfortunately illustrative of the problem.

Obama has promised repeatedly to veto any Iran sanctions bill that comes across his desk. Top administration officials and European counterparts in the nuclear talks have warned repeatedly that passage of new sanctions at this time would doom nuclear diplomacy by rupturing the current cohesion of the Western negotiators. Earlier this month, British Prime Minister David Cameron joined the president in urging Congress to hold off on new sanctions.

Now, ten Senate Democrats who had previously advocated putting more sanctions on Iran gave the White House a two-month reprieve, saying they would wait until after the late-March deadline for completing the outlines of a deal to restrain Tehran’s nuclear program before voting for a new sanctions bill that President Obama has said would undermine any chance of reaching an agreement.

So what was establishment Republican Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker’s response?

Corker said he did not think the time is right for the Republican-controlled Congress to pass an Iran sanctions bill.

The last thing we need to do in the United States Senate is to pass a bill that is not veto-proof,” Corker said.

Stop and think about the implications of that statement.

What Corker is saying is that Senate Republicans won’t fight unless they know in advance that 13 Democrats will join their position. And that means that they start every battle with Obama from a position of giving-in to the demands of over 25% of those sitting across the aisle on the Democratic side of the Senate.

And more to the point, even on an issue like Iran sanctions that should be a no-brainer, name me 13 Democrats who will break with the President on foreign policy or any other significant item on Obama’s far-left agenda?

There simply aren’t 13 Democrats that will break with Obama because this isn’t your grandfather’s Democratic Party.

At the national level there are no conservative Democrats left; they’ve all been defeated or switched parties. There are a few smart politicians, like Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia who occasionally adopt a conservative position, but there are no Democrats left in Congress who are consistent conservatives.

Imagine if former Speaker Newt Gingrich had said we’re not going to pass any bills unless we get a veto proof majority – welfare reform that President Clinton vetoed at least twice would have never passed and ultimately become law.

And what about the political utility of making Democrats who are up for reelection in 2016 take votes on popular elements of the conservative agenda – like ending Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty and fighting radical Islam?

According to Corker’s way of thinking those Democrats get a free ride for the next two years, despite the fact that one of the most effective Republican attacks on Democrats in 2014 was an ad that said “my Democratic opponent voted with President Obama 90% of the time,” or whatever the actual percentage was.

Plus, how do you know you can't win if you never even enter the contest? The GOP's Capitol Hill leaders have scratched from the race with Obama so many times if they were horses they'd have been dog food years ago.

Corker’s statement is an admission that the Capitol Hill Republican establishment has no intention of fighting, let alone stopping, Obama’s dangerous foreign policy agenda and his far-left and unconstitutional domestic agenda.

Their plan is to “govern” which means in today’s political parlance that they will pass the kind of pork-laden spending bills that are Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s specialty and grant the U.S. Chamber of Commerce everything on its wish list and, in the process, destroy forever the coalition of voters who gave them their historic 2014 majority.

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But the problem isn’t lack of opportunity, it is lack of will.

Why then do you think there is this lack of will? The lack of will stems from lack of leadership. Why then is there a lack of leadership? Because the oligarchs and their henchman... i.e. the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are determined to flood the country with cheap labor and bring down the standard of living for middle class americans. Paul Volker said this very thing years ago that our standard of living must go down for the third world standard of living to go up. Somehow, this is supposed to benefit the Corporate Oligarchs in some twisted fashion. After the last mid term elections it was a surprise to see some like Trey Gowdy just fold and go along with the flow i.e. Boehner and his Rockefeller Republicans. They now have a lock on the Hill. They control both parties and both parties are beholden to them. Is this Darwinian Economics or Corporatism? Its not Free Enterprise. That's for sure...

"Volcker Asserts U.S. Must Trim Living Standard," New York times, October 18, 1979, p. 1.

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Republican betrayal

It may not make a whit of difference, but should the Republican Party continue on their present path of agreeing with the Democratic policies, I plan to demonstrate my displeasure by writing in the name of the Tea Party candidate that comes closest to defeating the Republican candidate in the 1916 election, assuming my Tea Party choice fails to get on the ballot. My intention is to show both major Party's how I feel about their leadership. If I simply stay home, they'll never realize they have lost a vote they might have earned, and if it costs the Republicans to lose to the Democrats, so be it. Neither Party represents me anyhow!


About a week ago some of us Tea-party twitters decided that Gov. Scott Walker might be the man the GOP needs to run for President. We agreed that he has been tested and is a sitting governor which gives him credentials for the job of a chief executive. Hopefully, he is not too close to Cong Paul Ryan i.e. the establishment via U.S.Chamber of Commerce for comfort. This would be a big reason not to support anyone. Today I just read that two days ago Rush Limbaugh stated that he thought Gov Scott Walker might be the one.

I know that some believe the party is over, even the Tea Party and yes, even I have had that feeling but while studying for some tests last night something really inspired me and help to give me a since of hope and it was this song I discovered online that was written by a group of Irish musicians for the Celtic women to sing. I love this song and think it should be our wake up call. It could be our theme song...written for Americans about America by our Irish friends who pledge to stand with us.

Amazing to read what people think in the comment section of this clip

Celtic Woman - O, America!

This is what Rush had to say about Scott Walker- This is an excerpt from Politico 26 Jan 2015:

“It’s always been curious to me that Scott Walker has not been — I mean, he’s big at the Heritage Foundation, he’s big in some other conservative groups, but as far as the Republican Party establishment itself, second tier, looked on as second tier,” Limbaugh continued. “I mean, they speak of him with respect and reverence, he’s one of the governors, but in terms of presidential politics, you never hear his name bandied about. But I’m gonna tell you the Democrats in Wisconsin are near hysterical over this. They’re near hysterical over what he’s done to them. They’re near hysterical over the accolades he’s getting as a result of his appearance in Iowa over the weekend on Saturday.”

“I really think that Scott Walker is the kind of guy the Republicans need to hoist on one of those chairs they used to take Caesar through the crowds with,” Limbaugh concluded. “What he’s done in the state of Wisconsin is phenomenal. Nobody knows about it, other than you in this audience.”

Republican BS

I am more than disgusted with the Republican party. I and millions of other people voted for them in order to do things to fix this country and they have done nothing. They said that they were going to put legislation to begin the Keystone Pipeline on Ovomit's desk this month and I haven't even heard anything about it in about three weeks now. They said that they would defund his unconstitutional anmesty executive action and they have done nothing. It is more than a little obvious that we need a new Conservative party. This Republican Party stands for nothing and it is time to get rid of it ASAP.