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President Obama’s Latest Lawlessness Demands Impeachment

Ticket to Impeachment of President Andrew Johnson

Just when you thought the lawlessness of President Barack Obama and his henchmen had reached its limit in his unconstitutional executive amnesty orders and memos another even more astonishing example of illegal behavior regarding immigration has been revealed.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, issued a statement regarding new data, unearthed in a Freedom of Information Act request, which revealed the operation of a shadow immigration system, that since 2009 has issued 5.5 million foreign worker permits above the yearly flow of 1 million green cards and 700,000 guest workers, a massive surplus beyond existing legal numerical limitations.

This drastic expansion of foreign workers, which includes many illegal workers, undermines jobs and incomes for all residents, including recent immigrants.

In his statement Senator Sessions said: 

“This Freedom of Information Act request has unearthed the operation of a shadow immigration system previously unknown to the American public. A full investigation is warranted. In addition to the widespread non-enforcement of existing immigration law—such as the public charge rule—we know now the Administration has been issuing millions of additional work permits beyond what Congress has authorized. Since 2009, the Administration has issued 5.5 million new work permits in excess of the regular immigration flow. This massive increase in the labor supply has occurred simultaneously with a steep drop in family incomes and a sharp rise in the number of Americans pushed out of the workforce. All jobs gains since the recession have gone to foreign workers, while the slack labor market has depressed median family incomes almost $5,000 in that time.

This exposé comes as Congress prepares to vote tomorrow on whether to begin debate on the House-passed bill to stop the President’s unlawful issuance of another 5 million work permits to illegal immigrants. The House bill on the floor fully funds every lawful activity of DHS; what it does not fund is outlaw behavior. Any Senator who votes to block debate is voting to deny their constituents the protections of their own laws. Blocking debate on this bill is to block your own constituents’ voice in the affairs of their government. Congress passed limitations on immigration and rules for residing in the United States, in order to protect the economic interests of all U.S. workers—both immigrant and native-born. Month after month, the Administration has systemically dismantled U.S. immigration laws without evoking a word of protest from members of the President’s party. The coming days will test whether congressional Democrats can claim to represent American workers, or whether they will complete their transformation into the party of open borders.”

You can read the Center for Immigration Studies paper on the Freedom of information documents through this link. For information on the record pace of immigration and the quadrupling of the foreign-born population, click here.

Naturally, we expect Senator Sessions and other principled conservatives in Congress to conduct hearings on the information revealed by our friends at the Center for Immigration Studies, but are hearings, oversight and an attempt at defunding these unauthorized programs the end of congressional power to rein-in a lawless President?

No, there is another alternative, and it is called impeachment.

As our friend Andrew C. McCarthy (author of Faithless Execution) wrote for in National Review back in November 2014, “People desperately want to believe there is a way to stop the president without stopping him from being the president. I wish I could give them better news.”

McCarthy went on to make the point that, “Obama is guided only by his political calculations, not the law or his oath of office.

Given that the 2014 election is the last election that mattered to him personally that’s why so much bad stuff — amnesty, Obamacare mandates, capitulation to Iran, the Vietnam-ization of Iraq/Syria, Gitmo closure, net neutrality, etc. — was put off until it was over. The president’s interest in future elections lies in the preservation and expansion of the transformation he has overseen.

That portends three things said McCarthy: the exploitation of Obama’s raw power as far as he thinks he can get away with it (which is very far); the appointment of as many progressive judges as possible, since their life-tenure can consolidate and extend the “change” he has wrought for decades to come; and the orchestration of massive immigration amnesty with a route to citizenship and voting rights for illegal aliens who, Obama and the Left reckon, could give Democrats a permanent governing majority.

The Framers, noted McCarthy, could have designed the system a different way, but they did not. If you have a lawless and abusive president, and you nevertheless disavow the only weapon the system gives you to fight a rogue executive, you are going to get more lawlessness and abuse. Period.

Andy McCarthy concluded by saying, “I am not unrealistic about our political possibilities, but I insist on being clear-eyed about our options. So I will repeat the point that I wrote Faithless Execution to make. Our constitutional system assumes impeachment is a serious, viable check on executive maladministrationin some egregious instances, it is the only check.”

Let's be clear -- this isn't an arguement over the meaning of "is," this is the President defying the law and not doing what the Congress has specifically directed him to do -- namely issue no more than a very specific number of work permits and "green cards."

There is now a vast body of unlawful conduct and malfeasance documented concerning Barack Obama's faithless execution of the office of President, and the conduct of this “shadow immigration system” is one more egregious act to add to the bill of particulars against Obama.

Impeaching Obama would be a very unpleasant choice, and there is clearly no appetite for it in today’s Capitol Hill GOP. But we are with Andy McCarthy and the millions of grassroots constitutional conservatives who believe living with what Obama is otherwise going to do over the next two years (on top of what he has already done) will be a more unpleasant choice. If the choices are impeach Obama or live with his lawlessness we say that's no choice at all -- it is an imperative that Congress begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

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This president has committed far more serious

crimes against our country worthy of impeachment than having sex with an intern in the oval office. WHY are the Republican leaders so hesitant to begin the proceedings? The only acceptable reason I can find is that there are dossiers on the leaders being held over their heads similar to what General Petraeus went through. If they can't find the backbone and other bodily parts to begin impeachment, then they should step aside and allow true leaders to take the helm. I do NOT want this ship of state to hit the iceberg...and we definitely are heading straight for it!