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Brian Williams: Symbol Of The Corruption Of America’s Establishment Institutions

Brian Williams Reporting From Kuwait 2003

Monday, two more examples of NBC News anchor Brian Williams’ despicable stolen valor lies about his experiences covering the Iraq war in 2003 surfaced, but Williams was not fired.

It was announced late Tuesday he was being put on six months unpaid leave and, most astonishingly, that Steve Burke, the Chief Executive Officer of Comcast, which owns NBC said Williams "deserves a second chance and we are rooting for him.".

We should note that this announcement came after Williams’ strange “apology” in which he claimed to have “misremembered” the incident, so the notion that Williams engaged in a one-time exaggeration or lapse of memory was in and of itself a lie.

And more to the point Burke's announcement came after Media Research Center writer Rich Noyes writing on the MRC’s NewsBusters site posted clips of Williams from 2003, just hours after returning to Kuwait, tell Lester Holt his now-infamous lies about the helicopter incident.

Williams appearing with Holt on MSNBC likened it to "Black Hawk Down meets Saving Private Ryan." Of course, the real-life 1993 battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, that served as the basis of the movie "Black Hawk Down" involved the deaths of 18 American soldiers and capture of another American. There were no casualties on Brian Williams's helicopter, which he now admits never faced ground fire.

Here’s the transcript courtesy of NewsBusters and there’s a link to the truly disgusting video at the end of this article.

LESTER HOLT: And, as you noted at the outset of your report, you believed this to be a milk run -- I guess something akin, maybe, to the Washington-New York shuttle. Was it a day trip, and to that, I'm curious, did you have provisions for three nights in the desert in a Chinook?

BRIAN WILLIAMS: It was a day trip. Only since I've been back and able to laugh about it did a friend of mine remind me, this was Black Hawk Down meets Saving Private Ryan. This was a very, very strange day trip.

And let's be clear, as Michael Patrick Leahy reported for Breitbart, Justin Balding, “one of NBC’s most trusted producers,” who was part of the team that accompanied Brian Williams on his March 2003 Iraq reporting mission, “never told NBC colleagues their chopper was hit by RPGs,” according to a source familiar with the operations of NBC News.

What this shows is that Brian Williams didn’t “misremember” the incident – he began this despicable lie the very day of the incident and no one at NBC News called him on it.

And the real record of Brian Williams' stolen valor lies get worse.

Leahy reported in a second article for Breitbart that Williams also falsely claimed that “we saw the guy . . . [who] put a round through the back of a chopper,” which he further and incorrectly claimed was “the Chinook [helicopter] in front of us.”

Leahy reports Williams filed three reports from Kuwait for NBC News on March 26, 2003. The first was a live broadcast at noon Eastern, the second at 6:30 pm Eastern on the NBC Nightly News, and the third later that night in prime time on NBC Dateline.

A review of all three transcripts (obtained from Nexis courtesy of MRC) shows that as the day wore on, Williams’s claims, and in particular the claim that he saw the guy who fired the RPG that downed the chopper “in front of us,” became less expansive.

According to Leahy’s review of the MRC material, Williams made the false claim he “saw the guy” who fired the RPG that took down the chopper in front of the one in which he was riding in his first report to Tom Brokaw in a live broadcast from Kuwait at noon eastern on March 26, 2013.

Over the subsequent years, however, that process reversed. Williams reverted to increasingly dramatic and even less accurate versions of the claim – that made him look like some sort of hero, a title later ridiculously bestowed upon him by David Letterman.

Why hasn’t Brian Williams been fired and shamed out of public life for these despicable lies?

In our view it is not because some guy in the personnel department of NBC is going over Williams’ contract with a fine-toothed comb before handing him his pink slip six months from now.

It is because the establishment institutions of America, the media like Comcast and NBC, business, and especially politics, have become so mired in a culture of lies and corruption that his behavior is, in those circles, unremarkable..

This is the "anything to win" culture that led to the ENRON scandal, and the Wall Street meltdown of 2008 in which billions of dollars in low quality and fraudulent mortgages were sold by people who knew the mortgages were no good, but sold them anyway and made millions for themselves and their companies. It’s the culture of lies that calls a minor slowdown in the rate of federal spending a “historic cut” and it’s the culture of lies that says “if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance.”

The Tea Party rebellion came into being in large measure due to the perception among the country class that America’s major establishment institutions are corrupt – and there is no more compelling evidence of just how deeply that corruption has infected these institutions, and become accepted among their establishment elite, than the fact that six months from now Brian Williams will back on the payroll and back in the anchor chair at NBC.

Here’s the MRC video of Brian Williams’ day one lie about his flight being Black Hawk Down meets Saving Private Ryan.

Here’s a link to Michael Patrick Leahy’s article about the NBC producer who never claimed their helicopter was hit.

Here’s a link to Michael Patrick Leahy’s article on Williams' claim he saw the guy who fired at the helicopter in front of his.

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Williams has more moral courage than Scalise

At least when he was caught in a web of lies, Williams stepped down, and then was suspended by his superiors. The same can't be said for Scalise. After his speech in front of the racist/bigoted group EURO, Scalise basically put out a bunch of lies about why he did it. Greta Van Susteren stated that Scalise doesn't have the moral courage to step down. I agree with her. Unfortunately, Mr. Scalises electors (to his Whip post in Congress), our fine Republican Caucus, equally doesn't have the moral courage to demand that he step down.


That Steve Scalise remains in the House GOP leadership is a stain on the establishment Republican Party that put him there and keeps him there

Primary Them

Personally, I think that every Republican Congressman who backs Scalise should be primaried. It doesn't matter if the challengers win; it will shake the leadership up enough to get him out of there so that the Democrats can't use Scalise as a rallying point in November of 2016

The Problem

Brian Williams is a man in desperate throws of never having the self esteem to actually admire those he stood and watched perform with duty and valor, he wanted to be one of them but would never by choice be in their position, so he chose to emulate their deeds by intermingling the truth with his own fantasy...and got caught big time in more than one instance, he told beer drinking stories hoping that no one would call him on them and paid the price by losing any reputable voice he ever had....Brian Williams is a "symptom" of the left and NBC knew it, MSNBC has a rafter full of incredibly ungifted known liars and cannot admit to it because they belong to the left hook, line and sinker, they are losing the fight for viewers and are destined to fold and it is only fitting that they do......