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FLASH: More Brian Williams Stolen Valor Lies Revealed

Our friend Michael Patrick Leahy reports in an exclusinve for Breitbart that recently suspended NBC anchor Brian Williams has claimed since his initial report in 2003 that the helicopter hit by RPG fire and the helicopter on which he was riding were both part of the same four-helicopter convoy mission.

When Williams reported “the Chinook ahead of us” was hit by RPG fire to Tom Brokaw on NBC’s Dateline on March 26, 2003, it gave viewers the impression he was in very close proximity to the attacked chopper. The effect was to portray Williams in a courageous light.

But the veterans who were there appear to be in unanimous agreement that there were two separate missions, and the chopper hit by the RPG was on a different mission and wasn’t near the chopper on which Williams was riding.

Leahy's analysis of the transcripts and video provided by the Media Research Center revealed that as soon as he returned to Kuwait, Williams went further to create the impression he had been on a dangerous mission. “Only since I’ve been back and able to laugh about it did a friend of mine remind me, this was Black Hawk Down meets Saving Private Ryan,” Williams told Lester Holt on MSNBC in his second live report, filed on March 26, 2003.

However, Leahy reports, Justin Balding, the NBC producer who accompanied Williams on that 2003 helicopter ride, has apparently recounted a markedly different description of the level of danger he and Williams faced in the desert.

Someone close to Balding has heard his account and, according to Leahy's reporting, offered this to Breitbart News:

Justin always described this as a bad camping trip. He never felt they were in any danger. He never felt threatened. It wasn’t a dynamic situation.

Leahy reports a second source says Balding offered the same account in 2003 when they met at a restaurant shortly after Balding’s return from Iraq.

“He said it was a bad camping trip in the desert. Not more dangerous than that,” the source told Breitbart News.

Williams has yet to offer a credible explanation for the disagreement with the veterans on whether it was one mission or two, and how close the helicopter he was riding was to the chopper that was hit by an RPG at the time of the attack.

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