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Lesson for Scott Walker: If You Want The Focus On Your Policies Don’t Invite Rudy To Your Speech

Scott Walker Speaking

The past few days, and especially during the Sunday morning TV political talks shows where the DC establishment attempts to set the political narrative for the rest of America, the political commenteriat, the blogosphere and the Twitterverse have been agog with Rudy Giuliani’s comments about President Obama not loving America and being raised in a communist household.

Giuliani knows how to grab a headline, as he certainly did with those comments, but going into 2016 those backward looking comments, while providing some useful red meat to conservatives and helping to give some context to what Obama and his policies are all about are not really new material.

Dinesh D’Souza explored it in compelling detail in his movie “2016: Obama’s America” and our friend Diana West has an excellent column “Contextless in Obama's America” documenting Barack Obama’s communist influences.

What was new material and of real import to the 2016 presidential race was what Scott Walker said in his remarks to the Committee to Unleash American Prosperity, a new group founded by Arthur Laffer, Steve Moore, Steve Forbes, and Larry Kudlow.

The group hosted former Texas Governor Rick Perry a few weeks ago and it was Walker’s turn when Rudy stepped on his message – but what Scott Walker said was very important, and worth exploring.

Governor Walker stressed growth, reform, and safety. During the question-and-answer period, he emphasized sweeping Reagan-like tax cuts. And he frequently referred to his successful efforts in Wisconsin to curb public-union power as a means of lowering tax burdens, increasing economic growth, and reducing unemployment.

This was in our view an opening salvo directed at Jeb Bush’s “right to rise” campaign, which in our view is premised on accepting the Left’s view that economic advancement is a “right” as opposed to something one achieves and that government policies should be targeted to help classes of people as opposed to being equal in their application and benefits.

As Larry Kudlow observed, Walker argued that when Reagan fired air-traffic controllers (from the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) over their illegal strike, he was sending a message of toughness to Democrats and unions at home as well as our Soviet enemies abroad. Similarly, Walker believes his stance against unions in Wisconsin would be a signal of toughness to Islamic jihadists and Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Walker was also highly critical of President Obama's conduct in the war against radical Islamism, and said the U.S. must wage a stronger battle in the air and on the ground against ISIS.

And in what Kudlow called “an unmistakable rip at both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton,” Walker called for a new generation and fresh faces to turn America back in the right direction.

When asked about a sound-money policy, Walker said he was willing to sit down and learn – a nice contrast to most politicians who already think they know everything worth knowing.

Kudlow thinks Walker needs a much clearer message on free trade. But in response to a question about solving middle-class income declines, he insisted that sweeping economic-growth policies aimed at all groups and categories, not just the so-called middle class, is the answer.

Walker also aggressively defended his controversial University of Wisconsin budget cuts, arguing that they would slow tuition hikes and force professors to teach more.

Walker was also straightforward about why he left Marquette before graduation. He saw a more attractive position at the Red Cross and wanted to start a political career. Yes, he nearly flunked French. But many folks think that's a political plus.

Many of us, says Kudlow (who attended Ivy League university Princeton), believe the time has come for a president without Ivy League credentials.

Walker, in Kudlow’s assessment, is a superb retail politician, a trait that will serve him well in the early primaries. He has an uncanny knack of maintaining direct eye contact. At the dinner, rather than rushing out for an early-morning TV call, he insisted on talking to every person in the large crowd surrounding him.

Kudlow also noted that many observers say Scott Walker is the only Republican candidate with a record of winning many different elections, from local office, to state assemblyman, to three gubernatorial races in four years.

Can Walker beat Jeb Bush in the primaries and win against Hillary in the fall?

Larry Kudlow says it is now a matter of whether he can develop from a tough state-union buster to a national politician who can modernize Reagan's policies while maintaining the Gipper's upbeat message of optimism and growth.

And in our estimation last week Scott Walker got one important lesson in that process: If you want the focus to be on you and your policies, don’t invite Rudy to your speech.

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Walker VS Bush

I hope that Walker can keep everything in line to get the nod. The Rebuplican elite want Bush as well as the left want him. We do not need a RINO such as Jeb Bush. He is a member of the Harvard club just like Obama. He is just not as radical and not a Muslim.

They let him have it

The main street media took it to Walker, this past weekend. He needs coaching, and fast. As long as he puts himself out there, the MSM will do their best in playing gotcha.

Walker is Jeb Bush

When will CHQ get that Scott Walker is a lifelong GOP crony along with his Wisconsin Good Ol Boys Reince Preibus and Paul Ryan?

Why is CHQ helping the Bush media to promote Walker ... so that he can be touted by Jeb Bush as Bush's "compromise" tea party conservative on a Bush/Walker ticket?

Because that's what all of this Bush conservative media push has been about since the Iowa Freedom Summit.

Push Walker. Push Walker. Push Walker.

He's the Bush-media-approved candidate.

IOW, he's this year's Rubio, who was supposed to be the Bush/VP candidate, but he faltered a bit with the base, so now the Bush/Walker strategy is in full effect.

Study Walker's pro-Big-Government-as-long-as-GOP-cronies-are-in-charge history.

Pro amnesty. Pro open borders. Pro common core (until he was told to be against it). Anti Right to Work (until he was told to be for it.)