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McConnell Setting Up House Conservatives On DHS Funding

Mitch McConnell Peace Sign

Yesterday, we reminded conservatives about the two big votes coming in Congress this week: the vote to strip funding from the Department of Homeland Security to stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and the vote to confirm, or hopefully not confirm, Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.

To the credit of the House GOP leadership (and to our surprise) there’s been no sign of cracking on defunding amnesty in the House – Speaker Boehner and the House leadership have continued to call for the Senate to do its job and pass their DHS funding bill, although their latest attempt at solidarity with Senate Republicans is more than a little worrisome.

“This vote will highlight the irresponsible hypocrisy of any Senate Democrat who claims to oppose President Obama’s executive overreach on immigration, but refuses to vote to stop it,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in a statement. “If we are going to work together on the American peoples priorities, Washington Democrats must be honest with the people they represent.”

The same comments about “hypocrisy” could also be made about the Senate Republican leadership – particularly Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell, who began his tenure as the new Majority Leader by unilaterally disarming and announcing there would be “no government shutdowns” has been trying to worm his way out of winning the fight against Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty” since the very beginning.

McConnell’s lack of commitment to win prompted us to ask “WWHRD?” (What Would Harry Reid Do?) and to urge the Senator to use the same ruthless tactics Reid used to ram through Obama’s destructive agenda when Democrats were in the majority.

Unfortunately, instead of adopting Reid’s tactics and ruthlessness McConnell has resorted to the old (and failed) Capitol Republican tactic of trying to use legislative slight-of-hand to simply get him by the immediate pressure point – the February 27 deadline for funding the Department of Homeland Security.

McConnell’s ruse is to prevent a “shutdown” of the Department of Homeland Security by splitting off legislation attacking President Obama’s immigration actions from the funding fight.

As Jordain Carney and Mike Lillis reported for The Hill, McConnell’s move sets the stage for separate votes on a measure to fund the Homeland Security Department (DHS) past Friday and to dismantle Obama’s unilateral efforts to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.

McConnell said he wanted to take away Democrats’ excuse for not voting against Obama’s 2014 actions, which several centrist Democrats had previously criticized.

“Some Democrats give the impression they want Congress to address the overreach. But when they vote, they always seem to have an excuse for supporting actions they once criticized,” he said on the floor. “So I’m going to begin proceedings on targeted legislation that would only address the most recent overreach from November.

“It isn’t tied to DHS funding. It removes their excuse,” he added.

That is to put it politely, a lot of baloney.

Not only does it “remove the excuse” for Democrats it also removes the leverage for Republicans and gives Obama exactly what he wants; a “clean” funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security.

And it also puts the problem of funding DHS and taking the liberal media criticism for the phantom problem of a "shutdown" back on House conservatives.

When the strategy of using DHS funding as a vehicle to stop Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty first came up we pointed-out a December 26, 2014 article by The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler quoting an anonymous “GOP committee aide” as saying that “a rollback of the executive action might initially be attached to the border bill but would have to eventually be stripped.”

“If the intent is to pass a bill I’d want this decoupled. Otherwise, it will be vetoed,” Meckler reported the staffer saying.

As of now, Senate Republicans haven’t even gotten that far – they’ve caved in the face of a united Senate Democratic Conference before the bill even got to Obama’s desk.

All of Mitch McConnell’s maneuvering leads us once again to conclude that he has no intention of winning the fight against Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty.” What McConnell really wants to do is get by this battle so he can get on to “governing” which, to him and his fellow establishment Republicans, means dispensing to their friends and special interests the largess extorted from producers by the welfare state.

Please call your Representative and Senators TODAY (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell them you want a strategy to WIN the battle against Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty, and that means DHS must be prohibited from spending any money on implementing that unconstitutional presidential power grab.

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I am afraid that "Ole Mitch" is just another RINO. I hope I am wrong but from what we have seen so far he fits the mould.

Simple solution (if McConnell cared)

All Mitch McConnell needs to do to get the bill on the president's desk is to follow Harry Reid's precedent and temporarily suspend cloture by a 51% rules change vote, then pass the bill, putting the ball where it belongs - in Barak Obama's court.

Republicans can forget 2016

Republicans can forget 2016 so many folks I know are so disillusioned they are not gonna vote for either puppet candidate offered up as the savior. Seems the gop establishmen is just as fake as the left. Frick n frack..grow a pair somebody grow a pair