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CPAC Hears From One Of The Two Most Important Conservatives Not Running For President

Mike Lee At CPAC


Senator Mike Lee, Utah's principled limited government constitutional conservative junior Senator, and to our minds one of the two most important conservatives not running for President (the other being Alabama's Senator Jeff Sessions) gave CPAC his formula for winnowing down any field of White House wannabes.

To earn Lee’s endorsement, a candidate must be “principled, positive and proven.”

“Being principled means you’re being a conservative every single day, and not just on the campaign trail,” Lee said, “It means there are no ‘buts’ — you can’t say ‘I’m pro-life, but.’”

Lee's formula sounded a lot like what Senator Ted Cruz said at Steve King's Iowa Freedom Summit about making candidates who come to Iowa asking for votes to prove their conservative bonafides.

And with the splintering within the GOP, Mike Opelka of the Blaze noted, Republicans need a candidate who can bridge the differences between the factions in the party.

To that point Mike Lee talked about a person who can unite the moderates and conservatives: “The candidate who we all deserve, can attract both, without alienating either.”

In terms of positivity, Lee clarified this requirement by using the classic G.K. Chesterton quote, “A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

And in terms of a candidate being “proven,” he said he means someone “that has shown he can win elections and then showed he deserved to win those elections.”

Lee’s focus on candidates with substance over style could be boiled down to one statement: “It’s not just about finding the guy who shouts ‘freedom’ the loudest … It’s not about finding the guy who tells the best Joe Biden jokes.”

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