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Speaker Boehner, Rep. Jim Jordan is Your Best Friend in Congress

Speaker John Boehner and Rep Jim Jordan

It’s no secret we don’t think John Boehner of Ohio is the right person to lead Republicans in Congress or lead the House as Speaker. 

When he ran for reelection we opposed Speaker Boehner in large measure because he is way too entangled with members of Washington’s establishment power structure, whose craven self-interest is destroying the country, but also because he just doesn't have the temperament for the job of using the power the Constitution vests in Congress to rein-in Barack Obama’s lawless actions.

We thought Rep. Jim Jordan, also of Ohio, could make an excellent alternative to John Boehner as Speaker and we were sorely disappointed when Jordan voted for Boehner and refused to join the effort that was organized to oust him.

Some of our friends and readers were pretty tough on Jim Jordan when he did not join the effort to challenge Boehner, but Jordan chose to take his battle for conservative principles to another field and we grudgingly accepted his decision.

Now some of what may have motivated Jim Jordan not to oppose his fellow Ohioan for the Speaker’s gavel is beginning to make some sense.

Jordan became one of the founding members and the chairman of the new Freedom Caucus; a group of liberty-oriented House members who have taken the role of the now flaccid Republican Study Committee as the voice of conservatives in Congress.

Jordan was on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday and was asked by Dana Bash if he would challenge Boehner should the Speaker introduce a clean funding bill this week that funded DHS without rolling back Obama's actions, Jordan said, "No, no, of course not," quickly adding, "I don't think that's going to happen, though."

Jordan denied the possibility of that happening again over DHS funding when pressed again on CNN. "No, that's not going to happen, that's not the issue," Jordan said, who argued conservatives need to make a stronger case for defunding Obama's actions.

"The point is to do what we told the voters we were going to do and do it in a way that's consistent with the United States Constitution, consistent with fundamental fairness and consistent with the only court to rule [on Obama's executive action]," said Jordan.

Jordan went on to say conservatives want to fund DHS but "...what we did say was, we don't want to fund something that everyone knows is unconstitutional."

It would of course be much better if a constitutionalist like Jim Jordan was the Speaker of the House, but if conservatives didn’t have the votes to oust Boehner then influencing Boehner is better than being frozen out.

Perhaps, just perhaps, conservatives, led by Jim Jordan, can still push the Speaker and the those Republicans who are at least smart politicians, if not principled conservatives, to do what is in the political self-interest of the GOP on defunding amnesty.

Betraying your base on an 80% plus issue (which is where defunding amnesty polls with Republican voters) is political suicide for the Capitol Hill. If Jim Jordan can get Speaker Boehner to see the political utility in doing what Republicans told the voters they were going to do, and doing it in a way that is consistent with and fulfills their Constitutional responsibility to hold presidential power inside strict constitutional limits, then for conservatives that makes Jordan the next best thing to Speaker, and perhaps also John Boehner’s best friend in Congress.

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F--- you America!

The Republican politicians realize that as much as we the people oppose their support of the Democrats and Obama, they will most likely be reelected in the next election. Incumbents have the power to bring home the bacon to their district or State, so voters almost always support THEIR representative, even when they detest the policies they support for the Nation as a whole. This tradition is unlikely to change and our representatives know it. So don't complain, YOU voted for them!

House speaker

The cowards in the House were too afraid of losing committee assignments or being overlooked for such that they voted for the sniveling, colluding Boehner instead of a Republican leader. By "Republican" I am referring to the ignored Republican plank, the Constitution and their oath of office. Boehner should have been relegated to obscurity in the House and never again re-elected to be a representative after his term ended. McConnell in the Senate is of the same stripe. Both despicable non-Republicans. I am thoroughly disgusted with this single party system.

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Please copy this message and pass it on:

Republicans House Reps. must pass a resolution directing any motion pursuant to clause 4 of rule XXII relating to the present impasse be offered only by the Majority Leader or his designee. Without such a resolution, Boehner will be able to hide behind this rule when he caves in this week.