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Gov. Walker: Who You Walk With Tells Conservatives Who You Are

Scott Walker on FOX News

Governor Scott Walker has been rising in the Republican presidential polls recently, largely on the support of conservatives who see him as a solid country class alternative to establishment Republican Jeb Bush.

But Walker has just put conservative support for his rising presidential campaign in jeopardy but hiring a rabid advocate of open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens for a senior position in his campaign.

Breitbart News has just reported that Walker has hired Liz Mair of Mair Strategies to handle communications and social media for his campaign.

Those who follow the immigration and amnesty issue will remember Mair as a particularly vociferous – and nasty – advocate of the hated Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens legislation backed by Harry Reid, Barack Obama, the US Chamber of Commerce and a cabal of Silicon Valley tech billionaires intent on suppressing the wages of America’s tech workers.

Mair has a long history of advocating for various leftwing groups infiltrating the GOP and diluting its conservative positions on special rights for homosexuals (GOProud), Hispanic racial politics, etc. which she claims, like her, are "conservative."

Mair was behind the highly offensive campaign to discredit the Center for Immigration Studies, FAIR, and NumbersUSA by smearing them, and Members of Congress who opposed the Gang of Eight bill, as part of “nativist” conspiracy.

Earth to Ms Mair: It’s not a conspiracy, it is a populist uprising against elitists like you who are destroying America.

It is also worth noting to whomever is doing the hiring at the Walker campaign that Mair, far from being a consistent winner, has consulted for such non-conservative losers as John McCain and Carly Fiorina, Tim Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC and of course a variety of Fortune 500 companies. (Which by the way she refuses to name)

This tells us the Mair was an "influence hire" not a performance hire, so someone with a lot of influence with Gov. Walker's nascent campaign recommended that he hire Mair -- not a good sign.

Now here’s the really bizarre, and from our perspective damaging revelation in Matt Boyle’s article on the Mair hiring.

She claims her advocacy was done out of the good of her heart, for free, because for religious reasons she believes in amnesty and open borders.

But Mair wouldn’t answer who was paying her bills for her advocacy during the timeframe of the “Gang of Eight” bill in early 2013 through the end of the last Congress–when asked by Breitbart News if any specific tech companies or a select group of Wall Street billionaires were paying her.

That could mean anyone, as Boyle noted, even foreign companies potentially, were paying her during the timeframe she was publicly advocating for the amnesty bill. While she didn’t have to disclose it to the public at the time now that she’s hitched to Walker the Wisconsin governor owns everything she said and did.

And Mair’s defense is classic Washington insider elite thinking; "It doesn’t matter what I think because Walker doesn’t have the same views on immigration (or special rights for homosexuals or any of the other liberal claptrap she advocates) as I do."

And of course Ms. Mair being on the inside of the Walker campaign would have no influence whatsoever over the candidate’s thinking, issue selection, scheduling, choice of subordinates, etc., right?

If Governor Scott Walker won’t surround himself with conservatives during his campaign, why should we believe he will surround himself with conservatives in a Walker White House?

“Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are” is an aphorism that CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie uses regularly, and that many movement conservatives have come to believe through the hard experience of watching Republican candidates surround themselves with inside-the-Beltway mercenaries who despise conservatives, run content-free campaigns and lose the election.

Governor Walker is new to national politics, but conservatives got the message loud and clear that Scott Walker may not be one of us, or at least that the inside-the-Beltway political class has already infiltrated his allegedly populist campaign, when he hired Liz Mair, who has made a point of attacking conservative Republicans at every opportunity, for a senior position in his campaign.

We urge you to contact Scott Walker through his office at his political committee, “Our American Revival” or (608) 501-1466 to tell Gov. Walker “who you walk with tells me who you are” and that you can’t trust a candidate who hires people to influence his campaign who do not share your conservative beliefs.


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Walker and the establishment

Want a few more concerns? Here in WI, Scott is the darling of the country club class, the big government Republicans. Walker is good friends with Reince Priebus, who engineered things like undercutting Chris McDaniel in MS, good friends with Karl Rove who with the Chamber of Commerce has declared war on more conservative elements within the GOP.

Priebus may owe some fealty to Jeb, but suspect that either Walker is VEEP or gets a cabinet position in Jeb's administration. I doubt if Priebus will be able to grease the skids for Walker at the national level the way he did in WI for governor. Walker was the ONLY one of 4 who got to address the 2009 State GOP convention, for example. But Reince no doubt can help in ways just short of the POTUS nomination.

I could write a book, and maybe I will.

Walker, conservative of convenience.

Want one reason to oppose Walker? How about his email scandal:

Want a bunch more? I wrote this about 2 months ago, but it still applies:

There is considerable irony in the fact that as Walker was appearing at the Freedom Summit, his minions back home were doing their best to undermine the freedom wing of the WI GOP. Many of us in WI and in the know are fearful of a Walker presidency
But even among establishment types there are some misgivings. Jerry Sweeney, former Jackson County GOP chair, at about the time Walker's book came out said, "Unintimidated, my (rear end.) Scott Walker has not done a brave thing in the last year and a half." And indeed he has sidestepped a lot of issues, apparently wanting to slide into re-election without risking a miscue.
I will give Walker credit for his courage in standing in there, holding his ground when 100,000 leftists were screaming and marching literally outside his door. But a veteran lawmaker told a GOP meeting I was at that the real push for reforms came from the freshmen legislators that took office in 2011.
Among Walker's shortcomings:
Never actually cut the state budget. Indeed, he increased it in 2013 by about the same percentage as the last Democrat budget.
Never significantly reduced the state bureaucracy or regulations. WI is still both a high tax and high regulation state.
Supports "Smart Growth" over property rights
Supports Crony capitalism over free markets. See WEDC, mismanagement, WHEDA, agencies that provide money to the private sector. And last session he signed a bill giving venture capital to private business, and this week proposed a $220 million bond issue for the Milwaukee Bucks to build an arena.
Walker is doing a big straddle on Common Core. Took no position on it up to a year after I and many others offered to talk to him about our objections. Said he opposed it as a candidate last July, then the very next day says whatever we replace it with will be almost the same, and now proposes an "accountability" bill that gives Dept of Public Instruction and its pro-CC head more power, creating a bureaucracy that will almost certainly lock CC in place.
Only backed off on Obamacare exchanges because of extreme political pressure, after originally supporting them.
Ditto the passenger rail line between Milwaukee and Madison.
There are many other signs that Walker is not a man of conviction that could and probably will be presented. But the above gives a pretty good idea of why I and others fear a Walker presidency. He lacks a strong political compass and therefore, you can count on do what he thinks is politically expedient, not what is right. I much prefer a candidate that can be trusted to do the right thing, even when we are not watching.


I was hoping for Walker but realistically there has been no conservative out of Wisconsin since McCarthy. My sides still ache from laughing at how some grass roots latched on to Ryan as a conservative hope after Romney was forced on us. His so called budget reforms balancing the budget in what 40 or so years. Well Cruz and Carson would be great.

Hiring Mair

If Walker wants to have a short lived run for potus, hiring Mair is probably one way to do just that.
Conservatives need to look beyond the shiny object each candidate is showing us to what they really support.
At this point I wouldn't vote for Walker.