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Scott Walker and the Establishment Republican Consultant Problem

Scott Walker

Yesterday we told you that for some inexplicable reason Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s campaign-in-waiting had hired anti-conservative Republican consultant Liz Mair to handle communications and social media for Our American Revival, Walker’s PAC. (read our article “Gov. Walker: Who You Walk With Tells Conservatives Who You Are” through the link)

The Walker – Liz Mair story was broken by our friend Matt Boyle at Breitbart in his exclusive “Honeymoon Over: Scott Walker Under Fire For New Open Borders Amnesty Advocate Staffer Who Mocks Iowa” which set-off a firestorm at the conservative grassroots, and a sub-scandal of its own when Mair unprofessionally leaked follow-up questions from Boyle to left-leaning reporter David Weigel in an effort to quash further inquiries into her past and her association with a long string of anti-conservative organizations and causes.

The effort apparently backfired and this morning it was announced that Mair is out of the Walker organization.

This is a good sign of decisiveness from Walker and his team, especially coming on the heels of his comments regarding amnesty and immigration where he said he had listened to the grassroots and was now prepared to take a more enforcement-oriented position than he had once held.

One of the foundations of the rise of the Tea Party movement is the desire for leaders who will listen. America’s country class is tired of being lectured to by the urban elite that have seized control of Capitol Hill, and the national Republican Party organization, and being a leader who listens to the grassroots can only help Walker.

But Walker still needs to hire someone to handle communications for his campaign and because the Republican consulting class has become a virtual closed loop of “you scratch my back I’ll-scratch yours” insiders the establishment elite will keep pushing anti-conservative Liz Mair clones for the job.

So the dynamic that put Walker at odds with grassroots conservatives still exists to threaten his campaign and other potential conservative candidates for congress, governor and president.

A small group of DC consultants have become a virtually closed guild of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” favor traders who have burrowed into the fabric of the Republican National Committee and the Congressional and Senatorial Committees like parasites.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie exposed in his book TAKEOVER, in which he devoted an entire chapter to “CONSULTANTS MAKE MILLIONS WRECKING THE GOP,” a big part of the problem with the Republican Party today is the small coterie of Washington, DC–based Republican insiders that have come to dominate Republican political strategy and ad making over the past two decades.

This growing class of professional political consultants and self-anointed political “strategists” that has come to dominate the management of Republican political campaigns generally opts for content-free campaigns instead of campaigns based on conservative ideas and ideology—naturally they want their clients to win, but in their hands politics is all too often reduced to a business, not a clash of ideas.

These professional political operatives (particularly the inside-the-Beltway crowd) aren’t interested in building a great grassroots conservative movement to back Republican candidates who will reduce the size of government and govern America according to conservative principles—the economic incentives being what they are, they concentrate on those techniques that pay rather than build the grassroots base of the Republican Party.

Many of DC’s elite Republican consultants actively oppose the platform of the Republican Party and advocate positions at complete odds with the grassroots voters on issues such as same-sex marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens – positions advocated by Liz Mair as Matt Boyle and CHQ pointed out.

Ever wonder why the outcry against Washington’s crony capitalism that is heard every day on Main Street rarely finds its way into Republican political campaigns?

Simple—the same consultants who run Republican political campaigns also advise and run ad campaigns for special interests who feed off the largesse of the federal budget—and running an advocacy campaign for Wall Street pays a lot better than your average congressional campaign too.

Scott Walker was well-served by parting company with anti-conservative consultant Liz Mair, now his challenge, and the challenge for other aspiring Republican presidential candidates, is to build a winning campaign using ideologically committed conservatives, not the rented strangers that will be pushed at them by the special interests in Washington.

That grassroots power is out there waiting to be tapped and the candidate and campaign that organizes it best will win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

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Multiple-choice: Mostly bad

It's not just Liz Mair.

In NH, Walker has been going to Party-insider, closed door events, and has hired Andy Leach. Andy who?

Veteran Establishment hack from NH. I first met Andy as sidekick for John H Sunu-gnome, he of the helicopter joyrides and the co-conspirator with Dick Darman of breaking the "No New Taxes" pledge under GHW Bush.

Next, Leach helped architect the victory of the compliant Kelly Ayotte over Conservative Ovide LaMontagne, and moved to DC as her operative.
Then we saw skullduggery over the NHGOP Chairman's race, with Andy Leach strong-arming more conservative competitors out of the race, in favor of the compliant Jennifer Horn.
This year, we had a Republican takeover of the NH house, and Leach plus Ayotte, with the blessing of the ever-present Sunu-gnome, derailed a conservative candidate for speaker, and left us with a Democrat owned and operated RINO as speaker - why? Because the conservative Speaker may have been bad for RINO Ayotte's re-election next year.
You can't make this stuff up.

Walker seems like a decent man, but his actions and campaign style do not fit with NH grassroots so far. We shall see.


I'm not buying it. He's changed his opinion? He was pro-amnesty but now he isn't? He's endorsed by George Will and Newt Gingrich both globalists. He's a Rockefeller Republican. All the quislings just say what they need to say to get elected.

Campaigning for President

Who needs "consultants?" If you can't run on your own intelligence, common sense, and love of the US Constitution, don't bother. If you need to brush up on the issues fine, but don't let others put words or ideas in your head that go counter to your own insincts. We will weed out the disingenuous and charlatans and those with only a slogan to run on.

Don't spend mega-bucks on useless repetitive commercials. Run an efficient organization and people will respond and tell others why they should vote for you.

Start telling us which out of control, big spending government organizations you would shut down and why.