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The Next President Must Reclaim The Constitution For We The People

We the People

No matter where the various candidates and potential candidates for President stand on the issues the establishment media chooses to deem important there are two issues that conservatives and even some liberals see as qualifiers ranking before all others – does the candidate speak the language of the Constitution and is he or she prepared to reclaim the Constitution on behalf of
We the People?

So far as we have observed only two candidates or potential candidates for President have distinguished themselves in this manner – Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Our CHQ colleague Mark J. Fitzgibbons posted an article on The American Thinker “Ted Cruz starts with words of action about the Constitution” dissecting the Ted Cruz announcement in which he identified why Ted Cruz’s announcement was an immediate hit with conservatives: “Senator Ted Cruz began his bid for the presidency with an appropriately active, as opposed to passive, choice of words that ‘[i]t is a time to reclaim the Constitution of the United States’.”

Conservatives frequently use the phrase “restoring the Constitution.” It is a sad enough commentary, wrote Fitzgibbons that we must restore what Founder and America’s Fourth U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall referred to in Marbury v. Madison as our “fundamental and paramount law.”

Fitzgibbons says the term “reclaim” used by Ted Cruz in referring to the action needed on the Constitution is not the same as “restore,” the latter suggesting a subtler approach to returning America to the rule of law. His choice of words instead suggests taking back what has been lost or is otherwise wrongfully possessed by someone other than the rightful owner, like good citizens taking back the streets from an unsavory element.

Ted Cruz is a constitutionalist who is familiar with the roots of the American rule of law. He has clearly distinguished his vision from that of President Obama, who has flaunted his lawlessness says Fitzgibbons.

By saying that it is time for people to reclaim their Constitution, instead of saying it is time to restore it, Cruz has also already distinguished himself from the expected large pack of GOP presidential hopefuls. He clearly knows history shows that liberty may be stolen, and he has articulated the optimism that it may be taken back by returning to a rule of law over government.

While Senator Rand Paul has yet to announce he too has frequently couched today’s top political challenge as reclaiming the constitutional liberties of We the People.

In his forays to reclaim the Constitution by returning to a rule of law over government Paul has made use of Patrick Henry’s description of the Constitution, "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government," throughout his Senate career.

Along with Cruz, Utah’s Senator Mike Lee and Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions, Paul is one of the Senate’s most consistent defenders of the Constitution.

Recently, Senator Paul made an epic takedown of Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama at a hearing on Obama’s plan to legitimize Iran’s nuclear weapons program without Senate advice and consent saying, “I don’t like being lectured on the Constitution by an administration that tramples it.”

Senator Paul continued, “This is an administration who I believe has trampled the Constitution at many turns. This is an administration that seeks to legislate when it is not in their purview, whether it be immigration, whether it be health care, or whether it now be a war that’s been going on for eight months without congressional authorization.”

Constitutionalist Rand Paul is also a champion of the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee of our communications being free from government surveillance.

Senator Paul’s principled defense of the Fourth Amendment led writer and self-identified “liberal Democrat” H.A. Goodman to say in a Nov 17, 2014 Huffington Post column, “I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, but in 2016, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul will be my choice for president (on) issues that affect the long-term survival of this country”

Among the present dangers he lists is the Barack Obama-led Democratic Party’s “domestic spying (on Americans) that could eventually lead to a police state.”

The establishment candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, are not talking about reclaiming the Constitution because they are fully invested in the extra-constitutional policies that are threatening our liberties; the surveillance state, a dominant and unaccountable federal executive and Congress’ abandonment of its power of the purse in favor of ever-expanding spending, deficit and debt.

Reclaiming the Constitution for We the People is the one area where political Left and Right intersect in a way that will attract a significant, perhaps decisive, segment of the 2016 electorate. We urge you to demand that every candidate for President in both political parties explain where they stand on constitutional issues and what they will do to reclaim the Constitution for We the People.

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Cruz is no more a "constitutionalist" than Obama.

One has, and the other one seems quite willing to trample the US Constitution in his effort to get into the White House.

But a no none can be an Art. II §I Cl. 5 natural born Citizen by statute, or by the 14th Amendment, as neither would prevent a person from being born subject to a foreign power.