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Quin Hillyer’s Take: Pence Just Caved On RFRA

Indiana Governor Mike Pence Speaks on RFRA

Our good friend Quin Hillyer has a late breaking piece in National Review Online claiming that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has caved to the radical homosexual lobby and is about to demand the legislature pass a bill “clarifying” his state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

This is a craven capitulation says Hillyer. “The act as passed allows courts to do a balancing test. The clarification seriously threatens the newly created balance. It would tilt the playing field away from those who would assert religious objections to various commercial activities. RFRA or no, those objections are often valid,” he wrote in a column for NRO’s “The Corner.”

We haven’t seen the language that the Indiana legislature is or is not going to consider to “clarify” the state’s new RFRA, but Hillyer’s analysis is spot on if that’s the way the language comes out.

Frankly, says Hillyer, RFRA’s balancing test is, if anything, “only a mild protection. From the First Amendment alone, we should understand (in my opinion) that the nation’s traditions of religious freedom should protect the right of a traditional Christian baker not to make a cake for a same-sex marriage. It should protect the right of a Muslim baker not to provide unleavened bread for a Jewish seder. It should protect the right of a homosexual photographer to decline to take photos of a married couple standing under a Biblical inscription about marriage being between man and woman.”

Quin Hillyer reports that Pence says his new goal is this: “Make it clear that this law does not give businesses the right to deny services to anyone.”

That’s pathetic in Hillyer’s eyes and in ours.

No one would seriously argue that a baker should be protected if he refused to sell a bag of cookies to anyone based on his perception of their sexual orientation -- the key to the need for RFRA protection is the level of participation contrary to the tenets of their faith that is required of the believer.

Apart from practicing invidious discrimination based on immutable characteristics, a business owner should be able to refuse to participate in any particular event/ceremony/practice that violates the tenets of his faith. Period.

Click this link to read Quin Hillyer’s article “Mike Pence Caved” on National Review Online.

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