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Hillary Clinton is About to Shake Up the Republican Primaries

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton

Former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s immanent, but hardly surprising, announcement that she is running for President will be greeted by cheers on the feminist Left and by establishment Republicans, wherever they stand on the political spectrum, we’re still not sure on that one.

Clinton has an almost unshakable base in the feminist Left and its powerful media celebrities, reporters, writers, fundraisers and far-left liberal activists.

They will give Mrs. Clinton exactly the opposite of what Senator Rand Paul has received in the few days since he announced – a veritable media beat down led by NBC's Savannah Guthrie, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Fox News' Megyn Kelly, of all people, all trying to reignite the gender wars by selling the line that because Senator Paul expressed annoyance at interviewers editorializing and talking over him he “has a problem with women.”

Establishment Republicans will gleefully trot out all the Clinton scandals from e-mail to cattle futures and the death of Vince Foster in between.

The establishment Republican professional political class in DC – the professional politicians, political consultants and allegedly conservative pundits and TV talking heads – has long-assumed Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

And their planned strategy for the campaign against her was a content-free campaign of the same kinds of personal attacks and scandal-mongering that didn’t work against Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Now don’t get us wrong; we think the revelation that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton set-up her own private email system to by-pass the official government system at the Department of State, and its potentially discomfiting official back-up and retention system, is important ethically, politically and legally.

Basing a campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton solely on scandal mongering is sure to fail.

Every time the establishment media pumps the idea that the beginning of a Hillary Clinton campaign for President is just around the corner we receive an avalanche of frantic e-mails asking “How are we going to beat Hillary?”

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s answer to that is almost always: Wrong question!

The question limited government constitutional conservatives and other liberty loving voters should be asking is not “How are we going to beat Hillary?”

It is “How are we going to nominate a candidate who shares our values to oppose her?”

Because let’s face it, if Republicans nominate another Mitt Romney type establishment Republican, like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, they are going to lose just like Romney lost.

And how did Romney lose, just in case anyone needs reminding?

Romney lost because he ran a content-free campaign and, while he occasionally talked a good game to small groups of conservatives, he did not campaign as a conservative – especially on the social issues.

It says a lot about the caliber of campaign Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment ran in 2012 that in the midst of the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s, with unemployment at 7.9 percent in October of 2012, and 12.3 million people unemployed (40.6 percent of whom were unemployed for more than six months), Romney ended-up losing the presidential campaign by almost five million votes.

As Mr. Viguerie outlined in his book TAKEOVER, Republicans never win the presidency unless they draw a bright line, and a clear contrast, between the conservative worldview and the Democrat’s secular liberal worldview.

When Republicans nominate a candidate who campaigned on the conservative principles that hold together the conservative coalition, they won three landslide presidential elections: 1980, 1984, and 1988.

Later, when they set those principles aside as they did in 1992, 1996, 2008, and 2012—they lost—big time.

Establishment Republicans and their apologists in the media will try to blame external factors for these election defeats, but the common thread that ran through all of those lost elections was that Republicans failed to define themselves as the Party of less government.

And Mitt Romney couldn’t credibly do that what with Romneycare being the model for Obamacare and his long record of supporting the kind of Big Government cronyism that Wall Street and Silicon Valley have become addicted to.

Mitt Romney should have been taken care of in the Republican primaries by opponents who vigorously attacked him on Romneycare and Big Government and offered a clear conservative contrast – but none of them did, not even Newt.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is a convenient “shiny object” to distract the media and the voting public from the fact that, on the issues, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are often indistinguishable and are equally acceptable to the Big Government Wall Street – Washington – Silicon Valley Axis that is looting the country and destroying the quality of life for millions of American middle class families.

On Common Core and local control of schools Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have indistinguishable views.

Indeed on amnesty for illegal aliens, with Bush and his bizarre “act of love” remarks about the reasons for illegal border crossing perhaps being even more off-putting to conservatives than Clinton’s standard Democratic “bring them out of the shadows” comments.

How can Jeb Bush draw a clear contrast with Hillary Clinton?

He of course can’t and won’t and if he is the nominee and runs the content free campaign his advisors usually produce he will lose and Hillary Clinton will be President.

We urge upon the conservative candidates in the Republican primary field the following advice from our vantage point of having worked for one candidate or another in every Republican primary season from 1976 to 2012 – Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the same opponent.

If you want to beat Hillary Clinton, first defeat Jeb Bush; hammer home the fact that he and Hillary Clinton hold the same position on Common Core and amnesty for illegal aliens and that they are the preferred candidates of the Wall Street – Washington – Silicon Valley Axis that is looting the country and destroying the American middle class. Draw a clear contrast and we conservatives can defeat Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, fail to draw a clear contrast and it won’t matter because we will get the same Big Government policies no matter which one wins in November 2016.

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