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We Like Carly & Ben: But Not For The Reasons The Media Wants Us To Like Them

Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina


Yesterday Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson formally entered the race for the Republican nomination for President. And we like seeing Dr. Carson and Mrs. Fiorina in the race – but not for the reasons floated by the establishment media.

To read the build-up articles over the past week you’d think that having a woman and an African-American in the campaign were ends in themselves – and let’s be honest – that’s largely how the liberal media thinks.

They buy the idea that politics is about parceling out the nominations, offices and patronage along strict racial, ethnic and sex quotas; never mind what the candidates think or what principles they hold, as long as they check the right box on the quota tally.

Not surprisingly, we, and other movement conservatives, take a dim view of quotas; we are more interested in a candidate’s principles and the candidate’s record of standing for those principles when the chips are down.

Dr. Carson gained a national political following almost overnight when he delivered a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.  In the prayer breakfast speech, which according to The Washington Times “catapulted Dr. Carson to the forefront of conservative politics and sparked rumors the he was eyeing a run for the White House, he lambasted the direction America is heading and warned about the perils of the ‘moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility’ that face the nation.”

Carson was perceived to have taken President Obama to task to his face at the National Prayer Breakfast and to have not backed down when Prayer Breakfast organizers and others demanded he apologize.

You can watch Dr. Carson’s inspiring speech courtesy of the Media Research Center through this link (and note Obama giving him the stinkeye).

Dr. Carson’s announcement was also a phenomenon in its own right – beautifully scripted and choreographed to send the message that Carson can bring a new demographic to the Republican Party and to confirm Jack Kemp’s dicta that the most conservative place in America is an African – American church on a Sunday morning – if Republicans would only go there and ask for their votes.

But the run for the White House is littered with the campaigns of candidates, like our friend Pat Buchanan, who were right on the issues and insightful conservative critics of the establishment, but who never got the nomination.

And as right as Dr. Carson was in his speech to the National Prayer Breakfast he has really never successfully expanded that critique into a platform that distinguishes him from the other candidates.

And we use the word “successfully” advisedly, because we do not view Dr. Carson’s recent foray into foreign policy by endorsing the Corker bill on Iran as a conservative position or likely to lead to “success.”

That is if “success” is depriving a hostile regime of nuclear weapons and upholding the Constitution, two worthy conservative goals by which one might measure success.

Likewise former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina brought her own unique sense of how to communicate with voters to her announcement – an all-online affair that we found to be strangely compelling. 

The low production values of Fiorina's announcement gave it a verisimilitude or authenticity that reminded us of an old black and white TV commercial where the spokesman looked straight in the camera and made his pitch and left you feeling he was right in the room with you.

Fiorina has made some interesting comments on immigration that tell voters she gets what game her former colleagues in the tech world are up to. And in so doing she has deftly outflanked to the right some more seasoned politicians who haven’t yet grasped what a disaster the past two decades have been for middle class quality of life and how much pent-up political power is out there due to middle class frustration with the stagnation in wages caused by the constant inflation of the labor supply and the tidal wave of immigrant-driven demand for taxpayer services that have left schools, hospitals and social services in a shambles.

We’d love to see Carly Fiorina debate Jeb Bush on the topic of immigration and the impact this “act of love,” as Bush so bafflingly terms it, has had on America’s middle class families.

And Fiorina’s compelling story of rising to the top of corporate America, especially in technology, a field notably unfriendly to women, shows she’s got the kind of toughness necessary to survive what is likely to be a long and hard hitting campaign.

But where is that unified conservative worldview that would tell conservatives “Carly Fiorina is one of us” and will put together a great conservative grassroots army to defeat Jeb Bush’s $100 million campaign?

So far we haven’t seen it; and recent history gives us two notable candidates from Big Business, who were also anti-establishment in their politics, Steve Forbes and H. Ross Perot, who failed in their quest for the White House.

Despite the questions raised above, having Carson and Fiorina in the race is a net positive from our perspective, because both have effectively espoused specific conservative principles that we think need to be part of the 2016 Republican primary debate – and both have reputations for telling it like it is.

And, while we studiously ignore whatever “diversity” the liberal media thinks Carson and Fiorina bring to the Republican presidential field, we do endorse the “diversity” of conservative ideas they will bring to the debate and the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

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Carly Fiorina ran HP into the ground, cut it's stock price in half, laid off 30,000 people, was forced to resign (fired), and made off with about 20,000,000 in her pocket for her "Golden Parachute" Severance Pay.

Today the board of HP say that the COMPAQ merger under Fiorina was a failure, and her successor did complete the merger well. However, they have also said that the merger choice, which Fiorina initiated, was ultimately bad for HP's future. The current board of HP is highly critical of her to say the least. It's not "the liberal media" saying this, it's HP themselves