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Hillary Clinton Joins Jeb Bush In Pushing Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton is giving “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is code for amnesty for illegal aliens, a prominent role in her 2016 presidential campaign. “I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for you and for families across our country,” Clinton said yesterday at a Las Vegas high school according to reporting by The Washington Post. She was joined in the library by students who have been protected by Obama’s executive actions. “I will fight to stop partisan attacks on the executive actions that would put Dreamers ... at risk of deportation.”

Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush likewise told The Washington Post’s reporters back in 2012 that he supports the DREAM Act, which would grant citizenship to “Dreamers,” illegal aliens who came to the United States as children, but doesn’t agree with President Obama’s executive order that stopped deportation of some other children of illegal aliens.

And in April 2013, but not revealed publicly until February 2015, Bush told the Hispanic Leadership Network “…for people that have no country to go back to, which are many of the Dreamers, it’s ridiculous to think there shouldn’t be some accelerated path to citizenship.”

After Obama announced his executive action in 2014, Bush criticized the President on the process, but not the substance of what Obama did: “President Obama’s ill-advised unilateral action on illegal immigration undermines all efforts to forge a permanent solution to this crisis. Action must come in the form of bipartisan comprehensive reform passed through Congress.”

It’s pretty clear to us that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton share the same position on amnesty for illegal aliens (if you disagree please tell us in the comments below), but we think Bush has at least been a little more forthcoming on who exactly will benefit from the policies he espouses.

At The Wall Street Journal’s 2015 CEO Conference in February of this year Bush had this interchange with the WJS’s Gerald Seib:

Seib: Is your problem with what the president did the substance of what he has proposed to do, or with the way he has proposed to do it?

Jeb Bush: It’s the way. First of all, I don’t know the exact details. I mean, frankly, he didn’t permanently change things because he doesn’t have anywhere near close that authority to do it. … He granted a deferral of the execution of the law for a couple of years. So these people are still in limbo. What we need to do is get to some certainty for people, the 11 million people that are here, five million of which he dealt with. We need to find some … give them some legal status and move to a system that is more economically driven. (emphasis ours)

So how, exactly, do Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton differ on the all-important issue of amnesty for illegal aliens?

It appears to us that the only difference between Clinton and Bush is on the process by which President Obama implemented policies that he didn’t think the newly elected 2014 Republican majority in Congress would pass.

As to who benefits; the Big Businesses and tech companies that are pouring millions into their campaigns are the ones who benefit from their shared ideas about "comprehensive immigration reform," not America's hard-pressed middle class families.

Clinton is much too cautious a politician to reveal through her words specifically who she believes would be the beneficiaries of the policies she espouses, but Jeb Bush has made it quite clear that the beneficiaries of his “more economically driven” immigration system would be the Big Businesses that have profited mightily from the deluge of legal and illegal immigrants who have depressed the wages of American workers and left America’s middle class families struggling for almost two decades.

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Jeb Bush

About 3 years ago I really thought that if Jeb Bush decided to run for president I would support 101% Now my support is dowm to -0% He is dug in to allowing all those that broke the law and snuck into the country illegally to gain by their illegal actions. Obama, Hillary and most of the Democrats fall right in line.

Common Core is another favorite of Bush and I view that the same way as amnesity!

Border problem

There's probably no way to chase down all the illegals already here except by issuing social security numbers, which is not great. But you need to close the borders now and make sure we know who we are letting in. I believe in controlled immigration as which most of the country does. Obama's advertising open borders doesn't help with immigration, ISIS or ISIL or other terrorists invading our country. We screen who visits the Whitehouse and I want to screen who visits me in our country.