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While no one's watching, Congress does its worst

grassroots spending reform supporter


Last November, many people were jubilant at the Republican sweep of Congress, assuming that when it came to fiscal issues, our job was done or at least would get far easier.

These last few weeks, says our friend Jonathan Bydlak at The Coalition to Reduce Spending, show just how wrong that assumption was.

While many grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives and conservative pundits have been focused on the reauthorization of the Patriot Act and the headline grabbing battle over the NSA's domestic spying program the real work of Congress – spending your tax dollars – grinds on.

With a newly installed Republican majority that campaigned as fiscal conservatives one would expect big government Democrats to be howling in pain about all the "unfair budget cuts," but unfortunately big government Republicans are doing as much or more spending as would be expected from the Democrats.

And they are using the gimmicks and tricks they all campaigned against to continue the ruinous spending.

A while ago, our friends at The Coalition to Reduce Spending told us about CHIMPS, a little-known budget trick in which appropriators can "postpone" mandatory spending and then use the "savings" to fund discretionary spending for the next year. A few months ago, some Republican politicians cried foul over the idea of losing this wasteful gimmick. Now, we're hearing from Jonathan Bydlak and his team at The Coalition to Reduce Spending that at least one spending bill relies on almost $11 billion of these phony savings to meet its targeted numbers. It's time to end these wasteful gimmicks once and for all.

Gimmicks and smoke and mirrors tricks are the stock and trade of what Bydlak calls “the Spend More Caucus” because regardless of which party they allegedly represent, the goal is always to spend more.

And nowhere is this problem more acute than in the debate regarding spending on national security and the Pentagon.

Real safety requires modernization, which in turn will require reevaluating the budget and allowing the Pentagon to reform and spend money more wisely. Intelligent people of all foreign policy persuasions recognize this says The Coalition to Reduce Spending’s Bydlak.

There’s a legitimate debate as to what level of Pentagon spending is necessary and ideal in a changing world. But what is not acceptable is that members of both parties seem to be hell-bent on throwing more money at a massive bureaucracy while refusing even to consider the massive waste, fraud, and abuse that we know exists.

As the Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted in its 2015 High Risk Report, “The Department of Defense (DOD) is responsible for more than half of the federal government’s discretionary spending. Significant financial and related business management systems and control weaknesses have adversely affected DOD’s ability to control costs; ensure basic accountability; anticipate future costs and claims on the budget; measure performance; maintain funds control; prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse; address pressing management issues; and prepare auditable financial statements.”

Yet correcting those “significant financial and related business management systems and control weaknesses” appears to have slipped off the radar, especially on the Senate side, where Senator Lindsey Graham and the other Republican war hawks are busily paying back their campaign contributors from the defense industry by spending billions on new Pentagon hardware – with no mandate for reform in sight.

What does this mean in practical terms?

It means that, under the Republican majority we are heading down the road to national bankruptcy at the same headlong pace we were when Harry Reid and the Democrats were in charge of the Senate.

The national debt hovers around $18 trillion, a number that is, frankly, too big to mean much to most people. That’s nearly $150,000 per family, and it’s been growing very quickly – in 2013, it was “only” around 16.7 trillion dollars. The years since the 2008 financial crisis saw the total debt as a share of the economy explode from around 60% in 2005 to over 100% just a few years later.

Grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives have been talking about the debt for a long time, and Republican politicians have been promising to fix things for almost as long.

The problem, though, says The Coalition to Reduce Spending’s Jonathan Bydlak, is that it’s becoming increasingly impossible for these promises to mean anything, regardless of how sincere they might be.

As some have been arguing for a while, it is becoming basically impossible to pay down the debt. It’s larger than all of the money in existence. There’s simply no way to fix this problem by hiking taxes or nibbling around the edges of discretionary spending.

And, much as establishment Republicans want to kick the can down the road past the next election, the spending can’t go on forever.

If Republican politicians really want to do something about the nation’s massive debt, they have to make tough choices now, and that means Republicans are going to have to get tough and choose to fix “entitlements” and choose to fix the management of the Pentagon.

To learn more about The Coalition to Reduce Spending and to read their latest reports and articles by Jonathan Bydlak please click the link.

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Rinos to be removed

This has all been apparent since the House Speaker and Leader of the Senate took over. But we will remove their support via our votes and eventually even the two noted above. BAU is not acceptable anymore. Bone Head and the other old fool have to go! Time for some real non politician types to step up and fill all the positions in congress.

It is also time the elected officials were told no more voting their own salaries especially for life, no more avoiding their Obamacare insurance, no more separate retirement paid for by the people. Going forward Congress will get only social security, insurance, and retirement as they have voted for the people. This priviledged class of elected officials need to be brought back to the same floor the legal constituents of this country have been given by this unlawful, sneaky bunch. Time to vote em all out of office. Time to clean this den of rinos, dems, and crooks out!

RINOs to be removed

After the election whereas the Republicans swept into DC, things have gotten even worse than first assumed. Under the "Leadership"? of Boehner and McConnell. This Republican led Congress has passed more Democrat inspired legislation than the Dems could have ever hoped even when they had full control. This Faux "Bi-partisanship" will be the end of the Republican party for sure and even the elephant will be replaced by a more apt mascot, perhaps the Ostrich (head in the sand anybody?).

The scary part is that this crop of RINOs and other "uninformed" legislators are set to give this Presidential pretender his cherished (and completely misunderstood and under-estimated) TPP bill. This bill for all intents and purposes is a Trojan Horse the leaves the path wide open for the President to allow other countries outside of the supposed US trading partners into the Treaty including those in the Pacific RIM and Europe, all to the detriment of Americans and making a joke of the bill itself.

Republicans erroneously believe that this is Free Trade but it is nothing of the kind. It is a backdoor to expanding the scope of a world government and another coffin nail in what used to be American sovereignty.

This fact is hidden away and most do not seem to be capable of comprehending the danger contained in the bill. A bill that is still being kept secret (gee, I wonder why?). Also, it has not yet been released however as soon as Boehner and McConnell think they have the number votes to pass, it will, perhaps even next week. This is but a "next step" to losing our sovereignty and ultimately, our nation to an ever more powerful, international oligarchy.

Boehner and McConnell have been "rallying" the Troops (read Republicans) to deak this horrible blow to our national sovereignty by doing the President's dirty work. A president who could care less about this country. Perhaps it is time to start holding these so-called Republican "leaders" accountable for their ignorant, and/or anti-American malfeasance.....Just a thought.