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Ted Cruz Stands Alone Against Shariah In America

Ted Cruz on dealing with Islamist terrorists


One of CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie’s most important political insights is, “who you walk with tells me who you are,” and nowhere is that more important than in presidential campaigns and politics: no candidate who surrounds him or herself with anti-conservative staff and advisors can be expected to suddenly govern as a conservative once they get to the White House.

As Mr. Viguerie observed in his column “Cruz is the First Top-Tier Movement Conservative Candidate Since Reagan,” Senator Ted Cruz is the first top-tier movement conservative candidate since Reagan for three reasons that separate him immediately from the rest of the Republican pack.

First among those reasons said Viguerie, is Senator Cruz’s ability to unite all three elements of the old Reagan coalition; national defense conservatives, economic conservatives and social conservatives with the new fourth leg of the 21st century’s winning conservative coalition – the constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party movement.

And one of the fundamental national security issues that unites America’s country class of all political stripes is the recognition that the “Islamization” of America and Muslim demands for special treatment and government recognition of their Shariah religious laws represent an existential threat to liberty under the Constitution.

A leader of the opposition to this threat and an early advocate of confronting it is Kevin Kookogey, a former chairman of the Williamson County Tennessee Republican Party, whom Senator Cruz has just named his campaign chairman for the State of Tennessee.

As head of the Williamson County GOP, Kookogey presided over the 2012 passage of a resolution criticizing Republican Gov. Bill Haslam over the role of a Muslim staffer and a council that advised two state departments on Islamic affairs.

According to that resolution, the governor had extended preferential political status to Shariah "adherents in Tennessee, thereby aiding and abetting the advancement of an ideology and doctrine which is wholly incompatible with the Constitution of the United States and the Tennessee Constitution."

Many conservatives will also remember Kevin Kookogey as a potential opponent for one of President Obama’s favorite Republican Senators – Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander.  Kookogey set aside his bid in the Republican Primary to unite conservatives behind State Representative Joe Carr, whose underfunded grassroots campaign nearly unseated Alexander and beat him in a number of the state’s 95 counties.

Kevin Kookogey is a principled patriot, constitutionalist, and most importantly in this context, a man of great integrity who has proven himself willing to take risks to expose how Islamists of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned organizations, such as the Council for American-Islamic Relations, have insinuated themselves into the highest councils of American government and politics, including the Obama White House and apparently the Tennessee State House.

Naturally, Islamists and their apologists in the media have questioned this appointment and called for Kookogey to be cut loose from the Cruz campaign.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement Tuesday afternoon asking Cruz to remove Kookogey from his role with the campaign. CAIR, which describes itself as the country's largest Muslim rights advocacy organization, asked Cruz to dismiss Kookogey because of his "longstanding support for anti-Muslim and Islamaphobic causes."

"If Senator Cruz chooses to keep Mr. Kookogey on his campaign staff, it would serve as an endorsement of anti-Muslim hate," CAIR Government Affairs Manager Robert McCaw said in a statement.

Our advice to Senator Cruz is quite the opposite.

Back in 2011 CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie wrote in a column entitled “A Congress of Lies” that “there is no more compelling evidence of just how far the American political system has been corrupted by Washington’s insider culture, than how common and accepted lying has become among the political elite…”

While the prime example of this culture of lies is Barack Obama, leading Republicans are not immune to the kind of lying that Barack Obama seems to have institutionalized in our government – especially when it comes to the threat of radical Islam and the war on America and the West that radical Islamists are conducting through acts of terror and “cultural jihad.”

Of course there are different kinds of lies; direct lies, such as “Islam is a religion of peace” perpetrated by President George W. Bush, and then there are lies of omission, such as refusing to mention radical Islam as the motivating factor in acts of terror, or even mention it at all, a lie in which President Obama has engaged with almost pathological regularity.

While President Obama and his facilitators in the establishment media seem oblivious to the central threat of our time – the Islamic supremacist doctrine of Shariah and the global jihad being conducted to impose it on all of us – that is an indictment of the critics of truth-tellers like Kevin Kookogey, not a rebuttal of the truth of his charges. 

“If you’re not aware of what you’re fighting, you’re not going to defeat it,” Senator Cruz said at the “Defeat Jihad Summit” hosted by the Center for Security Policy, and “what brings together jihadists groups, such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram, is the ideology of radical Islam.”

It is high time that the rest of our present and future leaders come to grips with the unhappy reality Cruz observed so succinctly when he said:  “The solution to ISIS is to hunt down and kill the terrorist leaders… But when you have an administration that will not utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorist,’ you have an administration that is unwilling to effectively design and implement a strategy to defeat radical Islamic terrorists.”

We salute you, Senator Cruz, for your understanding of the threat posed by Shariah and radical Islam and for your leadership in countering its adherents.  Who you walk with tells us who you are, and by walking with Kevin Kookogey, you have shown the path for our country and its people to follow in preserving liberty under the Constitution from the threat of Shariah and radical Islam.

Please click this link to add your name to our letter thanking Senator Ted Cruz for telling the truth about how to defeat radical Islam.

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Ted Cruz is not eligible

Why do you keep pumping Ted Cruz when he is not eligible?

How can a person born in Canada to a non-citizen father be a "natural born citizen", as required by the Constitution to serve in the office of president?

Please respond on this issue.

Ted Cruz Is A ‘Natural Born Citizen’

With all due respect to the reader above, he doesn't get to decide who is a 'natural born citizen,' Congress and the Supreme Court do, and they, acting in their constitutional roles, have rendered decisions that say Ted Cruz is a "Natural Born Citizen."

Where Ted Cruz was born is of little legal consequence to the question of whether or not he is a “natural born Citizen.”

“Natural born Citizen” is a legal term of art that Congress has defined in a way that rendered Cruz eligible to be President from the moment of birth, long before the present controversy over his birthplace erupted.

We urge conservatives to support or oppose Ted Cruz for his policies and record, or for any of the dozens of other reasons voters like or dislike a candidate, and not to be distracted by the spurious argument over whether or not the geographical location of his birth renders him ineligible to run for President.

For a more complete discussion of this matter please see our article Yes, Ted Cruz Is A ‘Natural Born Citizen’

Lets Make America Great Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its ashamed but the Oligarchs are intent upon passing the TPP. Their henchmen and lackeys will split everything up to confuse everyone while they do their bidding. In the end, they don't want this to fall back on them politically that's why fastrack is so important. There will be no accountability and no fallout for those who support it. At least now we know that Ted Cruz is not the sweet little innocent darling some people make him out to be even though his wife worked for the CFR along side the late David Pastor on the blueprint for NAFTA. Scott Walker is another big disappointment too with his support for Fast track.

Conservative Populists now must rely on liberal populist democrats to get the votes in order to defeat this. It might be too late though with all of the influence and promises that will be promised over the weekend. That's one reason why I am supporting Donald Trump. I am so tired and fed up with their lying schemes. Cruz lies and Walker lies and most all of them are nothing but a bunch of sold out liars. We need a President who knows how to deal with rogue nations like China. Later today Trump will announce he is running because he cares and because he wants to help make America great again. He will make his announcement at 11AM est