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FLASH: TPA Goes Down -- For Now -- As Trade Bill Fails In The House

The package of establishment Republican and Obama-backed trade bills has failed, at least temporarily, in the House.

Roll Call and The Washington Post report that President Obama and his estblishment Republican allies suffered a major defeat to his secret Pacific Rim trade initiative Friday as House Democrats and populist conservatives joined forces to derail a key presidential priority and blocked the House from advancing — for now — the administration’s trade agenda.

Republican leaders, who had backed the president’s trade initiative, pleaded with their conservative colleagues to support the deal to no avail, but the victory is only temporary as leaders vowed to bring Trade Promotion Authority and its companion Trade Adjustment Assistance welfare bill back on Tuesday.

“The world is watching us right now,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said before the vote.

Lawmakers voted 302-126 to rebuff Trade Adjustment Assistance legislation, which supports U.S. workers who have lost their jobs as a result of trade deals. Only 40 Democrats voted “yes,” along with 86 Republicans.

The House plans to reconsider TAA on Tuesday, giving Obama the weekend the lobby Democrats in hopes of saving the package.

Passage of TAA was necessary to advance TPA, which would fast-track a potential 12-nation trade deal with Pacific countries.

Members voted 219-211 on TPA after sinking TAA. The two must both be passed in order to be cleared for the president’s signature.

If TAA doesn’t pass the second time around, there are certainly more questions than answers on what happens next.

The procedural hurdles to bring TPA back to the floor are significant and unwieldy, but because there are currently the votes to pass that component of the trade package — as the House leadership saw in today's vote — GOP leaders will without question work to find a way to move it along in the days ahead.

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I would be suprised if the Oligarchs are not able to buy votes?

Its ashamed but they Oligarchs are intent upon passing this. Their henchmen and lackeys will split everything up to confuse everyone while they do their bidding. In the end they don't want this to fall back on them politically that's why fastrack is so important. There will be no accountability and no fallout for those who support it. At least now we know that Ted Cruz is not the sweet little innocent darling some people make him out to be and neither is Scott Walker.

Conservative Populist now must rely on liberal populist democrats to get the votes in order to defeat this. It might be too late though with all of the influence and promises that will be promised over the weekend. That's one reason why I am supporting Donald Trump. I am so tired and fed up with their lying schemes. Cruz lies and Walker lies and most all of them are nothing but a bunch of sold out liars. We need a President who knows how to deal with rogue nations like China.

TPA Goes Down

Reports on both of these bills were conflicting. On one hand we had Ted Cruz saying "yea" and Jeff Sessions saying "nay." Who knows what to think? My guiding principle was, "If Obama wants it, it has to be detrimental to the U.S."