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Our friend Mark Skousen, producer of FreedomFest, reports this year's FreedomFest promises to be another intellectual feast, and perhaps the summer's best collection of thinkers on economics and politics with over 250 speakers, panels and debates gathered under one roof. Time is short to register; use this link for FreedomFest 2015 registration or go here to view the complete program and here to view the list of speakers, including Glenn Beck, economist Stephen Moore, John Stossel of Fox News, columnist and author John Fund, Daniel McCarthy, editor of The American Conservative, WND's Joseph Farah and Steve Forbes. 

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The world's largest gathering of free minds is less than two weeks away, and the excitement is building with over 250 speakers, panels and debates -- and non-stop action for 3 glorious days.

We are now expecting a crowd of over 2,000 freedom lovers from around the world!  We have a packed exhibit hall with over 100 of your favorite freedom organizations and think tanks.  And lots of media coverage, including C-SPAN, the New Republic, Playboy, and Daily Mail ("the world's biggest newspaper").

What makes FreedomFest unique?  There are many things -- our many debates, the Anthem film festival, a 3-day investment conference, just to name three examples.

But for me, what really makes FreedomFest stand out is our intellectual feast:  3 glorious days where we talk and debate philosophy, history, science & technology, healthy living, art & literature, religion, etc.

As Robert Poole, Jr., co-founder of Reason magazine, puts it, "FreedomFest is the most intense, rewarding, intellectual, create-your-own 3 day conference I have ever attended."  (Mr. Poole will be joining us again this year.)

Other conferences focus entirely on politics (such as CPAC or the Western Conservative Summit), while others specialize in money and investments (such as the Money Show and Investment U). All of these organizations provide valuable insights to their attendees.

FreedomFest does both and much more!  See our complete program here.

We devote quite a few sessions to money & politics, and this year is no different -- we have Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Lee speaking...our dream debate between Paul Krugman and Steve Moore... Our mock trial on the Fed...and billionaire business leaders Steve Wynn, John Mackey, and Peter Thiel offering real solutions to our economic problems.  We have Naomi Brockwell, the Bitcoin Girl and opera singer, and Ladies of Liberty, including Katie Kieffer and Star Parker.  We also have the Stossel show on Thursday night and Glenn Beck on Friday night.

But there's more to life than political power and wealth-- much more.  As the great science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote, "Politics and economics are concerned with power and wealth, neither of which should be the primary, still less the exclusive, concern of full-grown men and women."

"Now for Something Fun and Different...."

I just reviewed our program and was amazed at the variety of topics.

  See our complete speaker list here:

-- John Mackey debate with Michael Shermer (Scientific American and Skeptic magazine) and Ron Bailey (Reason science editor) on "Spirituality vs. Materialism" on Saturday, July 11.  (Mackey's partner will be spiritual guru Marc Gafni - "someone you must meet" says John Mackey.)

-- Special Session on "Freud and the Interpretation of Dreams" with Bill Domhoff (professor of psychology, UC Santa Cruz), the world's foremost authority on dream interpretation.  "More than Einstein or Watson and Crick, more than Hitler or Lenin, Roosevelt or Kennedy, more than Picasso, Eliot, or Stravinsky, more than the Beatles or Bob Dylan, Freud's influence on modern culture has been profound and long-lasting."  Learn to interpret your dreams/nightmares at FreedomFest!

-- "Are We in Moral Progress or Decline?" A provocative panel with sociologist Charles Murray, Congressman Allen West, history professor Steven Watts, and Michael Shermer.

-- Richard Crepeau (University of Central Florida) on "The New National Pastime: Is it Football, Basketball, or Soccer?"

-- Dinesh D'Souza ("What's So Great about God") vs the late great Christopher Hitchens ("God is not Great," whose views we will try sharing via "séance") on "What's So Great about God?"...This session is one you have to see to believe!

-- JoAnn Skousen (Chapman University) on "Dreams Deferred:  Langston Hughes, Arthur Miller and the American Dream in Literature."

-- FEE Day Special: Carrie Leggins will moderate a panel debate with Stephen Cox, Max Borders, Bob Murphy, and Doug Casey: "A Christian, an Atheist, and an Economist: What the Freedom Philosophy is (And What It Isn't)"

-- Steven Watts, history professor at Missouri, will speak on "Hugh Hefner, Playboy and the American Dream." Playboy began publishing in the 1950s.  What was the impact of the sexual revolution in America and the world?  Find out here.

-- Professor Ken Elzinga (University of Virginia's most popular professor) on "The Mysterious Case of the Invisible Hand:  Using Economics to Write Murder Mystery Novels."  He's written four novels (I've read them all and found them delightful.)

-- Professor Daniel Peterson (BYU Center for Arabic Studies) on "Abraham Divided:  Can There Ever Be Peace in the Middle East?"  Plus:  "Born Again in the USA:  The Future of Quakers, Mormons, Scientologists and Other American Religions."

-- Marc Eliot, Hollywood's #1 biography, on "John Wayne, America's Hero."  He will also join an Anthem film festival panel, "Top Ten Libertarian Films of All Time" with Doug Casey, Stephen Cox, Gary Alexander, and Jo Ann Skousen. He will also be presenting classic films in the evenings at 10pm. 

-- Congressman Allen West, historian Steven Watts, and libertarian Jim Powell, on "Benjamin Franklin, Booker T. Washington, and Dale Carnegie: the American Dream Come True."

-- Our resident philosopher Tom Palmer (Atlas Network) on "The Three Most Dangerous Philosophers of the 20th Century (Could Hayek Be One of Them?)"

-- Lawrence Reed, president of FEE, keynotes on "Democracy in America: Has Tocqueville's Prophecy Come True?"

-- Joseph Farah (World Net Daily) on "The Free Press Unbound: America's 200-Year Love Affair with Muckraking."

-- Art Benjamin, the world's #1 mathemagician. You won't believe his incredible performance with numbers until you see it - especially when he creates a magic square with your own birthday! He came to FreedomFest five years ago and was so popular that we had to get a much bigger room. (He also is planning to give gamblers some important insights on how to improve their skills at the craps table.)

The Fun Doesn't Stop There...

Don't forget our special breakfast and lunch events! Maximize your conference experience by attending a lunch with the

Women of Liberty, Peter Schiff, Yeonmi Park (the North Korean defector who's been taking the liberty scene by storm) and Peter Thiel. Or breakfasts with Stephen Moore, Grover Norquist or myself.

NOTE: The FreedomFest room block is full at Planet Hollywood.  But we were able to secure 20 more rooms at only $109 a night at the Paris Resort, next door to Planet Hollywood.  If you would like to join us, I suggest you call PH hotel reservations right away toll-free at 1-866-317-1829, or Paris reservations toll-free 1-877-603-4389

And please register here:

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