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Rainbow Jihad Launches Religious War In America

ISIS murdering Christians in Libya

Our friend Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review has coined a new term we think aptly describes the war the radical homosexual political lobby and its Leftwing allies have launched against faithful Jews and Christians: the “Rainbow Jihad.”

We find the term “Rainbow Jihad” introduced in Horowitz’s article “Religious Liberty: The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time” particularly apt in describing how believers have become virtual slaves to radical homosexual provocateurs who have made a cottage industry out of identifying and then attacking through lawsuits and “equal rights” complaints, believing artisans, such as wedding photographers, and small businesses, such as bakeries and pizza parlors, owned by believers.

As we described in our articles Christian Small Business in Colorado Gets the Chick-fil-A Treatment, A 21st Century Dred Scott Decision Makes Slaves of Christians and Will Arizona Free Its Christian Slaves? Believers who, based on their religious beliefs, do not wish to participate in same-sex “marriages” are being forced to do so by homosexuals who are deploying the full force and coercive power of local, state and federal government agencies against them.

As Gary Bauer once observed, “The gay-rights movement is instinctively totalitarian. It seeks nothing less than the total and complete acceptance of gay marriage and the repudiation of marriage as it has existed through all human history and in the traditions of every major world religion. Until that happens, their immediate goal is to try to marginalize anyone who expresses a dissenting view in public.”

To force someone to do labor against their will is the very definition of slavery and that is nothing less than what the radical homosexual lobby and their secular liberal allies have been using courts across America to do.

Now that the Supreme Court has mandated that every state change its laws to accommodate same-sex “marriage” this persecution is only going to get worse.

As Daniel Horowitz observed, “Americans of faith are now facing the worst form of coercion – one that can destroy their livelihood and violate their private property rights – to service something that has more fervor and rigidity of conformity than any major religion.  At what point is this not considered the state establishment of a religion? Should the fact that pagan orthodoxy and the homosexual agenda hold less legitimacy as an official religion grant it more latitude to subjugate the public than official religions?”

It’s time, said Horowitz, for someone to speak the truth “and recognize that states like Oregon are also violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.  Ironically, the Left always accuses conservatives of establishing a state religion merely by displaying Judeo-Christian symbols in public – symbols and expressions that have been used in our government since the signing of the Constitution.  Nobody has ever been coerced into servicing Christianity and nobody has suffered the loss of their livelihood at the hand of the state for not engaging in involuntary servitude for a Christian ceremony.”

Framers of the Constitution drafted it to protect the freedoms of speech and of religion for a reason.  They wanted to create a new nation where baker Jack Phillips wouldn’t have to make the choice between closing down his business and closing down his beliefs – where tyrants couldn’t destroy him for his faith – and where he would be free to practice his faith in his everyday life as he sees fit and as the Bible commands.

As Daniel Horowitz put it, and we agree, “Our nation is facing a number of existential threats – from illegal immigration and Obamacare to Iran and sundry national security problems.  But nothing is more of a clear and present danger to the foundation of our democracy than the war on religious liberty.  It’s time for the conservative movement – inside and outside of Washington – to unite behind an intrepid fight aside from the Ex-Im Bank. We can recover from a bad corporate welfare bill or a highway bill. We will never recover from a secular inquisition that is more aggressive in its ‘religious’ fervor than what we’ve seen even from former communist states.”

It’s time to say plainly that the Left’s campaign against believing Christians and Jews isn’t just a public policy disagreement anymore. Much like ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Left has escalated their campaign against believers into a war to extirpate Judeo-Christian religious belief and practice from the geography they occupy and all of America is now the target in their Rainbow Jihad.

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Time for reverse jihad

It's time for right thinking Christian people to hold a reverse jihad. Rid the world of evil doers. It will soon be too late. God will provide and protect those who fight for him.