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Cruz Scores Bridenstine Endorsement

Ted Cruz and jim Bridenstine


Ted Cruz scored a major coup over the weekend when he picked-up the endorsement of principled limited government constitutional conservative Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine.

Bridenstine, one of the principled House members who voted against the re-election of House Speaker John Boehner, is one of the House of Representatives’ most consistent voices for limited government and a favorite of Tea Party conservatives.

In an exclusive op-ed on Breitbart Bridenstine outlined why he endorses and supports Senator Cruz for the Republican nomination for President:

Beating Hillary Clinton requires a Republican nominee who will energize all elements of the Republican Party: fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives, values voters, and constitutional conservatives.

Nominating a milquetoast Republican who fails to gain the support of the whole party will cripple Republican enthusiasm and shrink turnout just as it has in previous elections. Since the media is going to chastise Republicans for rejecting the liberal agenda, let’s nominate a solid conservative, energize the Republican Party, and win.

Bridenstine went on to note that he supports Cruz in large measure because of their shared Christian faith and Cruz’s intellectual gifts in defending that faith saying, “Ted Cruz’s courage is grounded in his Christian faith and complimented by amazing intellect and legal training. Before shocking the establishment by overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to become a U.S. Senator, Ted Cruz was the Solicitor General for Texas. During that time, he argued nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court — including a Ten Commandments case. The Ten Commandments monument still stands on the Texas State Capitol grounds. He also clerked for conservative Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Even liberal Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz describes Ted Cruz as among the brightest students he has ever taught… not that Harvard professors are quality sources for political advice.”

Congressman Jim Bridenstine joins Texas Representaitves Louie Gohmert,  Michael Burgess, John Culberson, John Ratcliffe and Brian Babin to become the sixth member of Congress to endorse Cruz.

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