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GOP “Leaders” Trying To Lie Their Way Through Another Crisis

On numerous occasions we’ve documented to readers of CHQ how lying has become the preferred alternative of the Washington elite, and especially the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill “leadership.”

GOP House leadershipWhile lying about the budget and spending is one of the easiest of these transgressions to prove, the GOP “leadership” routinely engages in what one might call “policy lies” about such matters as whether or not the Corker bill will stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program – it won’t – and how the Republican “leadership” had a plan to stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegal aliens – they didn’t.

The latest of these “policy lies” is that, in the wake of the national outrage over the murder of Kate Steinle, the House Republican leadership has any intention of ending the illegal and unconstitutional “sanctuary” policies of Democratic cities and states that purport to nullify federal immigration laws.

The cue that the House Republican “leadership” is lying about their intentions on ending so-called “sanctuary cities” is that House leadership has decided to bypass the committee process and ignore the time and work the members of the Judiciary Committee put into marking up and passing the Davis-Oliver Act (H.R. 1148).

The Davis-Oliver Act, introduced by Chairman Trey Gowdy, would not only prevent sanctuary jurisdictions from ignoring ICE detainers and releasing criminal aliens, it would also immunize state and local law enforcement officers who protect our communities by honoring detainers. Equally important, it would significantly curtail ICE's practice of releasing tens of thousands of criminal aliens each year. Had this bill been enacted in time, Kate Steinle, Grant Ronnebeck, Josh Wilkerson, Jamiel Shaw, Jr., and thousands of others might be alive today.

Congress has received a clear mandate from the American people that it is finally time to stop the release of criminal aliens onto our streets.

A number of solid proposals, such as the well thought out Davis-Oliver Act, “Kate’s Law” introduced by Ted Cruz, and Rep. Louie Gohmert’s bill to end DC’s “sanctuary” policies are available to address the illegal alien crime problem which, as Ms. Steinle’s murder demonstrates, has reached epidemic proportions.

We join NumbersUSA and other immigration security organizations in commending all the members of Congress who responded to that call with targeted legislation to address certain parts of the criminal alien crisis. The Hunter sanctuary bill (H.R. 3009) is one such piece of targeted legislation.

However, as the sole legislative response of Congress to this criminal alien crisis, H.R. 3009 is wholly inadequate.

This tells us that the House Republican “leadership” really has no intention of using the tools the Constitution gives them to end the outrageous and unconstitutional “sanctuary” policies that have turned thousands of criminal aliens loose on the streets of our country to visit upon Americans an unprecedented wave of murder, rape, drug dealing and other crimes.

So put the Hunter bill on the list as another “policy lie” that Republican “leaders” will tell you solves the “sanctuary” and criminal alien problem, when in fact the only thing this lie “solves” is their cynical need to get rid of the immediate public relations problem the murder of Ms. Steinle has handed them.

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