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It’s Not About Trump – It’s About The Failures Of The Republican Establishment

The Republican establishment is in a panic about the rise of Donald Trump and how he has dominated the debate and set the agenda for the early stages of the Republican presidential nomination.

Donald TrumpWith the first debate only a few weeks away they are desperate to silence Trump and marginalize his issues, but every time they attack him his numbers go up.

What the Republican establishment, and the Washington political elite in general can’t seem to grasp is Trump’s support is coming from the same place in American politics that the 2009 Tea Party movement came from.

As I documented in my book TAKEOVER, the Tea Party movement came about as a rebellion against the Big Government Republican establishment and the entrenched leadership of the Republican Party.

It was the failure of the Republican establishment to fight Obama, as much as it was grassroots opposition to Obama’s policies, such as the bailouts, Obamacare and the growth of spending and the debt that fueled the rise of the Tea Party.

In 2009 country class voters looked at what Obama was doing and thought, “We’re losing our country and Republican leaders won’t even fight for it,” and the Tea Party movement was born.

And in the same way, the rise of Donald Trump as a contender for the Republican nomination is not about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

It’s about the failures of the Republican establishment, especially the GOP’s Capitol Hill leadership, to do what they promised to do and fight Obama’s policies with all the tools the Constitution gives them.

What feeds Trump’s poll numbers is his willingness to tell it like it is and remind voters that the Republican establishment lied in 2014 and once elected did exactly the opposite of what they promised in the 2014 midterm campaign.

They promised to defund Obamacare – they fully funded it.

They promised to secure the border and end amnesty – they engaged in a transparent fraud on voters and backed down when Obama held his ground, so when it came time to pass the Department of Homeland Security appropriation they gave Obama everything he wanted, and then some.

They promised to block the Iran nuclear weapons program – instead they passed the Corker bill and all but guaranteed Iran’s radical Muslim theocracy will shortly become a nuclear armed state destabilizing the entire Middle East and threatening Israel with annihilation.

The list goes on, but you get the point. Voters don’t like the leaders of the Republican establishment, they don’t trust them because they’ve lied and failed to keep their campaign promises over and over and over again.

What Donald Trump is doing is holding up a mirror to the failures of the Republican leadership.

The reflection isn’t pretty – and Trump’s poll numbers show voters sure don’t like what they see.

Donald Trump is no movement conservative, but he’s giving voters an alternative to the Republican establishment that they’ve never had before and every attack from RINOs like Lindsey Graham and establishment Republican politicians like Rick Perry adds rocket fuel to Trump’s rise.

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It’s Not About Trump – It’s About The Failures Of The Republican

Some of it is about Trump. It's important that he's brash, rich, and not beholden to the establishment. Not everything, of course, but in Reagan's era, a lot of it was about Reagan.

Throw out the Rino's

Senator Cruz today called out McConnell as a liar and he is dead on. Again today, Clinton's e-mail show classified information sent via her personnel accounts . Where is the out rage. Why hasn't Boehner allowed Gowdy to appoint a Special Council. These RINO's are complicit with all these illegal acts and should never be re-elected again. The people who are laughting at Trump need to listen closely to the true he speaks. Forget the bluster just listen to the facts. He is so right . Washington is broken and the people need to rise up and call out ALL of our feckless Representatives.

Dead on.......

This is exactly what happened and is happening. The people of the United States are looking for someone to step up, discuss the issues and get something done. The people believe Donald Trump will get something done as the Republican status quo is not getting it done. You are right, they did not keep their promises and they were warned by the voters if they didn't they would be voted out of office. We the people need to vote for leadership. Watch how your Senators and Representatives vote so you know if you need to vote them in or out.