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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Are you listening GOP establishment?

We start today with news that Mike Huckabee continues to draw fire -- and also praise -- regarding his blunt comments on Obama’s awful Iranian nuclear sham. Conservatives are commending his boldness and liberals are expressing their typical feigned outrage at Huckabee’s invoking of the Holocaust in comparison to Obama’s actions.
Mike Huckabee
Jay Homnick of the American Spectator adds some perspective to the conversation, arguing the same Jewish secular establishment that refused to “break the government’s rules” to assist in the actual Holocaust is now ganging up on Huckabee. Homnick, who is Jewish, clearly states that Huckabee’s on the right side in this one.

While the African American vote has remained steady for Democrats over the years, there are signs the Jewish vote is starting to weaken in its allegiance to the party. No doubt Obama’s anti-Israel actions throughout his administration will give many Jews pause, regardless of Huckabee’s words.

Beyond the potential to attract Jewish votes, this story from Breitbart reveals that Huckabee’s campaign website traffic shot up 100% after his comments on the Iran deal and his Facebook page reached more than seven million followers.

Are you listening, GOP establishment?

Civility without substance = electoral defeat

In contrast, Jeb Bush’s milquetoast, Romney-like boring rhetoric and promises to enact comprehensive immigration reform (aka, amnesty) don’t get anyone excited. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee are drawing more support simply because they’re willing to speak out and stand up to the Obama/Clinton bullies – and those in the Republican Party as well.

Next week’s debate should show who’s passionate and who’s “civil.” The establishment loves civility, don’t they?

Rand Paul: I’m losing ground because there are too many candidates

Another candidate who’s been accused of a lackluster campaign is Rand Paul. Not true, answers Paul, in this piece from the Boston Globe. “What you are seeing right now in the polls is the media giving about a billion in free publicity to one particular candidate,” Paul said. “If the media decides they want to give me a billion in free publicity, I would welcome it at anytime.”

Paul essentially explains away his drop in the polls by saying the size of the GOP field is lowering everyone’s numbers and the media is favoring the loudest candidates.

That could be true, though Paul’s libertarian positions aren’t garnering him much favor from a conservative electorate that’s more focused on terrorism and immigration.

Scott Greer of the Daily Caller expands on this point. “As evidenced by their poll numbers and large crowds they draw, the messages of Trump and Bernie Sanders are what’s resonating with the American public. Instead of a libertarian moment, we’re having a populist moment.”

Rand Paul is a smart man who’s had the guts to champion a number of important causes that many politicians wouldn’t even touch (remember his filibuster on drones a couple years back?). He will likely re-energize his campaign during the debate season and survive long enough to at least take part in the early primaries and caucuses.

But if he doesn’t fix some of these issues, it’s clear he’s not going to get very far.

“I don't think this election is going to be won by a nice person.”

Those are the words of Donald Trump, who appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News program (the story is from Susan Jones of CNS News).

Trump elaborated: “I think people want competence for a change. We need compet--we need really, really, smart, competent people. And if we don't get that kind of leader and leadership in particular at the level of the president, this country is in big trouble."

He went on to challenge Jeb Bush’s assertion that the candidates watch their tone. “We need energy, we need enthusiasm and we need a much tougher tone. Not a weaker tone."

Again, is the establishment listening?

Trump started all the “tone” talk with his clearly stated views on immigration. Here’s yet another well thought-out treatment (by Alex Alexiev at American Thinker) on the subject that basically confirms Trump’s viewpoint. Alexiev says if the Republicans end up avoiding going over the immigration cliff, they’ll owe a lot to Trump.

It’s about being human

Ben Carson (Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were there, too) attended an anti-Planned Parenthood rally on Tuesday.

"It shouldn't matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, it should matter whether you're a human being," Carson pointed out.

It’s simple enough for most of us to understand. Why is it so hard for the Republican elites?

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