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Just Be Yourself Mr. Trump

Much of this past week’s political news has involved a pundit of some sort addressing some version of the following question: “How will the other Republican presidential candidates prepare for the first debate with Donald Trump on the stage?”

Leave it to the inside the Beltway political class and their consultants and “strategists” to reduce the preparation for the first Republican presidential debate to the equivalent of a freshman biology exam – all cramming of facts and formulas and no actual understanding of the principles involved.

Tea PartyTrump isn’t running at the head of the pack because he knows who the President of Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan is, as Herman Cain put it so memorably back in 2011 in the lead-up to the 2012 presidential primary season.

He’s leading in the polls because he’s speaking for millions of country class Americans who want their country back, and are furious at the “fundamental change” a lawless President has imposed upon it in the face of feckless – no make that cowardly – Republican failure to execute their constitutional duty to rein-in a usurping executive.

And naturally trashing Donald Trump and building-up the establishment candidates is part of the strategy.

John Weaver, senior adviser to the campaign of Ohio Gov. John Kasich (who also ran John McCain’s campaign in 2000 and became a Democrat when McCain lost) offered this description of what the candidates other than Trump could face. In a tweet last Monday, he wrote: “Imagine a NASCAR driver mentally preparing for a race knowing one of the drivers will be drunk. That’s what prepping for this debate is like.”

In a POLITICO article on “debate prep” one New Hampshire Republican insider offered this advice to Jeb Bush, “The old maxim applies: Never wrestle with a pig… You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

An Iowa Republican insider told POLITICO, “Jeb Bush needs to introduce himself as a serious leader for serious times to a large and curious audience… I hope he stands next to Trump onstage. The comparison in knowledge, depth and quality will be apparent in the first 15 minutes.”

“Jeb Bush is still the perceived yet relatively untested front-runner,” a New Hampshire Republican insider told POLITICO. “With everyone questioning his fire in the belly for the job, he needs a strong performance before another cycle of ‘can he go the distance’ stories kick in.”

“He is the true front-runner,” an Iowa Republican insider said. “A lot of folks will be looking at him to see if he can break away from the pack and be the leader of the party.”

Well, “a lot folks” in the lobbyist offices on DC’s K Street maybe, but folks outside the Beltway in real America – they’ve already made up their minds about Jeb Bush.

Nationally, Bush is at best running 3 points behind Trump; in most polls he has half of Trump’s share of the market. (CNN has Trump at 18% and Bush at 15%; Quinnipiac has them at 20/10; Rasmussen has them at 26/10; ABC/Wash Post has them at 24/12)

If you look at the numbers in some of the early primary states it is even worse for Bush.

In Iowa Quinnipiac has Bush running a dismal sixth behind Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz.

In New Hampshire and South Carolina (long a Bush family stronghold) Jeb fares better, but he is still at half of Trump’s market share in the Monmouth and NBC/Marist polls in New Hampshire. In South Carolina the Winthrop and Gravis Marketing polls have the race neck-and-neck between Bush and Scott Walker, while South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham and his go-nowhere campaign soak-up the top or second spot in many other surveys of public opinion among the Palmetto State’s GOP primary voters.

As for debate “prep” Donald Trump said he wasn’t cramming for the debate. "I'd like to discuss the issues. I'm not looking to take anybody out or be nasty to anybody," he said in an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press." ''You have to counterpunch. But I'm not looking to start anything."

“These politicians, I always say, they’re all talk and no action. They debate all the time. They go out and debate every night. I don’t debate. I’ve built…I’ve created tremendous jobs. I’ve built a great company. And maybe my whole life is a debate in a way. But the fact is I’m not a debater and they are,” Trump told ABC News’s Jonathan Karl.

Donald Trump isn’t cramming for the debate because he doesn’t have to, he showed this weekend that he gets why he’s at the top of the national polls – and it’s not because he managed to memorize a bunch of poll-tested lines fed to him by rented “friends,” consultants and advisers – it’s because he’s speaking for millions of Americans who are fed-up with government by the political class, of the political class and for the political class.

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Just a personal perspective

As for me, and -I believe- most serious Americans who truly care for this country and are willing to do something positive for its future:


The Bush family had more that its fair share, and it is time for them to quit completely.

I hope that people wait until much later to begin making up their minds. It is way too early.


He's right on target for the common person. He's got money now but he has also been broke and knows what it feels like. He also knows legal Americans are tired at being at the bottom of the list with Obama and the current Congress.

I hope he goes the distance. The politicians are going to have to stand for something or get knocked down, which is as it should be.


It may be at first strange, but the fact that he can fund himself may insulate him from being bought off by 'the ruling class'.

We need top-to-bottom revolution in this country - but any conservative president would be a good start.

Get rid of these communist-satanic-democrats and country-club-fat-republicans.

We the people

Liberty - reawakened