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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Trump coming back down to earth?

A couple post-debate polls showed Donald Trump to be either maintaining or increasing his lead, but the latest survey from Rasmussen shows him losing one-third of his support. He still leads, however.

Donald TrumpRasmussen added, “Senator Marco Rubio and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are in second place with 10% support each, in a near tie with Carly Fiorina and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who both earn nine percent (9%) of the likely primary vote.”

Fiorina saw the biggest positive movement in the Rasmussen poll, gaining 8 points over her pre-debate support.

There’s still over a month to go until the next debate, but it looks increasingly likely that Fiorina will bump one of the previous top ten off stage. Who will it be? Al Weaver of the Washington Examiner speculates it’s probably one of these three: “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. The trio are currently sitting on the edge of debate cut off in new polling and could be in danger of missing out.”

With one of the top ten almost certain to fall, it also appears than none of the other “Happy Hour” debaters will rise up to the top-tier.

That’s a shame. Conservatives should hear more from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal – a solid conservative with a track record for cutting government and mixing it up with the establishment.

Carly lofts a bomb at Boehner and McConnell

Conservatives have been waiting to see how Carly Fiorina would handle questions about her views on Republican congressional leaders, and here’s her answer.

(From Breitbart) “I’m frustrated. People worked incredibly hard–tens of thousands of activists across the country spent their time, energy, and money to win this historic majority in the House and a majority in the Senate. Change was promised, but people don’t see that change…It’s a leader’s job to produce results. The leadership in the Senate and the House need to produce results… or they need to step aside.”

Notice she says “produce results” rather than the wishy-washy phrasing of establishment Republicans, who often echo Democrats in saying politicians need to “get things done.”

Congress has been getting plenty of things done since the Republicans took over – and most of it concerns putting a stamp of approval on the Obama agenda.

Also of note (in the Breitbart story), Fiorina said she would consider a government shutdown to defund Planned Parenthood. This is a bit of a reversal of her past views towards a government shutdown

If Fiorina’s positions have indeed evolved, it could be because Republican congressional leaders are disliked by most Americans – including by Republicans.

From Politico: “Among Republicans, too, Boehner and McConnell are not that all well-liked. Just 37 percent of self-identified Republicans said they have a favorable view of Boehner, compared to 42 percent unfavorable and 20 percent with no opinion. McConnell earned a 34 percent favorability rating among Republicans, with 32 percent unfavorable and 34 percent who had no opinion of their Senate leader.”

Certainly Fiorina sees the waves of popular opinion going against Boehner and McConnell. Her leadership instincts tell her she needs to speak out.

Fiorina’s also showing leadership in other areas. For example, as David French writes in National Review, her arguments in combating the left’s climate agenda may end up being more effective than her opponents’.

“The short version of Fiorina’s argument is this: If the scientific consensus is that man-made climate change is real, there is also consensus that America, acting alone, cannot stop it.”

So why do something that would harm the American economy when it likely won’t do any good? Fiorina’s got a good case there.

She’s also out front on combating crony capitalism (as Mike Tanner writes in National Review). Several of the candidates have unbreakable ties to the business community that involve favors and government picking winners and losers. That list certainly includes Donald Trump.

Fiorina doesn’t. At least nothing that would appear to stick.

The good news for Carly fans is she’s becoming known not only for her well-reasoned issue positions, but also for her leadership in articulating the real problems to Americans… and then proposing solutions people can understand.

Fuel for another Trump attack on a debate moderator?

Just as it looks like we’ve gotten beyond the Donald Trump/Megyn Kelly food fight comes news (Matthew Boyle of Breitbart reports) that Hugh Hewitt (who will moderate the CNN debate along with Jake Tapper) has said on numerous occasions that Trump lacks the “temperament” to be president.

Hewitt is paid to express his opinions, but if it’s widely known that he is against a candidate, how can he be seen as credible in asking that person questions?

As if facing another hostile debate moderator isn’t enough for The Donald, he’s also taking heat over his recent Planned Parenthood comments from Pro-life activist Lila Rose.

“Trump’s vacillation on Planned Parenthood funding is deeply troubling, and reveals an ignorance about their horrific abortion practices–their killing over 320,000 children a year, and bartering to sell the body parts of those they abort. It’s obvious from Mr. Trump’s comments that he has not watched the Planned Parenthood videos released by Center for Medical Progress,” Rose said in a statement.

Trump’s contradictory statements and odd behavior have many still wondering what to make of his candidacy.

For those so confused, Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics has four suggestions.

This is a must-read for some real perspective on the Trump candidacy. Apart from his issue stances, there’s history to suggest that more time is needed to see exactly where The Donald will end up.

Lastly on Trump, there’s Timothy Carney’s look at the “rat that roared.” Whereas Trende’s analysis focuses on a professional’s take on Trump, Carney says The Donald will basically just whine himself out of the race… eventually.

Good stuff.

Republican candidates wobble but don’t fall down.

Finally today, for the GOP hopefuls who seem to be hanging on by a thread, Super PAC money will keep them in the race in hopes of having a “breakthrough moment.”

The Politico story specifically mentions Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul, all of whom have undergone staff turmoil and fundraising woes of late.

Money may keep them going, but something needs to happen to allow them to dislodge those closer to the top. Time will tell, but it’s always better to be adequately funded and doing well in the polls, no matter what stage the race is in.

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Complete Globalist Insiders

Carly Fiorina is a complete Globalist Insider as are most of the writers for the rubbish publication national review. Rockefeller Globalists are the same ones that swore to destroy the only true conservative in my life time who was Senator Barry Goldwater.

Goldwater talks in his memoirs about George Romney, Nelson and David Rockefeller and the Globalist Eastern Establishment ruling class who William F. Buckley finally succumbed into joining up with.

They are trying to do the same thing to Donald Trump.