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Why Is Dr. Ben Carson Being Shut Out?

Dr. Ben Carson may be the most underrated candidate in the top tier of the Republican presidential primary field.

Ben CarsonIn defiance of the analysts’ take on his Fox News debate performance (Including our own “Carson often looked a little lost, like he – a neurosurgeon – had suddenly found himself on stage with a group of violinists or some other group to which he didn’t belong, but he gamely played along”) Carson has risen in the polls.

Indeed, despite his somewhat uneven performance in the debate Ben Carson has risen to the top-tier of the three polls released following the first Republican presidential debate Thursday night.

Our friend Mike Flynn writing for Breitbart says a new poll from CNN/ORC finds Donald Trump dominating likely caucus-goers in Iowa. Somewhat more surprising, says Flynn, is that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has surged into second place, edging out long-time Iowa frontrunner Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

The poll, of more than 500 caucus-goers, found Trump in first with 22 percent, followed by Carson with 14 percent. Walker dropped to third, with just 9 percent support followed by Ted Cruz with 8 percent.

“Frontrunner” Jeb Bush is back in the pack of the CNN/ORC poll with just 5 percent.

Judging by the polls that have come out in the week since the debate it seems the “winners” were Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson.

Yet Carson was even not invited to Erick Erickson’s RedState gathering, to which Trump was disinvited, and Erickson managed to get egg on his face as he was caught lying about whether or not an invitation had been extended to the good Doctor.

Flynn says political pundits may try to dismiss the Trump surge as something unique to his nearly ubiquitous personality, but the rise of candidates including Carson, Fiorina, Cruz and, to some extent Walker, shows an eagerness by voters to break with anything that reeks of Washington or the establishment.

And there’s probably no candidate in the field (including Trump) who reeks less of the Washington establishment than Dr. Carson.

And Carson has some very interesting positions that challenge the Washington status quo.

Of particular interest is his flat tax plan based on the Biblical concept of tithing, which he explained yesterday to Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney:

You make $10 billion, you pay a billion. You make $10, you pay one [dollar]. [Of] course I would get rid of all the deductions and all of the loopholes but here’s the key, people, they look at a guy who put in a billion dollars, he’s got $9 billion left, that’s not fair -- we need to take more of his money. That’s called socialism. And what made America … a great nation was we had a very different attitude. We would say he just put in a billion dollars, let’s create an environment that’s even better for him so that next year he can make $20 billion and put in $2 billion. That’s how we went from nowhere to the pinnacle of the world in record time. And it’s growth, it’s not taking what’s there and dividing it up and making it smaller.

Carson also has an interesting take on the “war on poverty” and the Left’s poverty industry that other Republican presidential candidates would do well to pick up on.

We spent over $19 trillion eradicating poverty. Has it worked? You know we have 10 times more people on food stamps, more poverty, incarceration, crime, broken families, out of wedlock births, everything that was supposed to get better is not only worse -- it’s much worse… What we do know that works is that [when] people take an interest in other people and they invest in them and personal relationships develop -- that’s what brings people out of poverty.

Of course the Capitol Hill Republican establishment has been among the great facilitators of the $19 trillion poverty industry debacle, but unlike Trump Dr. Carson doesn’t attack them directly.

And that may be part of the secret of his rise in the polls.

Carson has always been at the top of the polls in terms of “likability” or “favorability.” Back in March Gallup did a poll that found Carson had a higher favorability rating than every other potential 2016 presidential candidate, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to Democratic polling firm PPP, after the Fox News debate Carson has the highest favorability among Republican primary voters in Iowa — 69% view him favorably, as opposed to 10% who don't. That number is up significantly from PPP's poll in April. And it outpaces Trump, who just 46% of Republican voters in Iowa view favorably.

It appears to us that Dr. Carson may occasionally be little unsteady on some policy questions, but he has mastered the first rule of salesmanship: get the customer to like you.

Dr. Carson deserves better treatment than he is getting from the Republican political establishment because let’s face it – Ben Carson can learn about policy, but there’s nothing that can make Donald Trump and Jeb Bush more likeable.

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Nice, but naive

I've met the good doctor a few times, and listened to him carefully.
He's a good man, a great doctor, but unsuitable for the job toward which he is being pushed by people who were originally starstruck over his 2013 Prayer Breakfast performance.

When he thinks on his feet, it is not from conservative or constitutional principles, but because he thinks he can come up with better ideas on the fly.
A 10% tithe won't work if you're not willing to cut the Federal government in half, and he doesn't grasp that.
Asked about education, he was full of interesting ideas - that he wants the Dept of Ed to pursue - How about closing it??
He says he's for the 2nd amendment, but again, don't ask a random question about guns and violence, or he'll sound more like the NIH than the NRA.
On the personal level, he suffers from CRS - Can't Remember .... Supporters - people who have met him several times complain that he has no idea who they are, even on a third or fourth encounter. Compare that with Perry, Fiorina, or almost any of the others.
He's dangerously naive - look up Mannatech, for whom he was a paid pitchman from 2004-2014, even though Texas sued them in 2007, and colleagues at Johns-Hopkins are adamantly against the shameless hucksterism of the company - does he actually seek and take advice??

The black balling from the conservative elites

I'm not really surprised with these elitist egotists!!! It's their way or the highway!! Ignore these prideful, "god-like" beings as just another bump on your way to victory. The book of Daniel is so reassuring. Focus and one step at the time. There will always be snakes crawling out of their pits, just shake them off such as Paul did! Dr. Carson, you have been an inspiration to me, and very refreshing to witness such a spirit of peace as you exude!

God bless you and Candy real good,

Carson vs. Trump

Dr. Carson admittedly is a fine man, but I've yet to find any black man including Dr. Carson who understands what the black community actually needs to lift them out of the popular negative crime-ridden image they, along with the do-gooder liberal community, have mutually created.

The black community should be treated exactly as the caucasian community -- no special assistance, but plenty of available good education and jobs of all kinds, including picking beans, apples, and strawberries. Anyone of any ethnicity who doesn't work doesn't eat, except for those physically unable to work. I dare say, we wouldn't need so many migrant workers if all physically able food stamp recipients decided it is better to work and learn than go without food. Donald Trump understands this simple fact and is a proven success in the business industry.

Black community

You haven't listened to the right black people.
Try Herman Cain - now out of politics and back on the radio.
Try Allen West - a real leader.
Try Star Parker, who escaped from the welfare trap and is trying to lead others out of it.