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Trump and Cruz Voters Hold the Key to Electing a Conservative Congress

The Republican establishment has made no secret of its distaste for – wait for it – the conservatives who handed the GOP control of the House and Senate in the 2014 midterm election.

So, rather than pursue the conservative agenda they promised in the run-up to the election they’ve decided to US Capitoljoin with anti-conservative organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to attack their fellow Republicans.

We will have more to say later about the unprecedented media blitz by establishment Republican do-boys that has been taking place over the past week or so, but suffice it to say that this is a well-planned attack on conservatives and not part of the August silly season in which the Washington media, not having Congress in town to furnish the entertainment, usually pursues weird political stories and scandalous goings-on amongst Washington’s D list.

Back in July Politico’s Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman quoted International Franchise Association President and CEO Steve Caldeira, who is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s public affairs committee, as saying the group is going to stay “maniacally focused” on what made it very successful in the 2014 election cycle.

“The fact that there are still members of the Republican House that are obstructionist, isolationists that would be willing to shut down the government only reinforces that the Chamber and the business community, for that matter, will double down on this winning formula,” Caldeira said. “I believe they are going to continue to be involved early in candidate recruitment to find candidates that have the willingness to run, the courage to govern once they get to D.C., and hopefully work in a bipartisan manner to get things done.”

Of course those members of Congress whom Mr. Caldeira calls “obstructionist, isolationists” are those populist conservatives who don’t think it is a good idea for millions of illegal aliens to be granted amnesty to staff his members’ fast food restaurants to the detriment of the native-born Americans who might otherwise take those jobs to mount the first rung of the economic ladder, fill the gap in their stagnant family incomes or pay for a higher education.

House GOP leadership sources told Sherman and Palmer they are unaware of and don’t support any attempt to target sitting GOP lawmakers. But, say the Politico reporters, the Chamber’s internal dialogue comes as House Republican leaders have struggled to maintain discipline in their ranks. Recent attempts to crack down on dissenting lawmakers have backfired.

But as we reported previously, the House leadership – in particular Speaker John Boehner – has its own stealth effort to take out conservatives.

In our article “Jeb Bush, John Boehner And The Anti-Reagan Republican Establishment” we exposed the viciously personal and bizarrely antagonistic attempts by Speaker John Boehner and the Republican congressional leadership to marginalize members of the House Republican Conference who do not hew to their Big Government – Big Business agenda.

Boehner’s former Chief of Staff, and closest political and personal confidant, Barry Jackson, is a principal in an operation that has already funded attack ads against conservative members of the House Republican Conference, including conservative heroes Rep. Louie Gohmert, Jim Bridenstine and Jim Jordan.

Setting aside the possibility that this represents an unlawful coordination of effort between the Speaker and an outside group to attack members of his own Conference, it demonstrates just how corrupt the House Republican leadership has become through the establishment of a revolving door between Capitol Hill Republican insiders and the big money interests who have spent billions backing the open borders policies that are destroying the American middle class.

But it gets better – or rather worse for the future of liberty and American exceptionalism.

Earlier this year the Boehner-allied American Action Network placed a $350,000 TV campaign for Reps. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, Susan Brooks and Todd Young of Indiana and Dan Benishek of Michigan all of whom voted for the bill to fund Obama’s executive amnesty and who potentially face limited government constitutional conservative primary challenges because of that vote. (Ellmers, by the way, is already being primaried by limited government constitutional conservative Frank Roche.)

And in what has to be one of the most cynical lies the Republican establishment has perpetrated recently the group’s ad, tailored for each establishment Republican, tells constituents to thank their congressman for “fighting for a stronger and safer America.”

It is time grassroots, limited government constitutional conservatives went RINO hunting and got the real story out about who in Congress is “fighting for a stronger and safer America” and who is corruptly serving the interests of Big Business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie argued in his book TAKEOVER,

…for more than a hundred years, we conservatives have had our political guns trained on the wrong target. We’ve been focused on defeating the liberal, Big Government Democrats, when the first, and most important, roadblock to our goal of governing America according to conservative principles is the progressive, Big Government Republicans.

During the entire centuries-long civil war in the Republican Party, the progressive establishment leadership of the GOP has been selling the notion that the Democrats and the liberals are the problem, and that if conservatives would only line up behind establishment Republicans and put them in charge of the federal government, the growth of government and America’s slide toward socialism would stop.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have taken that truth and ridden it to the top of the polls because their supporters understand that the Republican establishment is the problem. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are at the top of the polls because they have correctly made the Republican establishment the THEM in “send THEM” a message.

What the Republican establishment and its U.S. Chamber of Commerce allies fear beyond anything else, including the election of Hillary Clinton as President, is that those voters who support Donald Trump and Ted Cruz can be welded into a cohesive grassroots populist conservative army committed to breaking the “Washington cartel.”

These voters are such a potent threat to the DC establishment and crony government because they already realize that to save the country we must first and foremost get rid of THEM – the establishment Republican “leaders” who are, and have been, the primary impediment to governing America according to constitutional conservative principles. To learn more about how you can help please go to

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Excellent Article..Cruz/Walker is the ticket for me.

Republican Big Gov. Traitors

My preference would be Trump and Carson ticket, with Cruz taking over for spineless McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.

Cruz in the Sen. Majority position would be invaluable, while Ben Carson would be the connection to blacks, not as a token of Democrat's so called 'House Negro', but as an example of a self made man who overcame all the handicaps of his birth and low income single parent family, but as an example for all who are not yet traumatized by Dem's "Description of Black's Place" in America.

I understand the Liberal media will have a field day with this combination. but reality will ultimately come out ahead and win.