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What Does It Take To Be An Establishment Republican “Strategist”?

Yesterday, we noted the unprecedented media attacks against the Republican Party’s conservative base coming from – of all sources – alleged Republican “strategists,” such as Cheri Jacobus and Rick Wilson.

Rick Wilson Cheri JacobusWe will stipulate that when we disagree with our fellow conservatives we say so, and we say why, and that we are not bashful about calling out establishment Republicans for their regular abandonment of conservative principles and especially for the cynical lies they use to try to cover their tracks when they do so.

We will further stipulate that sometimes we put those disagreements in attention-grabbing headlines, such as “Ann Coulter Is Full Of It” and sometimes in less catchy, but thoughtful ones, such as “Why We Must (Gently) Disagree With Rich and Ramesh.”

But we must also stipulate that any moron can open a Twitter account and start trashing those with whom they disagree, but that doesn’t make that person a political “strategist,” it merely makes them a Twitter troll.

Which is why we find it someplace between amusing and appalling that the establishment media regularly appoints trolls like Cheri Jacobus and Rick Wilson as Republican “strategists,” when their qualifications to the title rest not on a long series of successful campaigns, but on their ability to pack an insult against the voters Republicans need to win into a tweet.

When Wilson surfaced a week or so ago to trash Donald Trump and the 20+ percent of Republican primary voters who apparently agree with his message about the failures of the Republican establishment to actually deliver on their promises of less spending, securing the border and standing for American exceptionalism we went looking for a list of Mr. Wilson’s successful campaigns or the conservative organizations he advises – you can’t find it.

When Wilson issued a string of vulgar jibes aimed at Ann Coulter we went looking for his scholarly analysis of poll results or turnout numbers or TV rating points to justify his claims of being a political "strategist" but they're nowhere to be found through Google.

All you can find about Wilson is a claim to be a “GOP message and media guy” who doesn’t apologize, which sounds to us a whole lot more like the biography of a Twitter troll than the biography of a Republican political “strategist.”

Ms. Jacobus on the other hand has a long biography of working with the Republican establishment; at the Republican National Committee, for longtime House Minority Leader Republican Representative Bob Michael, for Republican apostate former Congressman Wayne Gilchrest, and for the House Education and Workforce Committee when it was Chaired by establishment Republican William F. Goodling of Pennsylvania, who succeeded his father George A. Goodling to a seat in Congress and served in the House (most of the time in the minority) for 26 years.

Does Ms. Jacobus have a record of “success” as a political “strategist”?

Absolutely, but it is success in selling the kind of content free go-along-get-along Republicanism that has been soundly defeated in presidential campaign after presidential campaign (See the re-election of George H.W. Bush, and the campaigns of Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney) and has led to the dilution of the Republican brand as the party of Ronald Reagan’s conservative principles and the breaking of the landslide-winning Reagan coalition.

It is the “success” of Mitt Romney winning the Republican nomination and the “success” of the current Capitol Hill Republican leadership’s corporatist agenda – the kind of “success” that would in November 2016 present American voters with the indistinguishable choice of Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton as President.

So when Ms. Jacobus starts trashing Donald Trump, calling “stupid” the conservative voters who see him as their message carrier to Washington, and trashing writers like Breitbart’s John Nolte who recognize that Trump’s message (if not Trump himself) holds the key to winning the 2016 presidential election, we understand for whom she is actually strategizing – and it is not America’s country class voters.

It is for the Big Business interests that have long footed the bill for her services.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are at the top of the polls because they have correctly made the Republican establishment the THEM in “send THEM” a message.

As we observed yesterday, there has been unprecedented media blitz by establishment Republican do-boys that has been taking place over the past week or so. This well-planned attack is occurring because

what the Republican establishment and its U.S. Chamber of Commerce allies fear beyond anything else, including the election of Hillary Clinton as President, is that those voters who support Donald Trump and Ted Cruz can be welded into a cohesive grassroots populist conservative army committed to breaking the “Washington cartel.”

These voters are such a potent threat to the DC establishment and crony government because they already realize that to save the country we must first and foremost get rid of THEM – the establishment Republican “leaders” who are, and have been, the primary impediment to governing America according to constitutional conservative principles. To learn more about how you can help please go to

CHQ Editor and “low information voter” George Rasley is a member of American MENSA and a veteran of over 300 political campaigns, including every Republican presidential campaign from 1976 to 2008. He served as lead advance representative for Governor Sarah Palin in 2008 and has served as a staff member, consultant or advance representative for some of America’s most recognized conservative Republican political figures, including President Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. He served in policy and communications positions on the House and Senate staff and during the George H.W. Bush administration he served on the White House staff of Vice President Dan Quayle.

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