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Scott Walker’s Disappointing Weathervane Campaign

Conservatives have long wondered whether Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker really had the commitment to conservative principles they were looking for in a 2016 Republican presidential candidate.  

Scott WalkerHowever, Walker’s top early poll numbers in Iowa, his record as the tough campaigner who took on the unions and won three elections in four years and his outreach to conservative leaders started to bring many conservatives around to the idea that Walker might just be the candidate to unite a conservative coalition that could defeat Jeb Bush in the primaries and Hillary Clinton in November. 

But then came Trump-mania and suddenly Walker went from polling number one in Iowa to number two or three depending on which poll you believe.  

And after Walker’s low voltage performance in the Fox News debate he stood tied with Mike Huckabee at number five in the Fox News national poll behind Trump, Carson, Cruz and Bush. 

Walker’s response to his precipitous decline in the polls has been both puzzling and disappointing to many conservatives who had been at least open to Walker, if not yet committed, because it has been such a transparent pandering to the mood of the moment. 

Perhaps the most obvious example of Walker’s pandering to regain some momentum has been his “me too” response to the wave of support Donald Trump has generated by carrying the message of those country class voters who demand the simple enforcement of their country’s immigration laws. 

Walker, always a little vague on where he stood on the hot button immigration issues has “evolved” from supporting amnesty, to opposing amnesty because he listened to voters, to now saying he, like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and others wants to build a wall to secure the border. 

Walker’s “evolution” on border security is welcome, but it begs the question, where was he when Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and a handful of House conservatives were battling Obama and the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leadership over the CRomnibus and the funding of the Department of Homeland Security that was supposed to stop amnesty? 

But while Governor Walker’s evolution on amnesty, immigration and border security may be the most obvious example of his tendency to shift with the political winds, his recent attack on Capitol Hill Republican leaders is perhaps more telling. 

Appearing on the Glenn Beck show Walker made a show of agreeing with Beck’s complaint that there were people in the GOP leadership who were “part of the problem.” 

“I hear it all the time and I share that sentiment,” Walker said. “We were told if Republicans got the majority in the United States Senate, there would be a bill on the president’s desk to repeal Obamacare. It is August. Where is that bill? Where was that vote?” 

Governor Walker also criticized Washington Republicans for failing to stop President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. 

Except Beck had to nearly put thumbscrews on Governor Walker to get him to name one Washington Republican leader who is “part of the problem.”  

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was finally and reluctantly named, while House Speaker John Boehner and Walker’s fellow Wisconsinite House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan got a pass, despite their roles in some of the GOP’s most egregious betrayals of conservative principles on spending, amnesty and Obama’s job killing fast track trade bill. 

"I'm willing to stand up against anyone, including members of my own party," Governor Walker said Tuesday during a speech on his plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. "I'm willing to stand up against anyone to get the job done. We're not intimidated." Being willing to stand up “against anyone” is all fine and good, and a great line for Walker to use against fellow Governor and tough guy Chris Christie.  

The problem for Governor Walker is that more than anything conservatives are looking for principled leadership on the issues, and being a Johnny-come-lately or staying silent until pressed on every issue from amnesty and illegal immigration, to the DC Republican establishment’s regular betrayal of conservative principles shows Scott Walker to be more like a weathervane following the political winds, than a compass pointing true North on the foundational principles of the conservative agenda.

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Walker the Rock Conservative

I have watched, admired and yes, supported the Governor in his battle in his home state.

I expected him to be equally un-intimidated on the national stage, be equally rock solid.
Unfortunately that did not turn out to be.
He was my choice until recently, am willing to trust him again, once he gets over his butterflies of being on the national stage

I always thought his debating

I always thought his debating would not be up with some of the others but that this was something for him to overcome, substance over form. Great governor but every other governor expresses themselves much better in my humble opinion, Perry, Jindal and Christie to name 3. I do like Walker, somehow he has to find his groove, he has been a very pro-life governor which is important to me. Unless he gets in gear quick, I wouldn't want to think of how he would perform in one of the debates against the Democrat.

Weathervanes - they are everywhere

I was trying to devine just what I sense is wrong with Walker, and you hit it. He is a weathervane candidate. That's it. After achieving some level of national notoriety due to stuff that he was involved with in his state, he sort of assumed he was some kind of slam dunk kinda hotshot, but he ain't! (isn't)

He had best tether down his weather vane or get blown away due to miscalculating how the wind blows in general, after going on 8 years of the seditious SOB in the White House we cannot afford any such miscalculations. NONE! We are in a new modus now, a varsity, sink or swim mode, Trump gets it and Cruz is next almost as strong, but not quite either. The new conservative mindset, party is immaterial, could be referred to as "Mandatory-Counter-Change This is Not a Drill!" Walker seems to have a feebly weak learning curve and I could care less what he did in his own state. If he does not fire up his jets in about a week he will fall into a black hole, which would be the right thing to befall him. Get with the program or get out of sight. Make some noise or go home and stay home.