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Gerritson: Babies or Bureaucrats? An open letter to Congress

Babies or Bureaucrats? 

An open letter to U.S. Congress 

In my lifetime I have watched America go to extraordinary lengths to fight global injustice:  homicide, genocide, infanticide and terrorism.  The images of that injustice are horrific.  The lengths to which men’s minds will take them to inflict anguish on the helpless makes our skin crawl.  Often, in response to such evil, we send our brave men and women to topple dictators, snatch up murderers and keep the undefended safe in Planned Parenthood protestsnations where life is considered cheap.  To your credit, many of you have cast votes to stop murder around the globe, but when America’s defenseless need you most, you sit indifferently in the most powerful seats in the world and do NOTHING! 

YouTube is flooded with pithy video clips and sound bites of some of you telling your constituents how outraged you are at the horrific images of helpless babies being dissected for cash as if separating paper from plastic at a recycling center.  In my ears I hear a resounding cadence for “Planned Parenthood must be defunded!”  Yet, we see no action.  King Solomon said, “Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of a gift he does not give.” (Pr 25:14 ESV) 

How many more videos must you see?  Please watch this one. WARNING: it graphically makes the point in 60 seconds.  How many more unborn babies have to die a ghastly death... 1 million, 10 million, 56 million more before you take action to end the genocide, not in the Balkans, Asia or Africa, but in the tax-payer funded cold, sterile slaughterhouses called Planned Parenthood? 

You say you can’t defund Planned Parenthood because you fear a government shutdown.  This makes no sense!  We have seen shutdowns before and they don’t cause federal employees to lose their jobs, instead they are furloughed until the impasse is resolved, but later, refunded for lost time and sent back to work.  Sure, it was painful for some, but did not cause permanent difficulty.  Unfortunately, the unborn don’t get a furlough, instead they have a permanent “solution” violently forced upon them as they are dissected alive, parceled out and sold for profit.  Will any of you coherently argue that saving government bureaucrats from temporary layoffs should come before rescuing live babies? 

As a mother and Alabama citizen who deeply cares about life, I implore Congressional leaders to take a stand for life, for justice and for sanity.  After all, when we eventually meet our Maker, He will not ask you how many jobs you created or how many workers you kept from being temporarily laid off, He will judge you for what you did to the “least of these.”

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Planned parenthood donates to a slew of House members, plus a Slew of Senators.
We the taxpayers fund planned parenthood, they in turn, fund the politicians, with our tax money. The politicians then cover up for them and get more money.
The lesbians use the political currency, of the Hard Working MORAL Mothers, who are Raising Family's, to Destroy and Sell for Profit Live Babies and their parts.
These lesbian "I'm raising my voice in anger for a just cause" is just propaganda to get into the political system for quid pro quo. The homosexual male govern-MENTALS are no better. Our Country, along with the Western World is a mess because of the IMMORAL and ILLEGAL influence of homosexuals in governments.
There is an answer to these highly destructive govern-MENTALS. The One Term Solution: "Vote Incumbents OUT!"

Babies or Bureaucrats?