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You Wonder Why Americans Are Pissed Off

Our colleague, and constitutional lawyer, Mark J. Fitzgibbons has been working with a coalition of organizations, mostly – but not all – conservatives who are concerned another Lois Lerner-style attack on free speech is in the works in California. 

ObamaRegular readers of CHQ will know that California’s far-left Attorney General Kamala Harris (who is also running for the U.S. Senate) has demanded any organization soliciting funds in California submit an unredacted copy of the their IRS form 990 to her – thus publicly disclosing their donors names and addresses. 

Federal regulations forbid states from requiring nonprofits to reveal their donors, however, if nonprofits don’t comply with Harris’ demands, they could lose their license to solicit in California. There is already a federal process in place for the state to obtain the donor list of nonprofits they are investigating for wrongdoing, by-the-way. 

The fear is that if these donors are revealed, the government can target them similar to the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, where conservative groups were systematically discriminated against by the agency. 

And, as Fitzgibbons recently told Casey Harper of the Daily Caller News Foundation, holding the nonprofit’s right to solicit hostage is a Constitutional issue, since courts have ruled that the right of solicitation is protected under the First Amendment. 

Nearly 60 groups filed a brief in Center for Competitive Politics v. Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California calling on the Supreme Court to take up their case. 

Fitzgibbons compares the case to NAACP v. Alabama where the state’s attorney general worked to reveal NAACP donors as a way to quell the civil rights movement. 

“What we are doing is explaining the dangers to this Toquevillian democracy we have where people can associate and it’s none of the government's business who they associate with, and that’s at stake,” Fitzgibbons told Harper. 

The right of free association by conservatives is indeed at stake, but there’s another underlying issue that Fitzgibbons brought to light in his interview with the DC’s Casey Harper that hasn’t gotten as much attention, perhaps because it is hard to put in legal terms, and that is the institutionalization of law breaking by the ruling elite that is behind Kamala Harris’s actions in this case. 

In a society where the law was still respected and applied without political bias or intent Kamala Harris wouldn’t even think of undertaking this blatant attempt to intimidate conservatives. And if she did, based on the plain meaning of the applicable federal law, a court would stop her. 

But we Americans no longer live in a society where the law is applied equally and without political bias or intent – we now live in a strange oligarchy in which a self-appointed elite, starting with the President and going right down to judges, a state Attorney General and even local zoning officials, decides which laws apply to them and which laws they will follow. 

“You’ve got an attorney general breaking federal law and you’ve got judges upholding her breaking the law and you wonder why Americans are pissed off,” Fitzgibbons told Casey Harper of the Daily Caller News Foundation.  

“You wonder why Americans are pissed off.”  

Establishment media looking to explain a host of today’s political and cultural phenomena – like the rise of Donald Trump as the leading contender for the Republican nomination for President – need look no further than Mark Fitzgibbons’ comment on Kamala Harris’s attempt to institutionalize government intimidation of her political opponents for their answer.

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Angry Americans

More sophistry? Please say it isn't so! Apparently you have forgotten all the complaints which occurred when the Reagan government (quite illegally) would not enforce the laws of Congress (EPA, Superfund, antitrust, etc). Next time try to remember the old adage - "it depends upon whose ox is being gored."