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FLASH: Boehner Out -- One More To Go

Richard A. Viguerie

The resignation of John Boehner is a great victory for the grassroots whose demand for Republican leaders who will fight to govern America according to conservative principles finally drove Boehner out.

Conservatives are not a wing of the GOP or an interest group -- we ARE the Republican Party. Boehner's resignation shows that there is a time limit on how long a small minority can run roughshod over the rights and interests of America's conservative majority.

Now that Boehner is leaving there needs to be a complete house cleaning, starting with the corrupt revolving-door staff that have been the behind-the-scenes representatives of the special interests.

As Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy now owns whatever happens in Congress and conservatives must hold him accountable for what happens on defunding Planned Parenthood, stopping Obama's illegal immigration and amnesty schemes and other assaults on constitutional government. 

With John Boehner's resignation as Speaker that ringing sound coming from Washington is not the echo of the bells from the Pope's visit. It is the bell tolling for the end of a Congress run by K Street, the Chamber of Commerce and the special interests whose addiction to unlimited spending and Big Government have been destroying this country.

For more on the details of Boehner's resignation see this article from our friends at The Heritage Foundation.

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First Boehner, then McConnell

John's position could not have been plainer,
His retirement a basic no-brainer.
Now maybe Mitch
Will get the itch
And McConnell will exit like Boehner.




Howdy Doody ... or should we say, HALLELUJAH? ... Come Nov 1, we will have thrown out one bucket of slime from our House. ... What's next? ... There's another bucket, labeled "Senate," that needs to be discarded. ... Can it be done? ... Please send McConnell back to his farm where the only damage he can do would be to his cows whose droppings he tries to pass off as food. ... Give us leaders whom the Conservatives sent to Washington to do the job they are afraid to tackle, but which they promised to do. ... Thank God for the forces which sent Boehner packing. ... Good riddance and good luck.

Wh must conservatives blindly accept McCarthy as the new Speaker

It's time to separate the real conservatives from the "pretend" conservatives. We need a Sessions or Dave Brat kind of leader. Let's see how hard conservatives will fight to gain control of the speakership, and how many (and who) will just "roll over," transferring power from the last RINO to the next.

Sessions is in Senate

What we need is a conservative congressman like Louis Gohmert. There are a few others that would have the ability to take the Speaker job (although most of those are not in the House).

Any person can be Speaker but it is probably too much to hope for to put someone who SHOULD be in the House today like Cuccinelli, or Dan Bongino, but we can always dream.

McCarthy will be as bad as Boehner.

AMEN - As Long As We Get The Correct "Sessions"

We offer a hearty AMEN to the poster's comment, presuming he meant principled limited government constitutional conservative Senator Jeff Sessions, and not Boehner's Rules Committee Chairman do-boy Texas Rep. Pete Sessions.

Jeff Sessions

I am sure he meant Jeff Sessions. We're still trying to get rid of Pete hear in Dallas.