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Mitch McConnell Calls for the Destruction of the Republican Party

In the wake of establishment Republican John Boehner’s forced resignation as Speaker of the House many conservatives have called for establishment Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down as well. 

Mitch McConnellThe Conservative indictment of the “leadership” of Boehner and McConnell has been that they have regularly failed to stand for conservative policy and have all too readily caved-in to Obama on matters such as funding Planned Parenthood, Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, spending, the deficit and raising the national debt ceiling. 

So what is Mitch McConnell’s response to conservative calls for his resignation? 

He called for another deal with Obama, this time on a two year spending plan. 

"We'd like to settle the top line for both years so next year we can have a regular appropriations process," McConnell said according to reporting by The Washington Examiner’s Susan Ferrechio. "The president, Speaker Boehner and I spoke about getting started on discussions last week, and I would expect them to start very soon." 

The House and Senate this week are expected to pass a short-term funding measure because Congress has not passed the necessary appropriations bills in “regular order” and the end of the fiscal year is upon them. 

True to form, establishment Republican congressional leaders are signaling that they will engage in another exercise in taking themselves hostage by passing a short term funding bill that lasts only until Dec. 11, the last day Congress is in session before the Christmas break. 

While Ferrechio reports that the short term Continuing Resolution (CR) is intended to give Congress time for the two branches of government to negotiate a bigger legislative deal that would last at least until the end of fiscal 2016, and possibly include a "top line" number for 2017, this is really just another exercise in government by planned or intended crisis. 

Obama has already said he wants an end to the sequester spending caps that he and McConnell engineered to raise the debt ceiling and that have already been broken once in the Ryan – Murray budget deal. 

Indeed, the President said back in March as the budget process began that he will refuse to sign any spending measure for fiscal 2016 and beyond that does not walk back the spending caps required by sequestration. 

So how will Boehner and McConnell sell their inevitable cave-in on spending? 

As we explained in our article “Next Republican Leaders Must Stop Holding Themselves Hostage” it is no accident that the date for the CR is the last day Congress is in session for the year. 

The only way McConnell, Boehner and their Big Government progressive Republican “leadership” teams could possibly satisfy the demands of their paymasters in the Wall Street – Washington – Silicon Valley Axis was to constantly hold conservatives, and themselves, hostage to a seemingly endless series of government shutdown crises, where the only alternative given a vote was to cave in to the demands for more spending and more power for Obama.  

This was true on the fight to defund Obamacare, the various debt ceiling battles, the CRomnibus, the non-fight to defund Obama’s executive amnesty, the Corker bill ratifying Obama’s nuclear weapons treaty with Iran and a host of other issues large and small. 

The CR is the ultimate test of the new Republican leadership in House. 

If there’s a short term CR that goes through the first part of January 2016 and gives Congress time to work its will and set the stage for the presidential election with a conservative spending plan for Fiscal Year 2016, then that is a sign the new leaders are ready stop holding themselves hostage, abandon government by crisis, and that the Boehner era is truly over.   

If, however, the CR ends on December 11, 2015, the last day Congress is scheduled to be in Session before the Christmas holiday break, then you should understand that while the names may have changed, the failed Boehner government by crisis strategy hasn’t. 

Mitch McConnell engineered a similar deal to take the debt ceiling and spending off the table right before the 2012 presidential election, depriving Republicans of a potent issue against Obama. 

A two year deal that effectively takes spending off the table as an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign would be a disaster for Republicans because they would once again be complicit in the Obama-led tsunami of spending, deficits and debt that are wrecking the American economy. Such a deal would show beyond a shadow of a doubt that getting rid of John Boehner wasn’t enough and that the need for a thorough house cleaning in the top ranks of the Capitol Hill GOP is the only thing that can save the Republican Party.

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Morons are calling the shots - Great strategy gang!!!

What type of fool would think this is a strategy that will give the Republicans control of anything of value. By capitulating and bending over backwards to give Obama and the Dems everything they want hardly seems to be a strategy of even a person of average intelligence would buy into. McConnell and the Republican Establishment are giving everything that Obama wants and they look like total fools and baffoons! That is exactly the same thing our "Pretender" In Chief (Obama) is doing with Putin! Gives him everything and then is surprised when he gets his lunch eaten.

Again, it is the American people who are the losers in this charade! We are being marched off the cliff for the actions of these "August" political hacks!!! There are only a handful of Statesmen and women left in DC and they are being savaged by these Morons. It is time that the mouse turns! God save us all!

destruction of the Rep. party

Rep. Party should put out a contract for the destruction of Mitch.


No surprise here, he has done everything he could for YEARS to destroy the Republican Party.
BTW, Good Riddance J Boehner, hope your buddy Mitch joins you on the street soon!

Clean pit congress

Good article but we all know until the rino and dem supporters are removed in the house and senate, nothing will change. McConnell must lose his support and if the new Speaker is much like the fool leaving then it will continue as deal after deal is made with this sorry administration run by an even sorrier president until we shift that base of support out of our senate in particular. By then we will have a new president but it is our duty to vote these traitors out of those seats in the house and senate to facilitate a swift reversal of all the things this horrid administration has done. It is going to take a lot of the silent majority continuing to send the same relentless message to congress at every opportunity. It all began in 2014 and we are honing in on the real problems very quickly. McCain will go in 2016. He and Flake have horrible amnesty records among other clear failings. They both do not represent the wishes of the legal constituents who voted for them. In fact both are consummate liars and are so far from the legal constituents wishes that we are just waiting to demand their resignations.

No town halls except one in Tucson that even looks like it is open to the general public with McCain. Now when is it going to be in my area, North Phoenix? We really want to tell McCain what we think and get some answers other than his canned responses on most of the issues. He is definitely out of date in his thoughts and going down hill from there.

A GOP Cqapitol Hill lack of leadership

The Capitol Hill GOP leadership is failing Americans and the Republicans Party as infants being ruled by a Giant of 1 power in the White House.

The ‘majority’ Republican Capitol Hill leaders refuse to force President Obama into submission to cut our ‘out-of-control’ deficit spending, as well as restoring our Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian values.