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Tennessee State Rep. Sheila Butt Just Might Save America

After parents in Tennessee complained that public schools were facilitating the Islamic religious indoctrination of their children Tennessee state Representative Sheila Butt (R-Columbia) has proposed a bill that would ban public schools from teaching "religious doctrine" earlier than 10th grade. 

Rep. Sheila ButtState Representative Butt (pictured) introduced the bill after parents complained that middle school world history lessons on Islam were inappropriate. Parents said the curriculum focused more on Islam than on other religions and bordered on "indoctrination." 

In addition to the parents who support the legislation, State Representative Butt gained support from conservatives in Congress, "There is a big difference between education and indoctrination," U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (TN-7) said in a statement in September. 

According to media reports Tennessee middle school students currently read from religious texts and learn about world religions, including the Five Pillars of Islam. Butt's legislation doesn't specifically mention Islam, however, the Muslim Brotherhood front group the Council on American – Islamic Relations (CAIR) quickly labeled the bill “Islamophobic.” 

But local parents disagree with CAIR’s predicable charges. 

WKRN-TV of Nashville reporting on an October 5 Cheatham County, Tennessee school board meeting quoted the views of Lisa Binkley, a Cheatham County parent with two children in the district; “To me, it’s almost like an indoctrination, not an introduction to a religion,” said Binkley. (emphasis ours) 

“We don’t have a problem with the culture. We just want the religion out of the schools,” said Tammy Sharp, a Rutherford County parent who went to the meeting. 

“We’re supporting the other parents that have the same concerns that we have,” she said according to WKRN’s reporting. 

And Cheatham County parents aren’t the only parents in Tennessee concerned about Islamist indoctrination in their public schools. 

WKRN reports Maury County parents are also speaking out about their concerns over what their children are learning in school. 

Andrea Edwards says she is outraged that her child is being taught about Islam in her seventh grade Social Studies class. 

Edwards told WKRN she was surprised to learn that her daughter, who attends E.A. Cox Middle School, was given assignments that focused on Islam, in particular the Islamic faith. 

“I’m offended that they are learning about Muhammad and all his beliefs and practices with their Gods. It’s just not right. Why should my daughter have to learn about that?” questioned Edwards. 

The mother of two isn’t alone in how she feels. According WKRN many parents disagree with the curriculum and have been outspoken on social media. 

And the parents are right. 

While the school officials in their ignorance of Islamist doctrine continue to insist that the curriculum is just about history, they are ignorantly participating in the Islamist effort to disguise Islam as a “religion of peace,” instead of teaching what Islam is really all about.  

In Islam it is called Al-Taqiyah – Taqiyah is variously translated as infiltration, subversion or deception, but from a political perspective it means to disguise one’s true self in order to win the war against the enemy. 

And it is working in Tennessee; one foolish school official said Islam brought us algebra and One Thousand and One Nights, yet he readily ignored the reality of Islam today as a “religion” that promotes female genital mutilation, the murder of homosexuals and the beheading and genocide of Christians and other non-Muslims. 

Nor is there any mention in Tennessee’s curriculum of the conflict between the tenets of Islam and constitutional liberty, such as the penalty of death for criticizing Islam, drawing the Prophet, leaving the Muslim faith or a myriad of other activities protected by the Constitution of the United States and valued in a cultured founded upon individual liberty and free expression. 

The goal of Islam is to create a global Caliphate by undermining the foundations of non-Islamic, especially Western, cultures. The forced teaching about a non-existent peaceful Islam in Tennessee’s schools, and in other public schools, is a classic example of the use of Taqiyah by America’s Islamist infiltrators. 

Tennessee state Representative Sheila Butt and the wise parents of Cheatham, Maury and Rutherford counties are right to oppose the teaching of this benign and mythical version of Islam in America’s public schools. It is a classic example of the Islamist strategy of Taqiyah and the only way to counter it is to expose the reality of Islam and the existential threat it poses to Western values and constitutional liberty.

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