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Nancy Pelosi Explains What GOP Establishment Wants In The Next Speaker Of The House

John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi

Last week in our article “Rep. Charles Dent: A RINO in Search of a Primary Opponent,” we told you about RINO Rep. Charles Dent of Pennsylvania who said of the election of a new Speaker to replace establishment Republican cave-in artist John Boehner:

I've said for some time that in order to pass anything out of the House we need to assemble a bipartisan coalition whether it's on the continuing resolution, the debt ceiling, we will have to assemble a bipartisan coalition. That's the reality of this place and I don't think that any of our leaders should make accommodations to those who are going to make unreasonable demands...

So it should surprise no conservative that Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Saturday that there are indeed Democrats in the U.S. House who are open to joining with some Republicans to elect a “consensus choice” for House Speaker.

“I think in our caucus there is interest and support, there’s an openness to a bipartisan approach to this [the election of the next Speaker of the House],” Pelosi, a California Democrat, said during an on-stage discussion at the Texas Tribune Festival with Washington Bureau Chief Abby Livingston.

And little wonder Pelosi and the Democrats would be interested in such a “bipartisan approach” to the election of an establishment Republican, like Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, as Speaker.

Ryan, or a similarly disposed candidate, would give the Democrats everything they want; a “clean” debt ceiling increase, a Continuing Resolution to fund the government at Obama levels of spending, breaking the spending caps a la the Ryan – Murray budget, continuing funding of Planned Parenthood, continued funding of Obamacare and worst of all, congressional confirmation of Obama’s policy of granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

And that’s really what the election of the next Speaker of the House boils down to; do House Republicans want a leader who will advance the policies favored by the grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters who gave the Republicans their majorities in both chambers of Congress, or do they want party leaders who will vote with the Democrats?

RINO Rep. Charles Dent of Pennsylvania and Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi want a Speaker who will vote with the Democrats.

We want a Speaker, like Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida, who will advance the policies favored by the grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters who gave the Republicans their majorities in both chambers of Congress.

Since the current establishment Republican House leadership abruptly cancelled the vote to elect a new Speaker when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped his bid to move up the ladder and preserve the Boehner cabal’s hold on power a lot of fanciful theories have been propounded about how to resolve what appears to be a leadership crisis in the House Republican Conference.

Electing Newt Gingrich as a “caretaker” Speaker, electing a principled conservative Senator, like Mike Lee of Utah, to be Speaker of the House, or drafting in another principled conservative outsider, such as former Representative Allen West, are just a few of the ideas passed off as serious by various commentators, talk show callers and water cooler pundits.

All of those ideas suffer from three obvious flaws; first, none of those individuals (with the possible exception of Gingrich) have put their names forward for Speaker or otherwise evinced the slightest willingness to take the job; second, none of the individuals named is a “bridge” figure, all are simply different conservatives from the ones already running who are alleged to have some flaws by conservatives outside Congress; third, and perhaps most importantly, none of them has made a commitment to reform the way the House does business and end the government by cabal and cronyism that have oppressed conservatives and led to the present impasse in Congress.

Congressman Daniel Webster of Florida is the only candidate whose name has been put forward who has made a commitment to end the government by cabal and cronyism that have led to the disenfranchisement of House conservatives.

And that is the most important point in the election of the next Speaker – which seems lost on many conservative leaders and commentators who should know better.

The last thing in the world establishment Big Government Republicans and Democrats want is an open democratic process in the House, because conservative policy outcomes are the preferred position of the majority in the House.

What is stopping those outcomes from becoming the law of the land and the position of the House is not a lack of conservative ideas – it is a lack of conservative principle in the leaders who control the process. Cronyism, pay-to-play and a love of spending other people’s money currently are the motivators of today’s so-called “leaders” of the House Republican Conference and they protect themselves through “show votes,” government by crisis and last minute votes on massive and impenetrable bills governed by undemocratic rules.

Replace those leaders with principled conservatives and let the democratic process work and conservative results will follow, not because such goals are rammed down the throats of a reluctant House Republican Conference, but because that’s where the voters who elect Republicans to Congress want the country to go.

Unless a Speaker who is really committed to reform – like Daniel Webster – is elected, what will follow is simply a new regime in which a new cast of oppressors stymies the will of the conservative majority in favor of the interests of new cabal of insiders. And that is exactly what establishment Republicans, Democrats and Washington’s inside elite want because they understand that under those circumstances the faces might change, but the results won’t.

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