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House Republicans Who Support Paul Ryan Are Entering A Toxic Primary Environment

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump

It’s the Primaries, stupid!

Establishment Republicans who have rushed headlong to support Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House might want to consider exactly what the environment for their primary election will be, come February, March and April when Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz – who between them now hold about 70% of the Republican primary vote – are knocking on doors and are running millions of dollars of TV against the very policies that Ryan has advocated.

It will be a toxic environment for the reelection of any Member of Congress who can be labeled an establishment Republican, and for many who have relatively conservative voting records, but who have failed to fight for conservative principles.

And with good reason the vote for Speaker will be seen by many grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives as a key litmus test as to whether or not a Republican Member of Congress is for conservative government, or has joined the establishment.

Based on his long-espoused support for amnesty for illegal aliens, expanded guest worker visas, Obamatrade and a host of crony government deals, the election of Paul Ryan as Speaker is likely to stoke, rather than assuage, the white-hot conservative anger bubbling at the grassroots of the Republican Party that has already begun to generate primary challenges for establishment Republicans who have voting records mirroring Paul Ryan’s.

A dozen or so principled limited government constitutional conservatives have already filed or are actively exploring congressional primaries; Becky Gerritson in Alabama-2 (against incumbent Martha Roby), Frank Roche and Jim Duncan in NC-2 (against incumbent Renee Ellmers) and Russell Ramsland in TX-32 (against incumbent Pete Sessions) to name but a few.

Congressional districts are such that few are competitive in the November election.

So, more than a Democratic opponent, what establishment Republican Members of Congress fear is a primary challenge from a limited government constitutional conservative – especially after Dave Brat defeated establishment Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the 2014 Virginia Republican Primary.

And this fear of a primary challenge is already changing behavior on Capitol Hill.

There may not be a clear majority of principled conservatives in the House right now, but as the government shutdown loomed and the Republican “leadership” moved a Continuing Resolution to fund the government, 151 Republicans voted against the leadership’s bill.

Those 151 showed that they are either principled conservatives, or if they are not conservatives, they are at least clever politicians who are willing to vote against the establishment leadership to keep the best job they ever had.

These primary challenges against establishment Republicans are developing organically because grassroots conservatives are catching on to the point I made in my book TAKEOVER; for the past 100 years we conservatives have had our political guns aimed at the wrong target. 

During the entire century-long civil war in the Republican Party, the progressive establishment leadership of the GOP has been selling the notion that the Democrats and the liberals are the problem, and that if conservatives would only line up behind establishment Republicans and put them in charge of the federal government, the growth of government and America’s slide toward socialism would stop.

But as the reigns of John Boehner as Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader of the Senate have shown, nothing could be further from the truth.

The only way we conservatives are going to be able to achieve our goal of governing America according to conservative principles is to first defeat the Republican establishment and replace establishment Republican leaders with principled limited government constitutional conservatives who will actually fight for our agenda.

We conservatives have been spending most of our energy preparing for the November fight against the Democrats when the real battle is the Republican Primary election – effectively moving the fight for the future of America up eight months from November 2016 to the primary election season.

It is time to focus the white-hot anger of grassroots conservatives on the real battle – nominating principled limited government constitutional conservatives in Republican primaries. This is an environment that favors us in an unprecedented election year and a presidential campaign now being dominated by the insurgent anti-establishment campaigns of Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina which will no doubt be energized by the election of another establishment Republican as Speaker of the House.

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republican toxic primary guaranteed becauseo of Paul Ryan

There is a sad fact that has been totally ignored by the Establishment of the Republican party. That being, with another "go along to get along" R at the helm, the Conservative wing (estimates being upwards of 40%) will begin to eschew voting for the "lesser" of two evils just because they are R's, as has been the case at least up to the 2012 presidential election.

If Romney lost because of 2 or 3 million voters staying home, it could be much worse next time around because the "Establishment" is now totally shown to be untrustworthy and still doesn't get it. 2010, 2012 we Conservatives provided ample support in sweeping majorities in both the House and the Senate. Now that we have been played for fools hopefully for the last time, by the idiots running the Republican party, we will vote accordingly because we have had enough!!

Ryan had better hit the ground running hard and start really fighting for the ideals that so many of these supposed "Conservative" candidates ran on and then promptly failed to even try to deliver except in meaningless "show" votes. This is the last opportunity for the party of Lincoln and it is incumbent that R's start to fight like they really mean it! They had better do this before it is too late, both for them as well as the country!! For what its worth.....

The Boehner legacy......selling the country out!

It is a sad state of affairs that the Republican party has such decrepit and ineffective leadership! They are actually fiddling while the country is burning and, Worse still! They are trying to blame small government, fiscally conservative and Constitutionally orientated Conservatives for all of the problems that exist within the Beltway.

What makes it even more absurd, is you have folks like Romney "lamenting" that all we need is the mainstream media to keep feeding us propaganda thus allowing Republicans and Democrats to, in a bi-partisan manner, push forward the left's, socialist agenda. How bizarre that he would utter such a patently stupid and anti-American statement. Why not just hire another Goebles or Herman Hess to feed the Beltway Propaganda machine!?

Between Boehner, McConnell, Graham (the whiney, I hate "Conservatives, less than 1% presidential candidate "pretender"), McCain et al, the party has no one willing in that group to do what they are being paid to do. They have even abandoned their Constitutionally described job descriptions by giving aid and comfort to Obama and his minions! remember, their job is to provide the loyal opposition to the president and his party as a check and balance to ensure we are compliant with the Constitution. They are the one's whom we trusted to make a difference in saving what is left of the country! Not by capitulating or kow-towing to Obama and his crowd on every socialist or anti-American program he can think up and present That is exactly what these miscreants who call themselves the "Republican leadership" are doing! I might add, to our detriment!

This budget deal is an abomination and Boehner should just come clean and admit that he is and has been a Democrat in a Republican coat and has been throughout! God knows he does not represent the Constitution, his sworn oath or anything else representing valor or integrity! His legacy will go down in infamy for what it was!!! A disaster for the country!

Candidates in Primaries

Any candidate associated with the "Republican Establishment" is dead meat in 2017!


As always, what in the world can we do to get those knot heads in congress to realize they are only going out of the frying pan into the fire if they put Ryan in as speaker!!!!
I phone my representatives, send email, and sign petitions against Ryan, but I can only vote against my representatives who do not listen.
The rest of the country has to vote their NON REPRESENTING REPRESENTATIVES out of office also if we are ever going to get true representation in DC!!!!

House republicans support paul ryan.

Seems to me that we now have three dictators running our country.
dictator #1 president obama the lead dictator running the country.
dictator #2 senate majority leader mcconnell running the Senate.
dictator #3 speaker of the house paul ryan getting ready to run the House of Representatives.
Every member elected to both chambers of Congress have allowed themselves to become nothing more than rubber stamps for the dictators who run this country.
That is not the reason people vote them into office. The American people need to turn over the Congress. Vote out any member of Congress who does not fulfill their campaign promises.
Right now there are few who stand up and fight the status quo, Senator Cruz is the unique position of being the one who stands up and fights for what he campaigned on. There are a few other but not to the level that Senator Cruz does.


Ryan fundamentally may be ok but his amnesty/immigration position makes him a RINO! If a strong republican does not serface then look outside the house for possibilities like Newt or Mitt.

Paul Ryan"s Spoonful of Sugar

In my opinion, if the conservative caucus blocks Paul Ryan's speakership the Republican party is doomed and Hillary Clinton will become president in 2016 and she will be far, far worse than Obama. The conservatives have to be willing to bend, otherwise the country will continue to be "transformed." They have to understand that a spoonful of Paul Ryan's sugar will make the medicine go down much easier. The country can't be snapped back to their point of view all at once. The horse has to be gently led to the water.

House Speaker

We need one that has strength of character. One who doesn't cave to the Rino's or too obama. One that goes by the Constitution as a guideline to makes smart choices. One who has honor and holds Country first. Who will fight the lobbyist and holds them accountable for their actions. One who is not in for greed but duty to the people.

paul ryans spoonful of sugar

Ridiculous, if it were not for the conservatives in the freedom caucus the republicans would not hold the House majority like they have now. It is time for the republicans to see the people who voted them in are tired of the republicans being nothing more than obama lite in their positions on such issues like immigration.
They were not elected to support a Speaker of the House who is a pro amnesty, increased legal immigration under the H1B visa program that would replace American citizen/workers with foreign workers to enrich the already rich corporations.
They were elected to fulfill their campaign promises, they just went back on those promises and they may find that some other candidates may take them on in the primary. Just how will they respond to the people they made promises to, lied about and turned their backs on? Will be hear more of the excuses that we just can't win, we don't want to be blamed. boehner and mcconnell the biggest cry babies ever, just proves that seniority does not always guarantee the ability to lead.