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The FedUp PAC Debate Poll Results Are In

Donald Trump-Ted Cruz-Jeb-Bush

In the wake of the the 3rd GOP Presidential debate, which took place on Wednesday, October 28 in Boulder, CO, FedUp PAC conducted a series of three polls.

In the first,we asked the American people who they wanted to win the debate

Ben Carson was first at 26.7%.

Donald Trump was second, with 23.7%.

Marco Rubio grabbed third place, with 15.9%. 

The rest of the field came in with Ted Cruz and John Kasich at 8.4%, Carly Fiorina at 5%, Jeb Bush at 4.5%, Chris Christie at 3.6%, Mike Huckabee at 2.2%, and Rand Paul at 1.7%.

Then we asked people who they thought won the debate, once it was over; the results here were markedly different. 

29% of those polled thought Marco Rubio was the debate winner. 

17.1% chose Donald Trump.

16.7% picked Ted Cruz.

14.7% went with Ben Carson.

Rounding out the poll numbers were:John Kasich in fifth, with 7.5%, Chris Christie at 5.2%, Carly Fiorina at 4.8%, Jeb Bush at 3.2%, Mike Huckabee at 2% and Rand Paul who received no votes.

Our third and final poll asked respondents who they think is now best positioned to win the nomination, and here again, Marco Rubio got the best marks. 

25.1% of poll respondents felt Rubio is best positioned to win the GOP nomination. 

22.3% put Donald Trump in the best position to win the nomination.

Ben Carson and Ted Cruz were tied for third with 16.8%.

A huge gap separated the top four from the rest of the field: Carly Fiorina and John Kasich stood at 5%, Jeb Bush was at 3.9%, Chris Christie was at 3.4%, Rand Paul garnered 1.7%. No one voted Mike Huckabee to be best positioned to win the nomination.

We would like to thank all of the participants in our grassroots polls, and urge you to please share the results.

Remember, FedUp PAC supports constitutional conservative candidates, and all FedUp PAC polls are 100% based on grassroots opinion, completely free of influence by any presidential campaign or surrogates.

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Thanks for the poll and report

But I just cannot understand the Rubio love.

Sorry to offend, but the only thing I can come up with is that Rubio is, indeed, the GOP Obama.

First-term Senator with grossly overinflated ego and ambition who has a certain charisma to a certain population who wants him to be what he is not.

The only other explanation I have is that most of your poll respondents are Fox watchers and believe their propping-up propaganda.

Who would be Rubio's Biden? Chuck Schumer?

World Magazine's monthly poll of evangelical leaders also favors Rubio.

I just don't get it.