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The GOP Establishment Thinks The Fix Is In – Here’s How You Can Spoil Their Scam

Our friend Ben Weingarten recently gave us a heads-up on some pretty amazing info put together by David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report for the FiveThirtyEight site. 

Wasserman and Weingarten argue that the campaigns of the so-called "outsiders" of Ben Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump may be "cooked" because the nomination process gives outsized power to "moderate" Precinct committeemanRepublican voting blocs over conservative grass-roots primary voters. 

Wasserman writes: "Only 11 of 54 GOP senators and 26 of 247 GOP representatives hail from Obama-won locales, but there are 1,247 delegates at stake in Obama-won states, compared with just 1,166 in Romney states." 

What's more: "A total of 832 delegates (about 34 percent of all 2,472 delegates) spanning 23 states will be awarded based on results at the congressional district level. Here’s the catch says Weingarten: According to the RNC’s allotment rules, three delegates are at stake in each district, regardless of the partisan lopsidedness of the seat. This creates a “rotten boroughs” phenomenon in which Blue Zone Republicans’ votes can be disproportionately valuable. 

"For example, three delegates are up for grabs in New York’s heavily Latino, Bronx-based 15th District, which cast just 5,315 votes for Romney in 2012. But there are also three delegates at stake in Alabama’s 6th District, which covers Birmingham’s whitest suburbs and gave Romney 233,803 votes. In other words, a GOP primary vote cast in the bluest part of the Bronx could be worth 43 times more than a vote cast in the reddest part of Alabama." 

Stated differently, says Weingarten, the GOP is in effect systematically disenfranchising the strongest “R” partisans by virtue of its state-by-state electoral rules. 

It should come as no surprise that the allotment of delegates to the Republican National Convention is not the only place where the GOP establishment is “cooking the books,” or engaging in a system of “rotten boroughs” that advantage the status quo and incumbent Republican Party Barons. 

The precinct committeeman is the person who is elected by Republican voters to represent them on the local GOP Committee. The precinct committeeman then elects the local Republican Party Chairman and other officers, they in turn elect the State Republican Party Chairman and National Committeeman and Committeewoman. 

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie noted in his book TAKEOVER, here is the open secret establishment Republicans don’t want you to know: in recent years as many as half of the Republican precinct committeeman slots, on average, in 2008, in every state, were vacant.  

And the currently filled slots are split about fifty-fifty between conservatives and “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs). What if conservatives could fill up all the vacant slots? 

As Dan Schultz said in his great e-book Taking Back Your Government: The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy: Do the math. 

The Republican Party would be transformed from a half-strength, ideologically split party into a full-strength, 75 percent majority conservative political juggernaut. 

Why have I never heard about this, you are probably wondering? And more important, why have you never heard about this before from your local Republican Party? 

Dan Schultz says that it is because virtually all Republican incumbents, including many who profess to be conservative, are terrified that you and other conservative Americans will figure this out and replace them, too, because they have not fought hard enough to preserve your liberties. 

In many states a vacancy allows the local Party Chairman to appoint or propose for confirmation by the local Party Committee a precinct committeeman to fill the vacancy – and you can take it to the bank that no one who wants to rock the boat or force local Republican elected officials to produce on their campaign promises will be appointed to fill a vacancy. 

Those who are appointed are usually cronies of the Party Boss or supporters of the incumbent elected officials and their job is not to build the conservative base of the GOP – their job is to maintain the status quo. 

They are terrified a more principled conservative adversary might get the backing of a majority of precinct committeemen in their district and state and throw out the incumbents. Like the new, conservative grassroots Tea Partiers and 9.12-ers did in Utah in 2010, denying incumbent senator Robert Bennett the primary nomination by keeping him off the ballot and endorsing boat-rocking senator Mike Lee at the Utah GOP state convention. In 2012 Indiana incumbent establishment Republican Richard Lugar was opposed by over half the Republican county chairs in the state, and likewise lost the primary. 

What’s more, precinct committeemen—and only precinct committeemen—get to vote in the party elections that determine the leadership of the party. 

Think of it. The more conservatives who become precinct committeemen, the more conservative the party, and its candidates, will become. The Party again might appear to the voters to offer a clear choice from the Democrat Party, rather than an echo of it. 

There are approximately 186,000 precincts in America, if half of them are vacant and that of the ones that are filled, half of those are filled with RINOs or cronies of the incumbents – that means that as few as 50,000 people at the grassroots level nation-wide are running the Republican Party. 

It also means that all you have to do is file for the election for precinct committeeman in the Republican Primary you will likely be elected. If conservatives elect 100,000 principled conservative Republican precinct committeemen in the 2016 cycle we will transform the Republican Party from the ground up. 

There are thousands and thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of Americans who are now active in the Tea Party movement and other conservative grassroots organizations, who want the Constitution to be followed, who by their mere existence demonstrate we have the numbers to take back the Republican Party. 

However, just as they are counting on the “rotten borough” Blue State delegates to tip the Republican National Convention in favor of a progressive Republican like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich, so the Republican establishment is counting on one half of a half-strength party organization to maintain their power. 

Now is the time to make plans to run for precinct committeeman in your precinct. 

Start by asking around. If you don’t know who your Republican precinct committeeman is, chances are the office is vacant or he or she is a do-nothing RINO who is holding down the job merely for the “honor” of the title, or to protect the incumbents, not to restore constitutional government to America. 

In some counties your interest will be welcome—in others, not so much. 

If you can’t find the Republican Party rules for your state online, which should set forth the rules for electing precinct committeemen, you should be able to get the necessary forms from your local election official, such as the county clerk or supervisor of elections – and don’t be surprised if there is some form of Republican Party “loyalty oath” involved in qualifying for the ballot. 

You may be seen as a threat to the establishment, so you need to be the judge of how public you want to make your efforts. If you get the cold shoulder from your local Republican organization, don’t be surprised, but don’t be dissuaded—in most states precinct committeeman is an elected office, and you have just as much right to run as any other person who meets the qualifications. 

If you want to see an end to content-free Republican campaigns at the national level, if you want the GOP to hold elected officials’ feet to the fire and demand they fulfill their campaign promises and the Republican Party Platform, and if you want establishment Republican Reince Priebus replaced as Republican National Committee chairman with a principled, limited-government constitutional conservative, then you have to start in your neighborhood by running for precinct committeeman or woman.

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The GOP Establishment Thinks The Fix Is In

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