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GOP Leaders: Stop Bringing Jihad To America Or Be Complicit In The Bloodshed

bodies of jihadi murder victims in Bataclan theater


The attack on Paris by Islamic terrorists – jihadis as they call themselves – has presented the Republican Party’s establishment leaders with the ultimate test of their legitimacy and fitness to govern America.

As the jihadi attacks in Paris splashed blood across the capital of France – and the front pages of newspapers around the world – the same malign force that brought slaughter in the name of Islam to the French was quietly brought to America by our own government.

At least one of the Paris attackers has been confirmed as having registered as a “refugee” in Greece before traveling to Paris to launch the attack. Despite that obvious warning sign, the first group of alleged refugees from Syria was delivered to New Orleans while news of the Paris attack was still rolling in.

Although the Obama administration has repeatedly said that it had no way to conduct a security investigation of the thousands of so-called refugees it plans to bring to the United States from Syria, the leaders of the party that controls Capitol Hill – and has the ability to cut off the funds to stop such a plan – have done nothing.

Indeed, by passing the “zombie budget” as John Boehner’s going away present to Barack Obama, the Republican establishment committed to fund this program at Obama’s requested level for the next two years.

What’s more, Breitbart’s Julia Hahn detailed in an exclusive interview with House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4) that conservative House members have received no commitment from Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan that he would in any way try to curb Obama’s policy of importing vast numbers of Muslims to America.

Nothing captures the reasons for the white-hot fury of America’s country class voters quite so well as this spineless failure of the Republican Party’s leadership to exercise their constitutional responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution and the American homeland from such an obvious threat.

And nothing captures how the “iron triangle” of entrenched Washington insider interests uses its influence on Congress to raid the Treasury and betray the American people as does the refugee “resettlement” industry.

As our friend James Simpson documented in a recent article for The American Thinker, taxpayer funded so-called “Voluntary Agencies,” such as Catholic Charities, are paid close $1 billion a year to bring U.N. designated refugees to America.

And their leaders, who are paid in the high six figures, meet regularly with Congress to lobby for more refugees to be brought to America, and more taxpayer spending to support them.

Refugees from Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere establish their own little enclaves. They are not taught to assimilate. They are however, taught how to game the system.

With 74.2 percent of refugees on food stamps, 56 percent on Medicaid and 47.1 on SSI cash assistance Simpson calculates refugee “resettlement” costs are currently running at well over $10 billion per year.

But the vast cost of these programs isn’t the worst part; some 77 percent of these “refugees” are young men of military age. It is the clear and present danger these “refugees” pose to America – and the near-treasonous dismissal of that danger by Republican leaders – that has brought us to this national security crisis.

As we here at CHQ documented, Muslim Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were welcomed into the United States as “refugees” and given welfare and other government benefits during their youthful inculcation in radical Islamist thought and terrorist tactics.

And Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz have documented some 72 other domestic terror “incidents” attributable to Muslim refugees or refugee-related individuals – in just the past year alone.

As the entirely predictable story of the role of so-called Syrian refugees in the Paris attacks unfolds, the Capitol Hill Republican establishment can no longer act like they don’t understand the danger of bringing another jihadi attack to America that Obama's immigration policies pose.

The ultimate test of the legitimacy of any government is whether or not it has the consent of the governed, and acts in their best interest.

Republican leaders on Capitol Hill now face that test.

We urge you to contact your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell them that it is time for leadership; they must stop bringing jihad to America. Tell them to take a good long look at the photo that accompanies this article, and then tell them that if they fail to act to stop Obama from bringing more Syrian “refugees” to America they will have not only forfeited what little legitimacy they have left, they will have become complicit in the bloodshed that will surely follow.

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Muslim Refugees

We can still be compassionate to Muslim refugees, we can still hold to American values, without allowing refugees who are potential terrorists in to our country. We can help them relocate to other countries in the Arab world. It is not "compassionate" to our own citizens to subject them to possible bloodshed. It is the number one responsibility of our government to protect its citizens. We may be a "country of immigrants" but we are not a country of terrorists. And because we are a "country of immigrants" does not mean that we are not a country of laws. If we don't have immigration laws which are enforced we will soon no longer have a country.