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Can Marco Rubio Lie His Way To The Presidency?

During Tuesday’s CNN debate Jeb Bush told populist frontrunner Donald Trump “You can't insult your way to presidency.” But as Trump pointed out, he’s at 41% and Jeb is fading fast at 4%. However, aside from “insulting your way to the presidency” there’s a second way to get to the presidency apparently favored by the neo-con Marco Rubioestablishment, and that is the good old fashioned lying preferred by Marco Rubio, the author of the Senate’s hated Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens bill. 

During the debate and in subsequent appearances Rubio has attacked Ted Cruz as being soft on national defense, but the reality is Cruz has led the fight to restore a strong foreign policy and to keep Americans safe and free. And in our view Ted Cruz was the only candidate on the debate stage who has proposed a plausible plan for defeating ISIS and jihad in America that does not include growing the surveillance state. 

Here’s a quick “Top Ten” of Marco Rubio’s lies about Ted Cruz’s record on national security.
1. "Smallest Air Force we have ever had": FALSE 
Sen. Paul’s budget that Cruz voted for never once mentions the Air Force. 
2. "It's his budget": FALSE 
The budget Cruz supported was Rand Paul's budget
3. "Dramatically reduce the size of our military": FALSE 
The Rand Paul budget spends more on military each year
4. "With an Air Force that would not have the bombs necessary to carry out what he's talking about": FALSE 
Sen. Paul’s budget never once mentions the Air Force and certainly doesn’t mention bombing capabilities. Cruz has called for “carpet bombing” ISIS. 
5. "We do not have access to phone records": FALSE 
According to the DNI, USA Freedom Act does not change anything about our operational capability or access to phone records. 
6. "He aligned himself with...every other liberal group in America": FALSE 
This bill had the support of strong conservatives such as the NRA, Senator Mike Lee and Chairman Mike McCaul
7. "We need more tools in our tool box, not less": FALSE 
USA Freedom gives intelligence officials more access to data than they had previously. 
8. "Dramatically cuts defense spending": FALSE 
The Rand Paul budget spends more on military each year and Cruz supported the 2015 Rubio-Cotton amendment to increase military spending. 
9. The NDAA "pays for the military": FALSE 
The NDAA is an authorization bill not an appropriations bill. 
10. Cruz votes against bills to “fund the Iron Dome”: FALSE 
Cruz has sponsored legislation to fund the Iron dome and has been a tireless advocate of strengthening our ally Israel.

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